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"This is the Sabaody Archipelago"

"So many Islands!"

"Is this area too exaggerated I don't know Which is bigger, this one or the Sandy Island!"

February 10, 1515, of the Sea Circle Calendar.

El and the five girls who returned to the grand line from the West blue, in order to let the newly joined Robin and Perona, who have not ventured out for three years, experience the scenery they have seen before, they sail all the way from the Cactus Island to the Sandy Island, and then From Sandy Island to Jaya Island, then from Jaya Island to water 7 and they send some special products of each island to Gecko Moria in Florian Triangle.

They also went to sky island for a while, where during this time, both El and robin spent their birthdays.

13-year-old El and 23-year-old Robin, both of them are the same kind of person who have been offered a bounty at the age of eight.

For the first time after a lapse of more than ten years, Robin, who once again held a birthday party for herself, also completely integrated into the group.

Although she didn't say it, Robin gradually regarded herself as a member of the crew in her heart.

From the age of eight to the present, Robin, who has been constantly hunted down and betrayed by others, has never been blackened(Became Evil), which shows how kind and simple her heart is.

This kind of pure person who doesn't have an ugly heart, once she meets several people with the same kindness at once, it is inevitable that she will be assimilated.

She liked the atmosphere and tenderness in Pegasus, for her little captain and little sisters, she chose to sail on the sea once again.

When the estrangement between Robin and them completely disappeared, they have already sailed to the end of the first half of the grand line, The Sabaody Archipelago.

Looking from the distance, you can already see the outline, and as Pegasus approaches, the outline becomes larger and larger and became more beautiful as they approach.

Carina, Nami, and Perona all showed expressions of amazement.

And the knowledgeable Robin slowly tells the information about the Sabaody Archipelago.

"The Sabaody Archipelago is the end of the first half of the grand line and even in the whole sea, it's a very special archipelago."

"It is made of the largest mangrove tree in the world"

"The Sabaody Archipelago is actuality, a massive mangrove forest in the middle of the ocean made up of 79 separate trees known as Yarukiman Mangrove.


"Because it is the root of the mangrove forest, the Sabaody Archipelago does not have the magnetic field like other islands, and the land on it cannot be used to create an eternal pose, nor will it emit a magnetic field to attract log pose to come."

"If it were anywhere else, it would be very difficult to find the location of the Sabaody Archipelago unless you happened to come across this archipelago."

"So, the Sabaody Archipelago at the end of the first half of the great route became one of the most famous and special islands in the world."

"This archipelago has countless titles, because it is located just below the Red Line and is often visited by Celestial Dragon, so it is called the back garden of the Celestial Dragon."

"Also because the pirates from Seven route will come here and the pirates who escaped from the new world will return here, it is also called "the place of failure and re-start" and "the center of the world" and so on..."

"To sum it up, the Sabaody Archipelago is the most chaotic island in the world."

After listening to Robin's information, Nami was not afraid, but became more interested: "Is this the most special and chaotic island in the world After I go to the island, I must walk around, and then draw it carefully."

"As long as you bring Carina and Kuina, you can go wherever you want." El did not discourage her but reminded her.

"Hehehe, I will trouble you next, Carina, and Sister Kuina."

Nami nodded vigorously, then faced Carina and Kuina and showed pleasant smiles.

"It doesn't matter, it just so happens that I am also curious about this Sabaody Archipelago".

Carina said with her hands on her hips.

"Don't worry, I will protect you."

I don't know if it is the ability of the devil fruit, or the improvement of her swordsmanship realm, Kuina's temperament in the red and white priestess costume is becoming more and more glamorous.

So that when she smiles, she always gives people a visual image of blooming flowers.

With the four girls all mastering the power of two types of Haki, plus the Asura form as the strongest trump card, El will no longer have the slightest worry about their safety.

Because even if they face the highest combat power at the navy headquarters, they can easily escape if they can't beat them.

Plus with his Float-Float Fruit, even if they are surrounded, they can easily escape

As El said, now they have no fear of any threat

Since he has the strength and confidence to easily resolve any troubles and dangers he encounters, El will naturally not take every step as cautiously as before when they still did not take the Rumble-Rumble Fruit and Float-Float Fruit for fear that he will provoke some trouble.

The current El has returned to doing whatever he wants in the East Blue.

They don't take the initiative to cause trouble, but if trouble comes to you, they will be merciless!

The Sabaody Archipelago has a total of seventy-nine small islands, each with its own number, and can be divided into four major areas.

The first area from No.

1 to No.

29 is an illegal zone, mainly including human trafficking shops, human auctions, and so on.

The second area from No.

30 to No.

59 can be collectively referred to as the commercial area, there are civilian streets, commercial streets, bubble parks and amusement parks, sightseeing areas, specialty shops, shipyards, coating shops, etc.

The third area from No.

60 to No.

69, is the area of the Navy and the site of Mary Geoise mainly including the navy station and the building for the Celestial dragon that came out of Mary Geoise.

The fourth area from No.

70 to No.

79 mainly includes hotels.

El and the five girls did not stop to anchor the pegasus at will, because the islands are mixed with fish and dragons, if you park at will, it is easy to be stolen by some treasure hunters similar to bounty hunters.

Because he was going to Fishman Island, El did not intend to use the ability of Float-Float Fruit to directly make Pegasus fly over the red line.

So, they sail the Pegasus into the fourth area and park in port which is a place full of hotels.


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