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"Hahaha, don't panic I don't have any ill intention towards you."

El, who saw Robin's 'inner thoughts at this time, couldn't help but patted her shoulder and comforted her with a smile, then he took out a bounty from his body, and handed it to Robin while saying.

"I have nothing to do with Mary Geoise and the Navy, on the contrary, I am just like you, when I was eight years old, I was given a bounty by Mary Geoise and the Navy, this is my bounty."

["Young Swordsman" El, a bounty of

250 million Belly, regardless of life or death.]

Looking at the bounty, Robin finally took off her hood, revealing a long smooth black hair and a face with a more mature appearance than her peers due to her experience while her pairs of eyes look carefully at El in front of her.

"Young Swordsman, El"

"Yup, that's me."

El nodded and smiled frankly: "Nico Robin, no let's call you Sister Robin, I purposely came to the West Blue from the grand line just to you."

"The news from a week ago, did you make it"

Looking at El with a smile on his face, Robin couldn't help but guess from the situation that she just stepped into the coast and the other party had already started to descend from the sky.

"Smart, I did it!"

El gave Robin a thumbs up, then handed a Dials to Robin and said, "This is a special product from the sky island, just like the Cameko den Mushi Mushi which can let you take pictures and record videos, do you want to read the information left behind on Poneglyph"

"Really Then I'm welcome!"

Hearing the word Poneglyph, Robin's beautiful eyes lit up for a while, and then without hesitation, she take the dials handed over by El, and without El's any introduction, she quickly knew the usage of these Dials, then Robin read the contents of the Poneglyph in front of this stranger.

Looking at the pictures kept in the Dials, Robin's little face was very serious, and you couldn't see any of her thoughts on her face at all.

However, El, who has the ability to read people's Inner thoughts, finds that the Poneglyph is not about the Void Century, but about the disappearance of the "three ancient weapons", and the shocking discovery that Gol D.

Roger finds in the history

"The reason you're looking for me is to help you translate the content of this Poneglyph"

After reading the Poneglyph, Robin's eyes finally turned from the photo to El's face and asked curiously.

Then she saw El shook his head first, then grinned at her and said: "I learn your existence through the CP agents I killed, and I found out that we are the same kind, plus I got the Poneglyph, so I came here to try and see if I can find you and make you our companion!"


Apparently, El's words were out of Robin's expectations, and this answer for Robin, it was even more unbelievable than asking her to translate the Poneglyph texts.

Almost instantly, Robin, who had been accustomed to betrayal for fifteen years, could not help but feel a strong sense of vigilance toward El.

Fifteen years of continuous betrayal have caused Robin to have a great estrangement with her so-called companions.

Deliberately coming here from the Grand line and also making news headlines that will catch her attention, the other party must have some conspiracy, maybe they even want to use her to achieve some unknown purpose.

El, who saw her inner thought again, smiled secretly in his heart.

Then he pretended to be serious, and said with a frank look: "Well, in fact, through the CP agents I killed, I know that you are the person left in the world who can read the Poneglyph so I want to recruit and ask you to help me read a Poneglyph."

"However, the Poneglyph I want to decipher is not this Poneglyph, but a very special Poneglyph that is all red."

The special Poneglyph mentioned by El is The four Road Poneglyphs that lead to the final island in the Grand Line, Laugh Tale.

If Robin is the key to unlocking troubled times, then the four pieces of Road Poneglyphs are the jigsaw puzzle.

As long as you have a piece of Road Poneglyphs and Robin, then even if Luffy really finds someone who can read the Poneglyphs, he must get his help, otherwise, he will never reach Laugh Tale, the final island in the Grand Line.

When El has a firm footing in the New World, he will go and take a piece of Road Poneglyphs, so, he didn't deceive Robin either.

"A special Poneglyph really exists" Hearing this sentence, Robin's beautiful eyes shine again.

"Could it be said that the special Poneglyph is the true Poneglyph that hides the information about The Void Century"

El nodded, while his eyes were looking straight at robin's eye, then he smiled and said.

"So, Sister Robin, are you willing to be my companion and help me interpret the special Poneglyph"

"I do!"

Almost at the moment when El's words fell, Robin nodded without hesitation and then she extended her hand to El: "Then, please give me more advice little Captain."

It's like being willing to assist the ambitious Crocodile to usurp the power of the kingdom of Alabasta for the sake of Poneglyph.

In order to find the Poneglyph, it doesn't matter and she doesn't care if El has an unknown purpose for approaching and El doesn't have any expectation that with a few words Robin, who had been in despair for fifteen years, will open her heart to him and let go of her vigilance.

There are also four girls around, and he is also a person with a bottom line, he believes that the atmosphere on the pegasus will definitely influence Robin and make her truly willing to become their member, even the same as in the manga, she's willing to sacrifice himself for them.

Using the plot and understanding the characters of each important character, El only spent a week finding Robin, and successfully obtained the second strategian.

She was a scholar at the age of eight, and soon she will be 23-year, Robin was undoubtedly a better strategian than the current Carina.

Recruiting Robin, Pegasus will not only have a beautiful big sister, but Carina will also have an additional teacher.

When Carina grows up to Robin's level, El will have two strategian that will be in charge of logistics.

After going to capture that Devil Fruit, El's journey to the West Blue will really be full of rewards.


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