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The next few days was relatively normal, apart from his usual Qi cultivation and spending time with Yunzi nothing happened.

As for going to the dining hall, Zhan Wei still went, at first Xia Yunzi said they shouldn go, that going to the dining hall after disgracing the Bai Clan was clearly antagonizing them.

The truth was they could do without going, Xia Yunzi had a lot of things including food supplies in her storage ring, even Zhan Wei still had jars of vital broth in his, yet Zhan Wei insisted they go.

Was that a joke, after discovering monster meat could speed up his body cultivation he even planned on going to the dining hall everyday, although it wasn everytime a sea monster happened to cross by the spirit boat, he couldn risk missing.

Everytime there happened to be monster meat in the dining hall, Zhan Wei would pill a lot on his plate, for the others although the monster meat had an effect of nourishing the body it wasn really pleasing to the sight nor that palatable and they couldn even digest much, so they just took little.

But for Zhan Wei if not for the fact that he didn want to seem like a wild animal he would finish everything.

Concerning his eating habit Zhan Wei had decided he would only leave it at the border of a bit gluttonous, he wouldn be too excessive.

Forget the fact that even he felt shame from being stared at if he was too excessive with his eating, no one liked chewing and chewing for long, it wasn an interesting thing to do.

As for antagonizing the Bai Clan, Zhan Wei didn care, what bull** Bai Clan, the Bai Clan already hated him, would it even matter if they hated him more.

A month had passed since the issue in the dining hall and as Zhan Wei walked back to his room from the dining hall he thought of something.

Recently there had always been monster meat in the dining hall, at first it was once in a while but now it was everyday.

Zhan Wei didn think it was a coincidence, after all nobody really liked monster meat and now it was appearing regularly.

Just from the fact that Wang Jing could send her forces on time to help him when he had issues with the Bai Clan, he knew she had a way monitoring the dining hall.

She had probably noticed he payed attention to monster meat and even if she didn why she still made sure he had a lot of monster meat to eat

Wang Jing was really intelligent and observant, he had even started to find Wang Jing very pleasing to the eye, she really knew how to cajole him.

He was even planning on visiting Wang Jing and after escorting Xia Yunzi to her room, he went to the stairs that lead the top floor.

The guards at the top floor were at first surprised at Zhan Weis arrival, the top floor was off bounds for passengers but after showing them the name plate although still surprised, one of guard had a maid take Zhan Wei to Wang Jings suite.

The maid first entered the suite before coming out back and entering with Zhan Wei.

The suite was very big and luxurious, Zhan Wei sighed at the wealth of the treasure pavilion, it should be expected just the fare for one person was a million low grade spirit stones and there were hundreds of passengers on the spirit boat, neglecting the fact that this wasn the only spirit boat the treasure pavilion had and they still had other sources of income, it was normal for the treasure pavilion to be extremely wealthy.

The maid brought Zhan Wei to a large sitting room then left.

Zhan Wei looked around, the room gave off a dark mysterious vibe yet it was still pleasing and beautiful.

Soft music played in the background as Wang Jing laid lazily on a silk couch, beside her was a table with all sorts of spirit fruits on top.

Zhan Wei looked at Wang Jing in amusement, although Wang Jing was very beautiful, to Zhan Wei her most defining quality was aura.

She just gave off a very sultry and sensual aura, it wasn like she did anything, but every of her movement, posture, attitude was just seductive and intoxicating, Wang Jings aura was simply ingrained in her naturally.

Looking at her Zhan Wei felt a bit of closeness to Wang Jing, it wasn because she was beautiful or anything.

but because he could just feel a bit of himself in Wang Jing, their characters was different and he couldn describe it but he felt they were similar.

Wang Jing smiled at Zhan Wei as she felt Zhan Wei look at her, his gaze scanning every bit of her body yet she wasn uncomfortable with his look.

She felt like she could see his thoughts in the eyes, Pure wasn the way to describe his gaze yet it was true, transparent.

He looked at her directly as his eyes moved through every part of her body.

She could feel curiosity, interest and attraction in those eyes.

Wang Jing smiled as she thought in her heart, " What a charming fellow! ".

To Wang Jing Zhan Wei was very handsome yet it wasn his face that actually caught her interest, as someone who sought the Dao, how could Wang Jing be moved by just beauty.

Sure maybe others liked it, but not Wang Jing, yet she felt her heart stir as she gazed at those eyes.

The truth was with just a slap of her palm she could turn Zhan Wei into a bloody paste.

She knew it and she knew he knew it, yet his confidence, calmness as he gazed at her was very " dominating ".

if Wang Jing knew what was going through Zhan Weis mind about how he felt they were similar, she would probably say if Zhan Wei felt she had a seductive aura ingrained in her, then Zhan Wei had a dominating aura ingrained in him.

He didn need to do anything still he imposed his will on others.

He wasn a tyrant nor was he imposing, Zhan Wei just had to show how he felt and anyone around would be drawn to him, towards his emotions and his will.

he just had that magnetic effect around him, he was simply very charismatic.

Wang Jing knew the reason why no one really noticed this side of Zhan Wei was because he was very indifferent.

Nothing really interested him, it wasn like he was cold or anything, he just wasn bothered by most things.

She had been on the spirit boat with Zhan Wei for months and had watched him from afar, yet the only time she had really felt any form of emotion from him was when Xia Yunzi was insulted.

Maybe a bit of joy whenever he saw monster meat was available in the dining hall.

Others wouldn notice it, but as someone who watched him closely with attention Wang Jing could see it.

After a while she became so addicted to seeing that bit of emotion that she made sure there was monster meat in the dining hall on Zhan Weis floor.

If it wasn much then she would make sure only Zhan Weis dining hall had it, if there wasn any she would make Wang Mang search around for Sea monsters.

Sea monsters were relatively scarce to begin with so it wasn everytime Wang Mang saw one but thankfully their size was large, with a bit of rationing she could make sure there was always monster meat regular for Zhan Wei.

Of course it also helped that most people didn really eat monster.

For someone who enjoyed spirit fruits and wine, Wang Jing felt Zhan Wei was like a very sweet nectar one she couldn seem to get enough of, one she wanted more off.

like now, to Wang Jing just the fact that the very indifferent Zhan Wei could look at her with emotions in his eyes, it made her feel so excited.

Wang Jing felt all her efforts was worth it.

She had first started paying attention to Zhan Wei when he had caused a cloud of vital essence above the treasure pavilion in the Great Xia empire.

from then it was curiousity when he bought the blood essence of the blood demon king and since then she had being paying attention to Zhan Wei to see if he was a genius worth befriending or investing in.

Even when she had interfered back then it was simply because she felt Zhan Wei was a rare genius for evolving his blood demon bloodline to atavism in an extremely short period of time and could be of use.

But now that wasn what really mattered to Wang Jing, now she felt something else, something more.

Desire ! , with a smile still on her face Wang Jing said to Zhan Wei, " Aren you going to sit down".

Zhan Wei looked around, although the room was big and well furnished, the only thing he could find to seat on was another silk couch beside Wang Jings.

Zhan Wei sat down, he felt probably didn have any visitors.

And he was right, Wang Jing hardly had anyone enter her suite.

if Wang Mang or a maid entered they stood till they were done and left, even the couch he was seating on was just prepared for him.

Pointing to the spirit fruits on the table, Wang Jing said, " Have some! ".

Zhan Wei didn stand on ceremony, since she told him to he did, taking a spirit grape from the table he put it in his mouth.

The spirit grape was sweet and juicy as it melted, it turned to a stream of qi that nourished his meridians, he even felt the qi in meridians increase a bit.

What a delicacy, Zhan Wei mumbled, he felt if he ate enough of this spirit fruits in the future, even without cultivating his cultivation would still increase.

Comparing it, he even felt like it was better than when he cultivated.

Zhan Weis face twitched, what a **ty basic qi cultivation technique, eating a spirit fruits was even better that it.

Wang Jing erupted in laughter as she watched Zhan Weis face as he ate the spirit grape.

Not minding her laughter Zhan Wei ate a few more spirit fruits before lying his back on the cushion, with a serious look on his face as he asked Wang Jing, " What do you want ?".

He didn she just wanted him to relax and eat spirit fruits.

Wang Jing smiled calmly at his serious face, " Become my Dao Protector ".


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