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Chapter 8: Noble Plaything


Three days passed and the banquet finally began.

Yang Yang stayed in his room to rest, because he had been sitting for the last 6 hours to put on his makeup.

According to Zhou Hua, when the Doton Family arrives, they will meet and said a few words with the people of the Doton Family and his task for tonight would be completed.

Yang Yang was happy to see that happen and asked 251 to use the security monitoring in the Manor to broadcast it in real time.

At this moment, four screens floated in front of Yang Yang's eyes, showing the entrance of the Manor house, the banquet's entrance, the banquet's venue, and a convertible activity camera.

At the door of the Manor, guests arrived one after another.

There were actually not that many guests, at least not as many as the reporters and fans of the Duke of Doton outside who can't enter.

There are still ten minutes before the official start of the celebratory banquet.

As a soldier, Yang Yang felt that the Duke of Doton would not be late.

However, as Zhou Hua's nephew, Yang Yang felt that the Duke of Doton would not instantly step on the spotㅡhe would not be willing to stay with Zhou Hua for more than a second.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, the fans outside suddenly got excitedㅡthey raised their signboards.

In addition to the various fancy signboards with Duke Doton's name on it, there's even a C-powder fan that wasn't afraid of death holding a signboard.

Yang Yang let 251 zoomed in and saw what was written: [THE KING OF CUTENESS]

T/N: Qi Meng Wang Dao- the king of cuteness



These past two days, Yang Yang also took time to make up a lot of Duke Doton's information, so he really understood and even expressed in regret, "In fact, I already ate my morality."


Yang Yang "Hey, is that the car of the Doton family The logo is very similar to their family crest.

Roth, the cameraㅡoh no, they're here."

In the footage, several black flying cars hover in the air, then land on the ground road and slowly drive towards the gate of the Manor.

These cars don't have license plates.

Instead, they are replaced by a silver badge with a shield as the base and at the top was a three torn scratches on the slope.

This was the unique simplicity in the entire Aristocratic circle.

The fans around the entrance of the Manor immediately boiled.

Even if the video was muted, Yang Yang's ears seemed to hear a frustrating "AHHHHHHHHHHH"


However, the Dotons' convoy was as cold as ever and directly entered the manor without slowing down.

As soon as the Dotons' cars came in, the Manor started to stir.

Various sight and searchlights were concentrated on the black cars.

The car stopped at the entrance of the venue and immediately a servant went up to open the door.

Before Yang Yang could speak, Roth automatically zoomed in and aimed at the car door.

However, it was a sexy woman who came down, because the camera was drawn too close, the woman's clavicles was clearly visible.


Yang Yang first noticed the woman's neck, he froze for a bit and then looked at the woman's faceㅡto be precise he looked at the woman's jaw and skull.

Yang Yang hadn't yet seen the 100% of her appearance, when 251's skull bounced first.

251 was like a broken brain residual powder, while holding his face he screamed,【Ahhhh! Who is this woman Why did she got off from Duke of Doton's car! How little was she wearing! So hot and spicy!】


"Shut up." Yang Yang put back 251's skull and said with disdain, "She's Gu Lita, Monta's mother.

She appeared at Duke Doton's adulthood ceremony and gave him a bouquet of flowers.

You have watched that video at least five times.




Yang Yang "If you don't take the camera away, Duke Doton should have enter the Manor already."


251【Ahh, right!】

As soon as the footage in the light screen turned, the figure of Duke Doton appeared in front of Yang Yang.

Although he had watched a lot of the Duke's award-winning videos in the last two days, but this was the first time he saw such a high-quality "meal shoot", Yang Yang was quite satisfied.

Alas, he can now clearly see the big long legs of Duke Doton.


"It really looked beastly."


The Duke of Doton was wearing a black military uniform.

Although he looked nothing different except for his tail, one closer look reveals that his boots were longer than the average person's and are designed with two Spur-like decorations at the back.

There was a strange bulge under his boots.

If Yang Yang had guessed it correctly, it should be the calcaneus of the beastly Lesters.

As soon as Yang Yang saw his legs, but before he had time to looked closely at his tail, he saw that the video footage suddenly reached Duke of Doton's face again.

The distance was so close that he can even see the Duke's black hair under his military cap that's sticking behind his ears.

251's skull was about to move again【Well, he is so handsome ah~ Can I transfer to the barbecue machine next to him】


Yang Yang "...can you be a little bit more reserve"


251 eyes shine with excitement【Then can I try to transfer into his car!】

Yang Yang "...I'm not talking about this, forget it, you can't transfer."



But after they exchange these sentences, the banquet had already begun.

To avoid being discovered, Yang Yang told Roth to stop controlling the cameras and only watched at the footages captured by those cameras.

There's really nothing new to this banquet, praising, congratulating, awarding and then you come and go then exchange a few cups.

Yang Yang watched for a while, estimated the time, then turned over and went to the closet.

After Yang Yang got dressed and came out, 251 walked to his side.

251【Master, Zhou Hua sent instructions to let me take you downstairs】

Yang Yang nodded, sorted himself out a little and said to 251, "Come out."

251 reluctantly closed the broadcast footages then his eyes flickered and its voice returned to a mechanical sound【Master Yang Yang, Mr.

Zhou Hua asked me to take you downstairs to the banquet】

Yang Yang took a deep restrained breath, then nodded and left the room following behind 251.

The banquet venue was located in the fresh garden in front of the Manor next to the guest houseㅡit also includes the one where Yang Yang lives, but the side where he lives was separated independently.

While Yang Yang was following behind 251, Roth also broadcasted the situation of the banquet at the same time in Yang Yang's mind.

Roth【Master, Zhou Hua was talking about your waking up, the Duke of Doton and the others don't look very happy】


Yang Yang guessed that Zhou Hua was going to fix his egg child.

Roth【Master, was Zhou Hua trying to tell them about your pregnancy】

Yang Yang [Don't know.]

Rott【When are we going to meet Duke of Doton What if he leaves】

Yang Yang [Don't worry, I will meet him in person.]

Rott【Won't you send an e-mail】

Yang Yang stopped.


It seemed as if its master was planning something.

At the end of the stairs, Yang Yang heard a voice as he was coming downstairs, it was Zhou Hua.

At this time, he talking about how he was very grateful to Heaven's pity for Yang Yang and expressed how happy he was that Yang Yang woke up.

Then he paused, probably because Zhou Hua received a report from 251 and knew that Yang Yang was already here.

Yang Yang followed 251 carefully down the stairs, his expression was tense, staring at the carpet on the stairs and not daring to look up.

Roth blew up its master like fireworks on Yang Yang's mind and said【I finally meet the Duke of Doton!!! Ah ah ah ah, his eyes looks so good!!! Why is his nose so strong!!! So handsome】


Yang Yang [Shut up.]



It was not until Zhou Hua walked to Yang Yang, did he looked up at Zhou Hua with a wary glance.

Zhou Hua pulled Yang Yang and introduce him in front of the people of Doton Family.

"This is my nephew, Yang Yang.

He had a car accident and became a vegetable for half a year.

Even doctors thought he couldn't wake up.

I didn't expect a miracle to happen!"


Yang Yang breathed a sigh of relief, listening to this, meant that the people of the Doton Family did not know him before.

Yang Yang looked up and stared at the person in front of him, Duke Doton.

His line of sight fell directly on the Duke of Doton.


Yang Yang silently raised his head, this height scored a 200 .

Archibald was also looking at Yang Yang.

Yang Yang was one of the protagonist in name tonight, so he "dressed up" a bit.


He wore a three-piece suitㅡa ruffled white shirt with a navy blue embroidered gold ponies and a mid-length coat of the same color; a very slim black trousers and a pair of soft leather boots wrapped around his calves.

Because of Yang Yang's car accident, he became skinny and thinner.

Now with this costume made suit and standing next to Archibald made him look younger.

This doesn't count, the makeup artist swept a red eyeshadow in the corner of his eye which gave him a touch of pitiful look, and can strongly incite people's desire to bully and make him cry.

Noble plaything.

This was Archibald's first impression of Yang Yang.

Although Archibald was expressionless, Yang Yang easily read the meaning of his eyes.

Yang Yang [He seems to hate me.]

Rott【...you sound a little happy, was it just my illusion】


Yang Yang [Take a guess.]




At this point, Zhou Hua spoke.

He first pointed at He Shu and gently introduced to Yang Yang, "Yang Yang, don't be afraid, let me introduce this man to you.

This is Doton He Shu, your second Aunt's brother, you can call him Uncle.


Yang Yang then called him "Uncle".

Then Gu Lita came.

This time, Yang Yang was close, so he could clearly see Gu Lita's neck, clavicles and limbs.

Based on Yang Yang's shallow understanding of Lesters' anthropogenic bones in the past two days, he thought he had encountered a big man in a woman's clothing.

But when Yang Yang was about to say "Aunt Gu", Gu Lita spoke first.

Her voice was so fine that even most sexy woman should be ashamed.

Gu Lita "Who's nephew are you Why haven't I met you"

Zhou Hua didn't expect Gu Lita to talk.

After all, in fact, they only met twice and Zhou Hua knew that Gu Lita hated him.

But his surprise was only for a moment.

Zhou Hua heard the words and sighed, sadly saying, "Yang Yang was the son of my second brother.

Unfortunately, my second brother and his wife had an accident when Yang Yang was 10 years old, so they're gone.

I have been taking care of Yang Yang on his behalf and I have treated him like my biological child since then.


Such topics always cause people to sigh, only a few people present showed sympathy, but the three person in front of him only frowned and were unmoved.


Gu Lita even went to expose Zhou Hua's weak mask, "That's a shame.

I didn't know, how did your brother and his wife died"


Zhou Hua lamented that, "he was attacked by a soul beast, an explosion occurred in the chaos and leaving no body behind."

Gu Lita slightly hooked the corners of her lips and revealed a solemn smile, "I think this child was brought by fate.

Are you Yang Yang Come and chat with Aunt."

Zhou Hua frowned and was about to say something.

But he saw Yang Yang jumping like a bunny towards Gu Lita and then smiled sweetly, "Okay, Aunt~"

Zhou Hua "... "


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