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Chapter 73: Just Beat Me To Death!


    Research Institute, seven floors underground, soul power testing ground.    With a “bang”, the black beast-shaped Lester was overturned and slammed on the ground, the last soul beast simulated intelligent battle armor also exploded into a burst of white smoke and was paralysed on the spot.    Archibald took back his tail hanging on the side and stood up slowly.

The black armour covering his body began to disappear from his head downwards in a wave, and finally folded into a very small chip that sank in Archibald’s space storage on his wrist.    The alloy door of the test field opened, Zhang Jun walked in with a recording board, and looked at the simulated battle armour that was emitting smoke all over the floor and felt a headache incoming: “You didn’t have to destroy it to pieces for me, did you”     Archibald looked over at her, sweat soaked his black hair, slid down his chiselled jaw and dripped onto the white shirt, leaving mottled wet marks.    He replied expressionlessly: “Testing is over.”    Zhang Jun: “…”    Yang Yang, who followed up, laughed.

Originally, they were about to leave after finishing conversation about the corpse beast, but Zhang Jun said, “since everyone’s already here”, and then brought Archibald and Monta to test the new armor of the scientific research institute.    This test took more than an hour, it’s no wonder that Archibald was unhappy — this was originally supposed to be his alone time with Yang Yang.    Zhang Jun also understood Archibald’s “narrow heartiness”, this married man, tsk tsk.    Zhang Jun decisively avoided Archibald, and went to check on her poor intelligent armour first.    Yang Yang walked over with the towel and handed it to Archibald: “Wipe your sweat.”    Archibald glanced at the towel, but didn’t pick it up, he just bent down his head to be in Yang Yang’s reach.    Yang Yang: “…”    Alright alright.    Yang Yang picked up the towel and resignedly wiped Archibald’s sweat.

His eyes swept across Archibald’s sweaty neck and there were traces of sweat slipping on the raised Adam’s apple.

Yang Yang couldn’t hold back and stretched out the towel to rub.    Archibald immediately narrowed his eyes, stared at Yang Yang’s lips, and pressed closer.    “Hey.”    Yang Yang put the towel on Archibald’s mouth and smiled, “Second Young Master, you have to be more reserved outside, there are a lot of people watching.”    Archibald’s eyebrows drooped down instantly, unhappy.    Yang Yang pushed Archibald away through the towel, and then said, “Amber sent me an email just now, it seems like I’m going to change my room, my room will now be the baby room.”    Archibald became happy in a second, the tip of his tail swished: “En, that’s a good idea.”    Yang Yang saw through him and smiled: “Oh, didn’t you arrange it”    Archibald wiped his hair randomly with the towel, his tone full of confidence that it was just right: “It should be like this.

If you don’t like it, we will build another house by the manor, we can let Amber find someone to design it.”    Yang Yang: “…Let’s not talk about it, how about you first go and take a bath.”    Archibald: “Okay.”    After Archibald left, Yang Yang looked at the testing ground in a mess, then walked to the beast-shaped Lester who was still lying on the ground and crouched down.    The beast-shaped Lester raised his head and glanced at him, alert, and opened his mouth to let out Monta’s voice: “What are you doing”    Yang Yang was in high spirits: “This is the first time I had seen a beast shape of the Lester people up close, are all of your beast shapes like this How can you recognize who is who, then”     Lester people in beast form were cat-shaped but covered in scales and had no flesh pads.

At first glance, they looked like a machine.    Beast-shaped Lester was very puzzled: “Why wouldn’t it be distinguishable Don’t all human also have one nose and one mouth”    Yang Yang was curious: “Then can you tell which one is which in a group of black cats”    Beast-shaped Lester rolled his eyes and said, “That’s an animal, not a human, why don’t you try it yourself”    Yang Yang: “…”    No, was there any essential difference between your beast shape and those animals     Never mind.    Yang Yang gave up discussing this unfruitful topic and turned his attention to the heaving belly of the beast-shaped Lester.    Yang Yang glanced at it, then suddenly reached out and gave it a poke.    The beast-shaped Lester immediately sat up in fright, like a maiden that had been molested, and gave a terrified voice: “Damn, where are you touching!”    Yang Yang raised his fingers with an innocent expression, just about to say something, but at that time, a shadow suddenly shrouded his body.    Archibald’s icy voice came from above his head, “What are you two doing”    Beast-shaped Lester: “…”    Yang Yang: “…”    No, why do you always appear at such moments    The beast-shaped Lester threw himself on the ground and let out a desolate howl: “Hit me to death! Kill me, ba! I am already a dead person, I’ll be killed be your earlier or later anyways!”    Archibald: “…”    Yang Yang: “…”    A sympathy surged in my heart.    Yang Yang stood up and looked at Archibald: “Washed so fast”    Archibald didn’t speak.    Yang Yang felt helpless and explained: “I was just curious whether the scales on the belly of beast form are hard or soft.”    After speaking, Yang Yang thought about it and came to a conclusion: “It feels like a soft-boiled egg.”    Archibald: “…”    Yang Yang looked at him: “Are you eating vinegar again”    Archibald’s expression turned gloomy, and two seconds passed before he said in a low voice: “I can’t transform into the beast shape.”    He had already realised earlier that Yang Yang especially liked to hold his tail, obviously liked the beast shape very much, but he could only keep this half-beast form — and so someone else’s belly scales were poked by Yang Yang.    He was angry with myself and worried that Yang Yang would poke other people’s bellies again.    Yang Yang understood what Archibald was thinking, and couldn’t help but laugh, but also felt a little distressed at the same time.    He thought for a while, then whispered: “Then, let me touch your abdominal muscles and scales at night, I don’t think I’ve touched it before…”    Yang Yang’s gaze swept over Archibald’s waist, his smile gradually changed: “I’m also a little curious about what it looks like down there.”    Archibald processed a second late Yang Yang’s words, as he realised what he meant,  his ears turned red.    At this moment, Archibald only felt that the blood all over his body was rushing towards his brain and his reason was crumbling.    After a full three seconds, Archibald calmed down a little, and answered hoarsely: “Okay.”    Yang Yang only thought Archibald was shy, and let out a “hehehe” laughter.    until.    “…There is still a living person here, thank you.”    The beast-shaped Lester who was lying on the corpse made a weak voice —he really didn’t want to know the “fun behind the door” between his childhood buddy and his boyfriend, let it go his ears! He’s still a baby!    Zhang Jun on the side also came to join in the fun: “I am also a living person here.”    Yang Yang: “…”    Archibald: “…”    Zhang Jun smiled and stopped teasing them, saying: “Thank you for today.

Now, in exchange, what do you need Battle armour maintenance is also possible.”    Monta immediately changed back to a human form, wearing only a pair of black trousers— they were made from special anti-tearing material so as to prevent Lester from going nude whenever they transformed his form.    Monta: “I want to measure the soul storage level of the soul palace, it just so happens that my soul power is almost exhausted.”    Zhang Jun: “Okay, Byrd, how about you”    Archibald shook his head, he didn’t need anything, and he had always maintained his armour himself.    However, Yang Yang suddenly thought of something and raised his hand: “Is there an instrument that can detect the soul power of soul essence plants”    Zhang Jun knew Yang Yang’s porridge shop and thought he wanted to test porridge he’d been selling, so she nodded quickly: “You can test anything you want, just right, it’s all on the third floor, let’s go.”    Archibald looked at Yang Yang: “Do you want to test soul essence plants from the store I’ll take you back to get it.

——I’ll give you a storage bad to bring it with you more conveniently.”    Yang Yang didn’t refuse, “Good, but I took the things with me already.”     With that, Yang Yang put his hand into his pocket and took out a bag of red fruits from Bean Sprouts under a cover of taking them out of storage bag.    “It’s this, I got these by accident.

I can see that the soul power inside is very strong, but after all, it’s from a plant I have never seen before, so I dare not use it rashly.

It’s just right that we came here today, so that Sister Jun can help to test it.”    Archibald glanced at the red fruit in Yang Yang’s hand, quite small in size, which he had never seen before.

However, he was not a plant expert, so he just took a glance and gave up.    Three floors underground.    It was more like the ground, because there are sunlight guiding channels on the first to third floors.    Monta was very familiar with this place, so he went to one room by himself, while Yang Yang and Archibald followed Zhang Jun to another room.    “It just so happened that a new set of testing equipment was installed yesterday.

In addition to the regular testing items such as the soul plant’s affiliation, growth, soul power reserve, and soul power purity, it can also separate out the soul power category.”    Zhang Jun brought them in front of a set of instruments and enthusiastically introduced it.    “Of course, there is no official standard for separating soul power into categories, but we have an internal standard in the scientific research institute.

In short, the purpose of researching and developing it is to carry more precise matching.

After all, the higher the grade of soul essence plants, the higher and purer the soul power, and so the more precious, and—oh, well, you might not be interested in this.”    Zhang Jun opened an instrument and said to Yang Yang, “Just put the things you want to measure into this isolation box.”    Yang Yang put the red fruit from his hands into it according to her words.    Zhang Jun raised her eyebrows when she saw it, obviously didn’t expecting it to be such a small thing.    The instrument quickly turned on and started running.    Only five minutes after the test, the instrument flashed with the first light, red, which didn’t seem to be very promising.    Yang Yang looked at Zhang Jun in puzzlement, but Zhang Jun was also a little surprised, and explained: “The plant type has not been analysed yet, — what is this”    Yang Yang smiled: “I don’t know, I got it by accident.”    Zhang Jun heart that Yang Yang didn’t want to make it clear, so she just glanced at Yang Yang and didn’t continue to ask.    But soon, Zhang Jun had to ask more.    Because the detection equipment issued an alarm.    “Beep— warning, the soul power grade of the soul beast had been detected, carrying out the soul locking process, the detection process has been suspended.”    With the cold voice of the machine, the previous isolation box also popped out, and the outside was sprayed with a layer of Green Soulstone paint.    There was silence in the room.    Yang Yang’s eyes widened, and he asked Zhang Jun somewhat uncertainly: “Sister Jun, is this test result okay”    Zhang Jun obviously had a hard time accepting the fact considering that the soul power of soul beasts could only infect animals, so how could they be tested on plants    Zhang Jun paused and didn’t answer, but first looked at the researcher at the other end of the room and asked, “Has the instrument been debugged today”     The researcher replied, “It has been debugged, and other soul essence plants had been tested before, and there were no problems.

The soul spectrum of this soul essence plant has been tested, it is indeed the soul power of the soul beast.”    Zhang Jun said nothing, picked up the isolation box, tore off the coating, and then pushed the instrument.    However, the results of the second test remained the same.    However, this time Zhang Jun did not stop the test, but completed a full set of tests and obtained the data.    “Huh.”    Zhang Jun exhaled and looked at the data on the record board, “The third level of soul power reserve, the purity of soul power is 100%.”    Yang Yang: “What does that mean”    Zhang Jun: “What it means, it’s like there was a beast soul rank A inside the fruit.”    Yang Yang: “…”    Zhang Jun: “So, where did this thing come from”    Yang Yang: “…”————————————————————————————————————-Author has something to say:Yang Yang: Bean SproutsBean Sprouts: I’m not, I didn’t, don’t look at me! QVQ————————————


my design of the beast shaped Lester, (which turned out a bit ugly lol)

Speaking of which, remember how Roth is in a black panther-like robot body I think it has been based on their beast shape as well, just like how humans do AI that is human-like.

That’s very interesting as I don’t think anyone outside of Yang Yang referred to it as “black panther”.


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