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Chapter 72: The Chapter Title Ran Away from Home!


chapter title: Chip

    It only took five minutes for Archibald to arrive after Yang Yang ended the call.

    Yang Yang got into the car, but Archibald didn’t start the engine right away, instead looking outside and asking, “Where’s Monta”

    Yang Yang laughed when he heard his tone: “Was afraid you’d commit murder and went to the circus without waiting for you.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang fastened his seat belt, looked at Archibald with a teasing expression: “Lord Duke, isn’t your jealousy a bit too long lasting”

    Archibald started the car and said in a calm and confident tone: “I’m not jealous, I know he was trying to anger me on purpose yesterday.

——And that you don’t like him.”

    Yang Yang wondered: “Then why are you doing this”

    Archibald’s tone was light: “Let him have a deeper impression of your identity.”

    Just in case so that if in the future, Monta wants to take his Yang Yang, he must first consider whether his “waist” can survive his care.

    Yang Yang couldn’t guess Archibald’s thoughts, but he was delighted to hear this, and couldn’t help but act up again: “Aiya~ Darling’s so bad, making this one so shy~”

    Archibald: “… “…”

    Forget it, we’re already married, how can we get divorced


    The circus only began performing at night, and now it was preparing for work.

The staff were all present and soon they found the person who rescued the Xian Suo Unicorn.

    After getting the information they wanted, the three drove to the research institute again.

    There was a national scientific research institute on each planet of the Nine Domain Empire, and each scientific research institute was an independent base, with each architecture’s being different according to the geographical location.

But they all had one thing in common —the huge size.

    The scientific research institute on the Old Emperor Star was rebuilt on the basis of the original scientific research institute base.

It’s built resembled a huge iceberg, with 80% of the area being hidden underground, and the 20% of exposed area was the living area.

    If one only looked at the visible on the surface area, it looked like a city with a good living environment.

The only sense of disobedience was that 70% of the people wandering inside were wearing white coats.

    They had Zhang Jun’s permission, so their cars drove in directly, and then they went all the way to the ninth underground floor belonging to Zhang Jun’s personal experimental group.

    That place was also completely different from Yang Yang’s imagination.

It was a place covered with holographic mimicry.

If he didn’t pay attention, he could have easily thought that he was still walking on the surface.

    Zhang Jun directly asked them to go to the room where the soul beast’s corpse was dissected.

This was the autopsy room environment that Yang Yang was quite familiar with.

    The Xian Suo’s unicorn’s corpse was lying on the dissection table with its chest and abdomen wide open.

All organs were taken out individually and soaked in special solution.

There were two researchers working in the dissection room.

    Seeing them come in, the two researchers glanced curiously, but didn’t react greatly.

    “That’s the thing.”

    Zhang Jun picked up a transparent square flat box from the table, and inside it lay a chip the size of a fingernail.

    The chip had obviously been cleaned, but it seems to have been stuck in the flesh for too long.

Its original light green had been stained with red, resembling rust stains; the center of the chip was empty, a very standard perfect circle.

It did not look damaged, more like it had been created this way.

    Monta took a look at it: “This is the soul searching stone, indeed the craftsmanship of the Soul Searching Star*.

——But this is normal, these soul-sensing parts for the soul beast experiment were almost all Soul Searching Star produced.”

*is searching -> locking a better choice maybe yes.

will i change it mmmm idk

    Zhang Jun nodded: “En, but I haven’t seen this kind of chip before, have you seen it”

    Monta shook his head: “I don’t pay much attention to those things either, why don’t I ask my mother”

    “You can ask in a while.” Zhang Jun looked at Archibald, “Byrd, tell me about this corpse beast first.”

    Archibald: “The people from the circus said they came across this unicorn beast in the trial area.

At that time the unicorn had just fought other beasts at the time and was badly wounded, so they rescued it.

— they have a medical record, I’ve checked it and it all looked normal.”

    Zhang Jun nodded: “It fought, does it mean that when they first encountered this unicorn, it was still very healthy”

    Archibald: “Yes, and after the treatment, it was quite docile, with no signs of being invaded by soul beasts.”

    Zhang Jun’s eyes showed a strong interest: “This is interesting.

—I told you before that this chip is at least 30 years old.

But it was not put it after the death of the unicorn, but in fact, it had always existed in the unicorn’s head.”

    The other three were all at a loss ——what about it

    Zhang Jun: “Have you known before, that the soul corpse beast experiment is a very common experiment”

    Archibald nodded with Monta, but Yang Yang continued to look pensive.

    Zhang Jun: “It is believed that the experimental method to create a soul corpse beast is to implant a chip into the animal’s corpse, and then deliberately guide the soul power of the soul beast to condense in the corpse, so as to make it transform and this way obtain a pseudo-soul beast — that is, the soul corpse beast, and then study the weapons, drugs and so on, to create ways to fight against soul corpse beasts.

    The reason for using animal carcasses, not living animals, is the conclusion after many experiments.”


    This soul corpse beast had been implanted with a chip before it died.”

    As Zhang Jun came to this, she turned on an instrument next to it, and an inspection result appeared on it: “And after doing bone age test, brain tissue scar identification, and soul power infiltration test, we have come to several conclusions.

    First, this soul corpse beast is only 21 years old.

    Second, it was frozen and forced to hibernate during the embryonic period.

    Third, this chip was embedded with crystallised soul substances, and through the comparison of soul power infiltration layers, it happened 30 years back.”

    After Zhang Jun finished speaking, she stared at them with bright eyes — understand!

    Yang Yang and the rest: “…”

    Don’t understand.

    Zhang Jun: “…”


    Zhang Jun’s complexion returned to calm: “That is to say.

30 years ago, someone transplanted a chip into the embryo of this unicorn, and after activating the chip, the embryo was forced dormant into a state of suspended animation for 9 years.

Only after it had been unfrozen could the unicorn grow normally.”

    Archibald’s expression changed slightly, he understood what Zhang Jun wanted to say.

    “I remember, according to official statistics, soul beasts in the Nine Regions Empire had the largest residual amount of soul power spillage, on both Soul Searching Star and Old Emperor Star, it only takes three days to three weeks for a corpse to turn into a soul corpse beast.”

    Zhang Jun’s smile returned to his face: “That’s right!”

    Zhang Jun: “If the embryo had been frozen on the Old Emperor Star, in the nine years of hibernation, the amount of the condensed soul power would have long exceeded the amount that made it turn into a soul beast.

But obviously, this unicorn had not only not been turned into a soul corpse beast, but had grown up smoothly.

    Even for the next 21 years, the chip had always been working.

Even if it didn’t live on these two planets, the soul power of the condensed soul beast would have been enough to make it into a corpse beast a hundred times.

    But it still didn’t.”

    Monta raised his hand and asked: “Is there a problem with the chip Could it be not searching and condensing soul power correctly”

    Zhang Jun gave him a glance: “Then how did this unicorn turn into a soul corpse in one night after its death”

    Monta: “…”

    He was just asking.

    Zhang Jun retracted her gaze, clasped the box with the chip with her fingertips, and finished with gleaming eyes.

    “To sum it up, I think this chip not only can condense the soul power of soul beast, it also has the function of consuming or suppressing the soul power of a soul beast.

And this function is directly related to the life force of the carrier — so when the unicorn was still alive, the soul power of the soul beast had been suppressed, but once it died, it only took one night for it to transform into a corpse beast.”

    Archibald’s eyes narrowed: “The function of consuming the soul power of a soul beast”

    Zhang Jun saw that Archibald understood what she meant and smiled reassuringly: “That’s right!”

    Soul corpse beast experiments were currently mainly used in two categories, one was to understand soul beasts; the other was to develop soul riot inhibitors —because the soul power of soul beasts could not only transform corpses into soul beasts, but also infect humans.

    The soul power of many warriors was in a uncontrollable state, because in the battle with the soul beast, the beast shape had been passively taken back, or the battle armour had become damaged, thus leaving them infected by the soul beast’s soul power.

——It in this category were also many ordinary people who had been attacked, and easily infected without a protective cover.

    Soul power riot was a very common disease, but also an incurable one.

Because once it infected a soul, the soul power of soul beasts couldn’t be cleansed nor consumed.

Therefore, patients with rioting soul power could only take inhibitors for the rest of their lives, or reluctantly give up their soul power.

    One of the symptoms of Archibald’s genetic disease was soul riot, so Archibald knew a lot about this.

    ——If there was really a way to consume and restrain the soul power of soul beasts, it would be great news for the Nine Regions Empire and even the entire Leicester race.

    Monta also reacted and said excitedly: “Sister Jun, can you extract this technology from this chip”

    The smile on Zhang Jun’s face disappeared suddenly, as she said: “This function is just my guess.

Another problem is that the chip needs to be fully restored to further confirm whether the guess is correct or not.”

    After speaking, Zhang Jun looked at Archibald.

    “It just so happened that Byrd came over.

You can help and ask Mr.

Ya Qing to see if he can restore it, or if he had seen this kind of chip.”

    Although Zhang Jun was in the scientific research institute, the research on the soul beast’s soul power was mainly being developed on the Soul Searching Star.

Although Ya Qing was not a researcher, he was a medical expert in the soul beast’s soul power infection, and very well-known in the national scientific research institute.

    Archibald nodded: “Okay.

I’ll ask.”

    Archibald didn’t leave, he immediately called Ya Qing, and hung up after exchanging just a few words.

    Archibald smiled: “It just so happened that Uncle Ya Qing and my dad were already on their way.

They said they wanted to give Yang Yang and me a wedding gift.

My uncle said he would come and take a look when he arrived.”

    Zhang Jun instantly asked happily: “Is Mr.Ya Qing is coming Great! But can his body hold on”

    Archibald: “He said that there’s no problem.”

    Monta was also very happy: “Is my dad coming too”

    Archibald nodded: “Yes, he’s also bringing you informations about 20 blind dates.”

    Monta: “…”

    Although he wanted to get off the list, yes, but, twenty blind dates

    Did his dad take the wrong medicine

    Yang Yang was a little nervous after hearing this: “Is your dad coming over”

    When Archibald saw Yang Yang’s rare expression of nervousness, he had the urge to laugh: “Are you afraid of him”

    Yang Yang thought about it and shook his head: “I’m not afraid.”

    But Yang Yang himself didn’t know what he was nervous about.

——Probably, it was the kind of mood that, that pig which had stolen the Chinese cabbage had when he saw his master came over*.

*referring to the idiom of “pig stealing someone’s cabbage” meaning, pig (someone unworthy) getting together with parent’s treasured child (the golden cabbage)

    Archibald was still reluctant to keep Yang Yang anxious, he lightly swept over Yang Yang’s calf with his tail, and reassured: “It doesn’t matter, if he makes you unhappy, you just have to pretend that you have abdominal pains, and you can rest assured he won’t dare to speak loudly to you in the future.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He was really his father’s son.

    ——But this was also a way, write it down first.


Author has something to say:

Wasserlen: Son! Come and see if you like any of these 20 people!

Monta: ….why are you always being so troublesome

Wasserlen: Starnet said that you’ve had a crush on Yang Yang and Archibald and now you’re brokenhearted, suffering from failed love.

Dad is also doing this to stop you from making a mistake!

Monta: ……Brokenhearted aside, what do you mean by adding “and”


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