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Chapter 60: A Date

    After watching Archibald and Monta leave, Yang Yang stood in the room looking at the dessert in his hands.

    —It wasn’t a dream.

    Black panther Roth walked over from one side, stood on hind legs and put his head on the table.

He started puzzledly at the box of snacks in Yang Yang’s hands.

    “Master, very strange, why wasn’t Duke angry Last time when he learned about that snake spirit* account, he was so angry that he broke the treatment cabin.

Why was he not only not angry this time, but also bought you snacks”

*snake spirit also means neurotic behaviour.

so I guess that is what the snake face was hinting all along haha

    Yang Yang has finally come to his senses after what happened just now.

He was not Archibald, so he didn’t need to take his time to think about it, for him such an obvious thing could be understood at a glance.

    Yang Yang smiled: “Because he likes me ah.”

    Roth: “…Ah”

    Yang Yang put the dessert on the table, and as soon as the box was opened, the warm fragnant air wafted out gracefully, spreading out the sweet smell .

    It was some sort of wine-filling small cake, one was only half the size of an egg, making it look like a small paper cup.

    Yang Yang twisted one up and put it in his mouth.

The outer skin was a little tough, but upon biting it, there was a quicksand rush on the tongue, with a fragrant wine taste, that diluted the sweetness, blending with the bitten cake.

The aftertaste of the roasted grains remained in the mouth until it entered the stomach.

    Yang Yang liked this kind of snack very much, and after eating one, he went to get another.    

    But Roth reacted, unable to bear the silence, patted Yang Yang’s arm with the big panther’s paw pad, and asked: “Master, are you saying Duke likes you Really”

    Yang Yang waved the small cake in front of Roth’s eyes and asked: “Otherwise, do you think there is a second answer After knowing that I took a picture of him and edited him with women’s clothes, he actually went to buy me a snack”

    Roth pondered: “Maybe it was on a whim”

    Yang Yang threw the small cake into his mouth, and then rubbed Roth’s panther head pityingly.

“Roth, it’s fortunate that you are an AI, otherwise you’d be single like Monta.”

    Roth “…”

    First of all its EQ is good, it’s not bragging about it.

    Roth shook his head in dissatisfaction, throwing Yang Yang’s hand off, and said: “I know you are saying that I don’t understand love, I get it, I just think the Duke’s attitude has changed too quickly.

—Since you two mutually like each other, master, are you going to confess to the Duke”

    Yang Yang decisively refused, “No.”

    Roth looked bewildered: “Why Duke still thinks that you like women.”

    Yang Yang: “That’s exactly why it’s cute.”

    Roth: “”

    Yang Yang thought for a while, and continued: “Because he’s worried that a ‘straight man’ like me would be scared away by his confession, even though his whole body was saying ‘I like you, I I don’t want you to be close to others’, but he still doesn’t dare to admit it, and only dares to use a roundabout way.

Then after seeing that I am close to others and I show my liking to others, he can only drag his tail and sulk pitifully… “

    Yang Yang looked at Roth, his eyes were shining: “Don’t you think such a Duke is super cute”

    Roth: “…I just feel sorry for the Duke.”

    Yang Yang: “Ai, you don’t understand, it’s called affectionate fun.”


    The black panther sighed humanely and persuaded earnestly: “Master, aren’t you afraid of playing yourself What if Archibald suddenly figures it out and decides to let you pursue your own happiness”

    Yang Yang rolled his eyes at Roth: “Have you watched some trashy TV series again How could I do that If one party is hurt, what kind of fun is that”

    Roth was even more confused: “Then what is Master going to do”

    Yang Yang shook his finger.

“You don’t have to worry about this, you just need to remember that the purpose of all this is to make the Duke bravely confess to me.”

    Roth nodded then paused: “That’s not right, master, wasn’t it agreed before that you’d confess to Duke”

    Yang Yang: “Who agreed with you”

    Roth: “…”

    Men are all big pigs’ trotters*!

*scumbags, untrustworthy etc


    At noon, Yang Yang took off his three-piece suit and took out some regular clothes from the storage area to put on.

    V-neck sweater and shirt, plain and abstinent look.

However, when the two buttons were unbuttoned, everything became different — as long as Yang Yang moved a little, the neckline of the shirt would open a narrow gap, revealing his fair and slender neck and still obvious collarbone.


    Or more politely speaking, teasing.

    Yang Yang told Roth that he would wait for Archibald to confess.

One reason was that he really thought the jealous Archibald was cute, and he didn’t want to end this ambiguous period of “the enemy is in the light and I am in the dark*” so soon.

*meaning that enemy knows everything but their side is still in the dark, that is, unclear.

Yang Yang is the one in the light hah

    Another reason was that he wasn’t sure if Archibald liked him on a mental or physical level.

    In short, he wasn’t sure if Archibald had sexual attraction towards him.

    When it comes to romantic relationships, the mainstream of society usually prefers to place “love” higher than “sex”.

The former is elegant and holy, while the latter is vulgar and filthy.

Hence the seemingly touching words like “I just love you, it has nothing to do with sex”.

    It’s all bull**.

    In Yang Yang’s view, only couples who had lived together for many years are qualified to step on the soles of love.

Those who are in love and say “no sex”, are the same like the nature of men saying “I’ll just rub*”.

*and won’t come in.

Basically saying they won’t do it until the end, but according to pig hooves men, they always do.

    And Yang Yang was an faithful to his beliefs man.

    He was single until his death in his last life, and because of his “rigid” concepts, he never even had a one-night stand.

Now he managed to come back to life, and if there was another Plato….

he would be too miserable.

    So, if Archibald doesn’t have any sexual impulses towards him, Yang Yang will have to change his strategy — give up Impossible, how can he give up on Duke if he doesn’t sleep with him Since they both like each other, it’s either he is about to bend or he will bend in the future, there is no third option.


     Yang Yang narrowed his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror, his hair was still up, and the serious hairstyle could add more abstinence effect and bring more visual contrast.

     Yang Yang raised the corner of his mouth, then picked up his coat and went downstairs.     There were still a lot of customers in the store — thanks to Archibald coming to eat at noon for several days in a row, there were many customers at noon.

     Of course, Yang Yang couldn’t let go of such a good source of customers.

     So Yang Yang suggested that in addition to his porridge, the store could sell some ordinary porridge, paired with some side dishes — although the dishes made by the recruits were not outstanding, they tasted alright.

     As for the Mu Tou’s barbecue…

     Yang Yang tried to improve it, and then he found that it was not the problem of meat nor the seasoning, but the problem of Mu Tou’s cooking.

     So Yang Yang also thought letting another person roast it, but as soon as this suggestion came up, Mu Tou wilted immediately.

——Imagine a man who more than 180 cm in height, with not a small physique.

And then such a big person growing mushrooms in the corner of the wall, that picture was really unsightly.

     So he gave up.

     From another angle, hell barbecue is also a feature.

And it wasn’t that no one bought it, there were still consumers such as those who were curious, punished to buy it, or bought on a whim as a lucky bag.

If they don’t bite the burnt skin after eating, they will be so happy that they start to cheer —Yang Yang didn’t understand how they played like this.

     After Yang Yang appeared in the store, the customers immediately became excited.

Some people also noticed the coat in Yang Yang’s hand, so they asked: “Butler Yang, are you going out”

     Yang Yang stopped hearing the question and followed the sound to see that it was an old man who came three days ago saying that he was a gourmet.

Yang Yang had seen his soul power, quite strong.

Yang Yang’s porridge was not very beneficial to him, after all, the soul power level of porridge was still not overly high, but old man still would come every day.

    Yang Yang smiled at the old man: “Yes.

Second Young Master said to eat outside.”


    There were some regretful voices in the store, but Archibald had been there before, so these voices were very small.

    Yang Yang looked at the old man and continued, “The porridge shop will not be open tomorrow, so don’t come here early in the morning.”


    This time, a lot of regretful voices rang out.

    Yang Yang only bowed slightly to the guests, then changed the sign outside the store to “Closed tomorrow”, and then hung the same sign on the Youtu account.

    As soon as Yang Yang signed out of the Youtu account, he heard a brake sound outside, and when he looked up, it was Archibald’s car.

    Yang Yang put on his coat and walked over, opened the car door and sat in the co-pilot naturally.

    “Hey, where’s Monta”

    Yang Yang glanced back, but didn’t see Monta.

    After starting the car, Archibald replied with an unchanging expression: “Oh, he fell while walking.

It was a little serious.

He went to the medical department and didn’t eat with us at noon.”

    Yang Yang “…”

    Was it the kind of fall from punches and kicks —Oh, poor Monta, a second of silence for you.

    A second later, Yang Yang showed a bright smile: “Will Duke take me for a big dinner”

    Archibald heard that he didn’t ask about Monta’s injury, and his mood immediately had a few more degrees of joy.

He nodded and said: “There’s a famous seafood restaurant in the convalescence area—I think you’d enjoy seafood very much.”

    Yang Yang liked it, especially the local seafood that was very big and not too fishy, ​​more delicious than anything he had eaten in his previous life.

    Yang Yang leaned on the back of the chair and asked deliberately: “Is this also an apology gift I remember that you don’t like eating aquatic products very much.”

    Archibald’s focus shifted for a second — he remembered my preferences, very good.

    However, his face remained expressionless: “Yes, it’s my apology gift for you, as long as you like it.”

    Yang Yang laughed: “That’s a good deal — do you want to have an appointment with me today, Duke”

    Archibald’s hand tightened and the car almost jumped up.

Fortunately, this car had intelligent control mode detection, and there was no issue.

    Archibald moved his lips, then turned to look at Yang Yang: “What did you say”

    Yang Yang smiled and said: “Don’t be angry.

What I mean is, I’ve made a lot of money selling porridge these days.

This is all thanks to the Duke.

So I thought about using the first pot of gold I earned to thank everyone and have some fun.

—You patrol every day, and you spend very little time with Uncle He.”

    It turned out to be the case.

    Archibald was a little disappointed, but didn’t show it, only explaining: “Okay.

— I wasn’t angry.”

    I know.

    Yang Yang didn’t change his smile and continued to tease him: “Well, the Duke seems to have a particularly good temper today.”

    Archibald “…”

    Yang Yang relaxed and said to Archibald like a small talk: “I’ve already made an announcement that the story would be closed tomorrow.

But even after thinking about it for a long time, I didn’t know where to invite everyone to play — after all, you should be familiar with this place.

Then I thought, Monta talked about a wandering circus.

    Archibald” “…”

    Monta again

    Yang Yang: “I went to find out, that circus is very famous, and usually performs in random places, so you can’t see it often.

So I wanted to invite everyone to go to the circus tonight.

—I have already asked Roth to grab tickets, and there was just one second-floor private room left, but I haven’t told Uncle He and the others, they should be free”

    Archibald “Monta probably won’t be able to come, he fell on the waist, it will be inconvenient to move for at least two days.”

    Yang Yang “…”

    It’s a ruthless attack, Lord Duke.

    Yang Yang pursed the corners of his mouth and made a look of regret: “That can only be forgotten, it seems that he is very interested.

—I can only call Uncle He and the others to ask.”

    Archibald “… um.

    However, in Archibald’s heart, there was a little nagging voice —why does he look regretful Did he really want to go with Monta Why does he remember what Monta was interested in He doesn’t even know what you’re interested in!

    Archibald “…”

    Shut up.

    At this moment, Archibald understood the true meaning of the phrase “you can be shameless for your wife”.

    Because now, he already wanted to wipe his face and speak ill of Monta to Yang Yang ——for example, when Monta was five years old, he was frightened by a soul beast and wet the bed at night, or when Monta used the wrong map on the first mission, and another example of when Monta wanted to go deep behind enemy lines and was taken as a hostage…

    Wait, can’t he speak of his past love

    For example, Monta rewarded nearly one million stars for Qimei’s live broadcast Youtu Qimei, and even asked her to call him husband.

    That’s right, that’s true, he’s especially wretched! He’s a gentle scum!

    Yang Yang “…”

    What was the person next to him thinking The tip of the tail has been shaking the whole time, so happy to eat together


Author has something to say:

Monta: I am telling you, the boat of friendship has capsized! Sank completely! Forever imprisoned at the bottom on the sea!

Byrd: Oh.

Yang Yang: Oh.

Monta: ………(cries out from anger.jpg)


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