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Chapter 59: Monta: 

    Although Archibald confirmed that he liked Yang Yang and was possessive over him, it did not mean that he could fall in love with Yang Yang immediately, because there was still a roadblock in front of him… No, not Monta.

    It doesn’t matter to Archibald whether Monta likes Yang Yang — Archibald’s view of love stems from the “models” of the people around him, such as his father, his brother, Gu Lita.

Another example being his father’s group of life and death brothers.

    The words and deeds of these elders made Archibald understand a truth when he was only ten years old — there is no brother in front of love, you can be shameless and live and die for your wife.

    Of course, Archibald had no urge to practice the second half of the sentence for the time being.

    Therefore, there was no such thing as “giving up your budding feelings in consideration of developing a small friendship and turning to a silent secret love giving your blessings to the couple”.

The small friendship with Monta was just for Archibald to remember not to kill Monta.

    ——The stumbling block Archibald faced was Yang Yang himself.

First, Yang Yang may have fallen in love with Monta; second, Yang Yang still likes women.

    Therefore, even if he kills Monta, Yang Yang may not like him.

    And Archibald can’t force Yang Yang to do anything, even if Yang Yang finally chooses to marry a woman, he can’t stop it, because that is Yang Yang’s own choice.

    If he married someone else, completely leaving his sight…


    With a soft sound, the door handle that Archibald was holding bent and cracked.

    Archibald lowered his eyelids, the anxiety in his heart became a tower, and the desire for monopoly was still fueling the flames, clamouring to destroy and burn his reason.

    Just then, Archibald’s terminal rang.

    Archibald’s eyelashes trembled, and then he slowly raised his eyelids, revealing a pair of dark and cold eyes.

    The terminal shows that it was an email, the sender was Monta.

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald stared at the word “Monta” displayed on the light screen, and the little man in his head simulated 81 ways to beat up Monta in just a few seconds.

    After a while, Archibald looked away and opened the email.

    The content of the email was a photo, a photo of a woman.

    The woman was very beautiful, exuding a gentle temperament.

Archibald didn’t know that person, but he felt a little familiarity.

    The email was pulled down further, revealing a line of words — this is Yang Yang’s wife.

    Yang Yang’s… wife.

    The picture of the future that only existed in his imagination suddenly had a protagonist.

At this moment, Archibald’s brain went blank, and the air he was inhaling seemed to have turned into blades.

    The feelings that he just acknowledged, had not even had time to confirm, had not had time to put into action, must they end

    It took Archibald more than ten seconds to regain his senses.

He moved his stiff fingers and scrolled down through the email to see if there was any information about this woman.

——Although he didn’t know why he wanted to see it.

    The light screen refreshed, and then a long string of “hahahahaha” appeared at the bottom.

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald was stunned for a moment, his fingers became much more flexible, and he pulled the mail to the end.

Then he saw what Monta said after “Hahaha”.

    【Does it feel familiar! Not impressed, my friend Then let Mr.

Monta reveal the secret for you-please look at the background behind the beauty, the golden totem, isn’t it familiar 】

    Archibald was stunned for a moment, and went back to look at the background in the photo.

The background was blurry, but he would not admit it wrong.

It was the totem of his coming-of-age ceremony.

It was made by his father and dad himself, and it was unprecedentedly huge, so that even he was impressed.

    But Archibald’s thoughts were all muddled at this time, so he was just a little puzzled — at his coming-of-age ceremony, all the people invited were ones close to him.

Although there were many people, he was sure that he had never seen this woman.

    Who was she

    Archibald continued to read Monta’s mail with doubts.

    【Understood, hahahaha! Yang Yang released this photo in the live broadcast, and now told Roth to madly change the background of this photo on the whole network.

Fortunately, I secretly saved a copy in advance and left you with evidence.

Hey, Colonel Byrd, how does it feel to be Yang Yang’s wife Yang Yang also said that you are pregnant with his child~~】

    Between the lines was filled with the asking to be fed sounds of expecting to eat melons.

    Archibald: “…”

    So that woman was him

    Archibald turned to look at the “beautiful woman” again, ignoring the flowery dress with long hair and looking only at the facial features…

    it was really him.

    Archibald: “…”

    Although he wasn’t clear about what was going on, it was great that it wasn’t a real woman.

    Archibald let out a long sigh, every nerve of his was tense due to the intense suffering and tension just now.

As the alarm was suddenly lifted he felt a sense of powerlessness all over his body.

    With the loud bang of his heart falling back to its original place, in addition to the happiness enough to last for the rest of his life, he also felt annoyance at Monta’s email.

——Although he knew that Monta didn’t deliberately show it like this.


    In short, when he arrives at the convalescence area, first thing first he will beat Monta.

    Archibald propped himself on the car with his hands, and after calming down from the ups and downs of his emotions, he looked at the “big beauty” again and finished watching the live broadcast that was turned off before.

    When Yang Yang said, “I’m married, this is my wife”, Archibald not only did not feel any anger from having his photo edited into wearing woman’s clothes, but also showed a happy smile.

    ——The photo Yang Yang used was him, not Monta.

    This didn’t mean anything, but it was enough to make Archibald’s mood brighter.

    Archibald thought for a moment with a smile at the corner of his mouth, got back in the car and went to the town’s pastry shop first, buying a box of Yang Yang’s favorite snacks — someone in the live broadcast was deliberately finding fault with Yang Yang, and Yang Yang might have been frightened.

That person’s reason for doing so most certainly had something to do with him, so he had a good reason to give this “condolence product”.

    After packing the condolence gift, Archibald went straight to the convalescence area.


    The convalescence  area, in the barbecue shop, on the second floor.

    Yang Yang blocked Monta in the corner, narrowed his eyes and asked: “What were you doing just now”

    After deleting the email, Monta looked innocent: “I didn’t do anything, I just asked Byrd when he would come, if he wants to go out to eat at noon.”

    Yang Yang didn’t believe it one point*: “I saw the photo Roth photoshopped on your screen.”


believe a ghost

    Monta: “Oh~ you saw it wrong~”

    Yang Yang: “… “

    Sure enough, this bastard must have sent the photo to Archibald.

    Yang Yang gritted his teeth: “Comrade Monta, have you eaten the friendship among the members of the organization”

    Monta looked at Yang Yang with a righteous face: “Report to Comrade Yang Yang, yes, fed to the moths!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta excitedly said: “Byrd should be on his way here, I can’t wait to see what his expression will look like~~”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Well, this time the mistake was on him, he did not expect that in the moth group, there was no such thing as alliance, and the doctrine was simply “moths come first”.

    But Yang Yang didn’t panic, Archibald wouldn’t hit him if he was angry.

It’s just that the relationship between him and Archibald has finally gotten closer.

Maybe after Monta’s operation, it will return to before liberation.

    Thinking of this, Yang Yang was a little annoyed.

    Yang Yang stared at Monta and said: “It’s my bad this time, but you’d better not fall into my hands.”

    Monta: “Hit me, hit me, and I’ll tell Byrd that you like him~”

    Yang Yang : “…Are you a primary school student”

    Monta: “There’s no such things as high or lowly tricks as long as they are effective.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta smiled, and came over to comfort Yang Yang: “Don’t be like this, think positive, ah.

Byrd can’t do anything to you anyway, so even if he gets angry it will just enrich your ‘duke emoji’ collection.”

    Yang Yang squinted at Monta: “Stay away from me.”

    “I won’t.”

    Monta put his hand on Yang Yang’s shoulder awkwardly, and gave a brotherly pat: “Don’t be angry, I’m risking my life to be a catalyst for you, so this is my reward.”

    Yang Yang rolled his eyes, just as he was about to say something, the door was suddenly opened, and Archibald instantly froze in place at the doorway.

    Monta: “…”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    This scene seems familiar.

    Yang Yang, feeling a bit guilty, pushed away Monta with one elbow, and then forced a calm smile at Archibald: “The Duke came here so fast.”

    Archibald: “…”

    This scene looks a bit familiar.

What would it be like if he came late

    Archibald took a breath and responded with a controlled expression: “En, the meeting has just ended.”

    Yang Yang graciously picked up the teapot: “I’ll go down first and make you a pot of hot tea.”

    Seeing that Yang Yang wanted to slip away, Monta quickly stopped him and caught the teapot in Yang Yang’s hand: “Oh, I can go, Byrd should have something to tell you.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    In all honesty, Yang Yang really wanted to beat someone up at the moment.

    Archibald’s eyes swept across Yang Yang and Monta’s hand holding the teapot together, then he lowered his eyelids, and after two seconds he looked at the two again and said: “En, I do have something to say.”

    Monta had an excited expression of “come, come” on his face: “See, I’ll come, give me the teapot, let Byrd talk to you first.”

    With that being said, Monta took away the teapot in Yang Yang’s hand and stepped back to sit in the melon-eater auditorium.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Forget it, it’s a calamity that should be suffered, it’s not a disaster that can be avoided.

    Strategy: admitting.

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald and sincerely apologized: “I’m sorry for today’s live broadcast.”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s low and worried expression, and his heart felt as if it was tugged — speaking of which, he felt this way a few days ago, but at the time he didn’t understand what it meant.

    Archibald’s eyes softened a little, and he said: “It’s not you who was finding faults, you don’t need to apologize.”

    Yang Yang was taken aback, “I mean, I used your photo to fake something.”

    Archibald was still warm and gentle, even seeming a little proud: “The matter was urgent, if you hadn’t deftly defused the provocation, the Donton family could have fallen into a turmoil.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta: “…”

    “Cleverly” defuses the provocation

    At this moment, Yang Yang and Monta similarly wondered — did this person/Byrd take the wrong medicine today

    Archibald didn’t notice his “double standard” behaviour compared to the past.

After he finished speaking, he took out the packaged snacks from the storage space, took two steps forward, and handed them to Yang Yang.

    Archibald was a little nervous for the first official gift, but he still looked directly at Yang Yang.

    “The unexpected situation in today’s live broadcast is somewhat related to me.

This is my condolences to you.

I remember the dim sum that Amber bought last time was your favourite.”

    Yang Yang didn’t even need to look at it, he already could smell the familiar milky fragrance.

    ——he actually remembered

    Yang Yang felt as if he was dreaming, he nodded: “En, that’s right.”

    Archibald showed a shallow smile, and added: “Eat it while it’s hot, I’ll order food outside at noon and pick you up when the time comes.”

    Yang Yang could only nod mechanically at this moment: “Okay.”

    Archibald felt that Yang Yang’s dazed look was a little cute, he wanted to rub his head, but still held back.

    Archibald turned back and looked at Monta, his soft expression disappeared in seconds: “Monta, go to the patrol base with me.”

    Monta was still stunned: “Ah Are you finished with Yang Yang “

    What about the melons What about his carefully brewed melons

    Even if he doesn’t give him melons to eat, why did he pack snacks for Yang Yang ——Packing snacks for the person who fabricated your photos in woman’s clothing and told the entire Starnet that you were “married and pregnant” What kind of black hole plot is this

    Archibald saw Monta not moving, foolishly staring at Yang Yang.

    Archibald’s eyes immediately froze: “Want me to carry you”

    Monta: “…”

    Putting the plot aside for now, he suddenly had a very bad premonition.

    But Monta didn’t understand — what did he do wrong


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