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Chapter 57: My Wife

    Yang Yang’s porridge unsurprisingly became a hot topic, and it goes without saying that any knowledgable person would realise its quality and easily absorbable soul power.

But unexpectedly, Yang Yang’s porridge was even more famous among ordinary people.

    The cause was a little Youtu popular celebrity.

She came to Old Emperor Star to do live broadcasts in the name of Archibald, and she went to Yang Yang’s store because of the “Butler Yang”.

    This little girl came on the first day the porridge shop opened.

She broadcasted the whole process of the porridge shop opening live on Youtu, buying a bowl herself as well.

    However, she was an ordinary person.

When the live broadcast was live, she only felt that the taste was very good, and didn’t feel the wonderful taste of absorbing soul power, so she left.

However, when she found out later that Archibald had gone to the store, she was very annoyed and said that she would continue to squat the next day.

    The turning point came the next day.

After waking up in the morning, the girl was surprised to find that the pimples on her forehead had all disappeared after the long-distance starship trip!

    The young girl’s skin was not very healthy.

The doctor said that it was caused by a soul power disorder, so she was sure that it was not the effect of her usual medicine.

    After thinking about it, she thought of the bowl of porridge she drank yesterday.

    If it was that bowl of porridge, it would be rather amazing! —it’d also make a good topic.

    So the young girl started a live broadcast and went to the barbecue shop.

She didn’t expect that when she got there, the door of the shop would already be crowded with people.

She chatted a few words with the people who were waiting at random, and then found that there were many people with similar experiences to her, all of them had minor problems that were not serious, but very unpleasant.

After a bowl of porridge, the effect was immediate.

    “I’ve heard that soul power dishes are very good, but I didn’t expect it to be so good!”

    “I’ve also eaten some soul power dishes, but, at least among the low-grade soul power dishes, none of them can compare to butler Yang’s porridge.”

    “Otherwise why would he be said to be the Donton’s housekeeper”

    “I regret that I didn’t buy my three bowls yesterday.

I can only buy one bowl today.”

    “It’s good if you can buy it.

Oh, isn’t there a lot more people coming today”

    “It would be great if the Butler Yang continued opening the store…”

    Even if only one person said it, there are so many people here, even if they didn’t believe it, they were bound to be curious.

    So there were more and more people asking for evidence, and more people who were able to confirm it.

    So in just five days, “Butler Yang’s Porridge” became popular not only in the convalescence area, but also on Starnet.

Some well-known gourmets even said that they would come to Old Emperor Star to see it themselves.

    As of today, it had only been open for an hour, and all the porridge was sold out.

     Yang Yang put up a “sold out” sign and smiled apologetically to the customers in front of the sales window: “Sorry, it’s sold out today, please come back tomorrow.”

     The crowd that was still waiting outside the door wailed and yelled loudly, not afraid of death: “Butler Yang, sell us the bowls left for the Duke.”

    After Yang Yang’s porridge became popular, Yang Yang’s behavior of “stealing the dragon and turning the phoenix*” was also recounted several times, and was even made into a series of emojis.

*meaning deceiving people, secretly changing something under people’s eyes (the number of bowls in this situation)

    Yang Yang laughed, and before he could speak, Monta, who was next to him, leaned over.

    Monta was wearing a military uniform, with his hat tucked under his arms, leaning sideways against the window glass, looking almost shoulder to shoulder with Yang Yang.

    Monta raised his eyebrows handsomely, and said with a ruffian smile: “There’s no Byrd’s share today, only mine, do you want it”

    A little girl screamed from the crowd: “Yes!”

    Monta smiled: “Won’t give.

This is what Butler Yang worked hard for, and I won’t sell it for ten times the price.”

    Yang Yang glanced at Monta with a helpless expression: “Major, don’t make trouble.”

    The screams from the crowd became louder.

    Monta was very proud of himself.

He was stationed at the barbecue restaurant in the morning, and went shopping with Yang Yang in the afternoon, so he had more chances to brush his presence.

    In the past few days, with the popularity of the porridge shop, his interaction with Yang Yang had also been watched by many eyes.

At present, the momentum of “Cute Sheep” has surpassed that of “Ram”, and there were even a lot of their fan pictures—— “Ram” didn’t have fanarts yet~

    However, to Monta’s regret, Archibald did not say anything other than his showing a stinky face and visibly being in a worse mood.

    ——I have sacrificed my life for justice, but you don’t let me eat melons on the spot

    Monta was very dissatisfied, so he wondered, how about making a big move

    Monta hasn’t figured out a plan yet, when a chance for a big move has come to the door.

    A man’s voice with quite a loud volume sounded in the crowd: “Butler Yang, what is your relationship with the Duke and Major Monta”

    Yang Yang followed the sound and found that it was a man wearing a mask, thin and scrawny.

He didn’t look too old, but his eyes were not very friendly.

    Many of the onlookers knew about their CP, and when they heard the words, they all laughed and started booing.

    Monta took a look, hey yo, isn’t this a coincidence!

    Monta showed a meaningful smile, and answered loudly: “Don’t worry about Byrd, he already has cubs he cares so much about.

As for me and Butler Yang, what do you think our relationship is”

    After speaking, he pretended to look at Yang Yang affectionately.

    But Yang Yang didn’t look at him, but stared at the person who asked the question — one of the advantages of being sensitive to soul power was that he was also sensitive to people’s malice.

The questioner gave him a bad feeling.

    Seeing Yang Yang’s expression, Monta immediately reacted and asked in a low voice: “Is there a problem”

    Yang Yang replied from his throat: “En.”

    Then Yang Yang raised his head with a gentle smile and replied looking at the masked man: “We’re good friends with Major Monta.

And I’m the Donton family’s housekeeper.

Duke is a very good person and we are a master and servant with a relatively close relationship.

    The masked man sneered and said aggressively: “Close enough to ask the Duke to go shopping with you”

    After he finished speaking, he turned on his terminal light screen and released a picture in projection mode.

It was the picture of Archibald going on a walk with Yang Yang before the tourist season, and this time, the picture was uncensored, Yang Yang’s face could be clearly seen.

    The crowd of onlookers suddenly became excited, and a lot of light screens, either video recording or live broadcast, suddenly floated in the air, and there was also a heated discussion among the crowd.

    “Wow, this is the first time I saw this photo.

Butler Yang looks so young.”

    “That mysterious man is really a butler Yang, such a big temperament.

Hey, I suddenly got a new cp: Shuang Yang.”

    “Hey, when you say that, it seems a little moving.”

    “Isn’t the focus now on the gossip about the ‘Ram’ Sisters, wake up and eat melons first!”

    The man with the mask saw that he caused a commotion, his arrogance grew even more prominent, and he began to give Yang Yang a big hat between his words: “At that time, you weren’t yet the Donton’s family butler.

Would ordinary men hold hands like this The Duke also has a pregnant wife, does he know you are so close to the Duke”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta: “…”

    He knew more than that.

    However, the truth cannot be said, and the current situation, if this is not handled well, it may become a stain on Archibald and even the Donton family’s reputation.

    Monta sneered, put the military cap on the table next to him, and was about to go out — there was a famous saying in their legion: the truth is below the fist.

With this kind of ulterior motive at first glance, one ought to give a beating, if one does not work, two beatings.

    Seeing this, Yang Yang quickly stopped Monta: “Don’t mess around.”

    Monta was not convinced: “How is it messing around, even if Byrd was there, he has to be beaten.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Oh right, you both got your rank out.

    Yang Yang sighed: “I’ll come first.

If I can’t do it, you can come up again.”

    Monta thought for a while, then pulled his feet back: “Okay.”

    Yang Yang glanced at the black panther lying on the ground outside, and called in his heart: 【Roth, come live.

    Black Panther immediately shook his ears and opened his eyes to look over.

    Yang Yang: 【Photoshop me a photo.

    Roth: 【Okay, master, what photo do you want 】

    Yang Yang: 【Make Duke in women’s clothing in ten seconds.

    Roth: 【…Master, if he discovers it, the Duke will really hit someone.

    Yang Yang: 【Let’s talk about it later.

    Roth: 【… 】

    Good, it’s not it that will be beaten anyways.

    Ten seconds later, Yang Yang looked at the crowd outside without pausing, stretched out his hand and pressed it in the air: “Everyone, be quiet.”

    All the melon eaters quieted down and looked at Yang Yang, their eyes full of desire and thirst for gossip.

    Yang Yang glanced at the man in the mask and said with a smile: “It’s really easy for everyone to misunderstand the matter of holding hands.

Mostly because I was keeping Duke’s face before, I kept silent.

But now it has caused unnecessary speculation, so I will I have to explain it.

    ——Actually, that was the experience of the Duke asking me about prenatal education.”

    The melon-eating crowd was stunned — what

    Yang Yang raised her hand to open the terminal and saw Roth’s good photo.

    Yang Yang’s finger paused: “…”

    The original picture was of Archibald bowing his head and gently accepting blessing during his coming-out-of-age ceremony.

    Roth added longer hair to Archibald, softened the outline of his facial features, and expanded the photo to reveal the upper body—”she” was wearing a white suspender dress, with her hands on her chest, in a prayer gesture.

    The point is, the chest was not small, and some soft concave arcs are pressed by the hand, which looked both holy and sexy.

    Yang Yang: 【…………】

    Although he said it was supposed to be women’s clothing, it didn’t need to go to this point.

    Yang Yang: 【Roth, cover his chest.

    Roth: 【Yi, this is more feminine though.

    Yang Yang: 【Oh, after the Duke finds out, I will say it was you who added it.

    Roth: 【……】

    The next second, the “big beauty” had a bunch of flowers on her chest, and it looked like “she” was sniffing the roses with her head down.

Sexuality was wiped away, and she became an angel who descended into the world.

    Yang Yang clicked on the photo, put it as a projection in front of him and said with a smile: “I’m married, this is my wife.

My child will be born in less than four months, and I am more experienced in terms of children, so the Duke asked me for advice.

    —Holding hands was my prenatal education demonstration, but the Duke was probably too nervous, so he held my hand and asked a lot of questions…”

    Saying to this point, Yang Yang smiled softly: “Duke will be a very good father.”

    After Yang Yang finished speaking, the melon-eating crowd fretted again.

    “It turns out that the Butler Yang’s wife is so beautiful!!”

    “Hey, so I’m lost in love again Why do all good men get married so early!”

    “I imagined the Duke’s nervous look, it’s a little cute, I’ve always been I thought he was an elite class even when he was eating.”

    “…What is the posture of an elite class eating”

    “Hey, what about the person who asked the question just now His words just now were strange and deliberately disturbing.”

    “He seems to be gone now… “

    At this point, things have come to an end.

    Although “Ram” and “Cute Sheeo” were forced to unlock, the catalyst of Monta’s card was still valid — after all, this catalyst was not for people who eat melons, but for Archibald.

    After seeing off the guests, Yang Yang retreated from the sales room and planned to go upstairs to rest.

But as soon as he came out, he saw Monta blocking him.

    Yang Yang: “What”

    Monta had a gloating look on his face: “You’re finished.”

    After speaking, Monta opened the terminal, and a light screen picture appeared, it was Yang Yang’s “wife”.

    Monta pointed to a corner behind the “great beauty”, where the background was blurred and a bit vague, but some golden outlines could be vaguely seen, which seemed to be a large totem-style badge.

    Monta: “On the Soul Binding Planet coming-of-age ceremony, everyone has a specific blessed totem, which is made by the planet Lord and Uncle Shu’s father.

It is unique for each person.

Even if other people can’t recognize it, Byrd can recognize it.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang: 【Roth.

    Roth was about to cry: 【Master, you only gave me 10 seconds, I couldn’t take care of too many details, so the background was simply blurred, I didn’t expect it to be like this.

    Yang Yang: 【……】

    Monta didn’t think it was a big deal to watch the fun, and grinned showing his big white teeth: “A lot of people were broadcasting live just now, and with them the little Internet celebrity girl who had been there a few days ago, now this matter will be soon on the hot search, when do you think Byrd will find out”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Probably because Monta’s troublemaking crow mouth is too powerful, just after he finished speaking, Yang Yang’s terminal rang rang.

    Caller ID: Lord Duke.

    Monta’s eyes lit up: “Quick pick up~”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Shut up.


Author has something to say:

Yang Yang: Duke, I put a vest on you.

Are you feeling happy and warm

Duke: ….you come here

Yang Yang: [turn around and run.jpg]


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