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Chapter 56: Admission

    The first time they met was in Zhou Hua’s manor.

At that time, Yang Yang had no trust in this world at all, and so he planned for the worst.

    Therefore, in order to gain Donton family’s trust, he recklessly fabricated some information in order to achieve his purpose of leaving safely.

    ——He didn’t expect it to make a comeback in the future.

    Yang Yang was dumbfounded for a while, after thinking for a while he didn’t explain in the end, only asked: “Without thinking about this, just in terms of whether we’re suitable or not, does Duke really hate the thought of being in a relationship with me”

    Archibald suddenly looked alert.

    Yang Yang was helpless: “Just asking, I swear.”

    Archibald pursed his lips and thought about it for a while, but gave an ambiguous answer: “I don’t know.”

    But this answer in Yang Yang’s ears meant that there were infinite possibilities.


    Yang Yang stopped, took a chopstick of meat and gave it to Archibald, smiled: “It was roasted with Mu Tou’s barbecue, try it.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Mu Tou’s barbecue, a horror story in the food world.

    Archibald stopped his chopsticks and looked up at Yang Yang — you hate me so much

    Yang Yang laughed, first ate a piece and said: “I cut the raw meat that was not roasted from it.

I think it’s pretty good, try it.”

    Archibald saw that he tied it first, so he also tried eating it.

Probably because the previous expectations were too low, Archibald’s eyes lit up a bit as soon as the meat entered his mouth.

    “It’s delicious.”

    Yang Yang laughed: “What do you want to eat tomorrow, I’ll buy it in the afternoon.”

    Archibald: “You can decide.”

    Yang Yang: “Then what flavor do you like”

    Archibald: “Not sweet.”

    Yang Yang: “Okay.”

    Monta on the side: “…”

    Understood, he was just a decoration.


    After the meal, Yang Yang asked Monta to help him clean up the dishes and go downstairs, while he unbuttoned his vest and shirt, revealing his bulging belly.

    Archibald stretched out his hand to touch it, slightly surprised: “It’s grown up a bit.”

    Before, he could cover it with only one palm, but now it was of size that could be covered with full hand.

The growth speed was not unpleasant.

    Yang Yang also knew about this change: “This shows that the child’s soul power is very strong, perhaps it will be born in less than four months.


     Archibald was looking forward to this, the corner of his mouth pursued in a small smile.

     Then he released his soul power and fed it to the warm soul with a bit of unease.

After two seconds, the released soul power was caught, and then the tingling sensation of sucking one’s soul power came.

     “It ate.”

     Archibald was very happy, looking up at Yang Yang and smiling — yesterday he thought the child didn’t like him anymore.

     Yang Yang looked at Archibald’s smile, and also showed a smile: “I said yesterday that it just wasn’t hungry, it likes you very much, I can feel it.”

     Archibald’s eyes softened, and his fingers gently rubbed Yang Yang’s skin, as if touching the child’s body.

     Yang Yang’s body stiffened, and he coughed lightly: “Duke, itchy.”

     Archibald was stunned for a moment, then looked up at Yang Yang for unknown reasons.

It took him two seconds to react, then he wanted to withdraw his hand in embarrassment.

But the attraction of the child was too great, and he held back his hand only for a moment.

     After a short silence, Archibald’s ears turned slightly red: “Sorry, I didn’t pay attention.”

     Yang Yang looked at Archibald’s ears and the little devil in his heart began to squirm.

     Cute, want…

    Yang Yang retracted his gaze and said with a smile: “It’s okay, I’ll touch your tail later, it’s fair.”

    Archibald: “…”

    The interaction with the child soon ended.

Archibald reluctantly withdrew his soul power, and after Yang Yang fastened the buttons of his clothes, the big black-scaled tail stretched out in front of Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang glanced at Archibald, who switched his eyes to one side uncomfortably and didn’t look his way.

    Yang Yang smiled: “Then I’ll start.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang hugged Archibald’s tail.

The scales were not as hard as they looked, but were very resilient while allowing the tail to make huge variety of flexible movements.

    The upper and lower of the scalers were slightly different in colour.

The upper scales were darker and harder, and were mostly used for defensive attacks; while the lower scales were lighter in color, but the soul power was more widely distributed, mostly used for perception.

Perceptual sensitivity decreases downwards from the tip of the tail to the base of the tail.

    Yang Yang held the tail in his posture, and put the tip of the tail in front of him, revealing a slightly lighter perceptual surface.

    Yang Yang smiled, then lowered her head and kissed the tip of her tail.


    Archibald gasped sharply: “!!!”

    The big tail in his arms escaped forcefully, and then wrapped around Archibald’s waist in horror, Archibald still protecting it with one hand as if he had been greatly frightened.

    Archibald stared at him with an expression of disbelief: “What, what are you doing”

    Yang Yang looked innocent: “Kissing.

——It’s not a foul.

Touching with your mouth is also touching.”

    Archibald: “…”

    The shameless Yang Yang he was familiar with is back.

    Archibald tilted his head and quickly regained his composure.

Then he let go of his tail and said sternly to Yang Yang with a blank face: “Do you know that this kind of intimate behavior towards beast-shaped’s tail is a court… In short, you are not allowed to kiss my tail in the future.”

    Courtship, of course Yang Yang knows.

    But Yang Yang had to play stupid.

    Yang Yang: “Ok, I’ll play with other people’s tails in the future.

—Speaking of which, I haven’t tried to touch other people’s tails yet.

I’ll ask Monta to give me a pat later to see how sensitive his tail is.”

    Archibald’s pupils shrank, and he immediately refuted: “Not allowed!”

    Yang Yang was taken aback, and looked at Archibald in surprise.

    Archibald was also startled, as if he was also frightened by his sudden anger.

    Yang Yang asked knowing very well*: “Are you angry”

*心裏明鏡似地 – heart clear like a mirror, meaning knowing very well or being well aware but not showing it

    Archibald paused, and then said, “Before the child is born, don’t get too close to other people.

Otherwise, it will—”

    “Admit wrong parents.”

    Yang Yang finished Archibald’s words, sighed, and then reached out and touched his belly: “Okay, cub, come out quickly, daddy wants to touch other people’s tails to play with.”

    Archibald: “…”

    At this moment, Monta came up.

    Monta looked helpless: “Byrd, you should go back to the patrol team.

If you don’t leave, our store will be flooded with tourists.”

    Archibald looked back and glanced at Monta, his eyes swept across Monta’s waist and abdomen, his face was cold.

    Monta: “”

    But in the end, Archibald said nothing, only took the cape and strode away.

    Yang Yang didn’t go to send him off, but slowly showed a shallow smile, like the kind smile of Grand Duke Jiang who was fishing*.

*meaning a willing victim taking the bait.

Will elaborate more at the end of the chapter

    Monta looked confused.

He looked at the back of Archibald leaving, then looked again at Yang Yang, and asked uncertainly: “Did Byrd glare at me just now”

    Yang Yang: ” That’s right.”

    Monta: “…What have you done again”

    Yang Yang walked to the window, just to see Archibald walking out of the store’s back.

He was so angry that he forgot to hide his tail under the cape, the scale armored tail was tense and was bent into an arc filled with strength.

    Yang Yang’s smile deepened by two points: “Oh, I used you as bait.”

    Monta: “…Can’t you change to someone else”

    Although he and Byrd were friends since young, but often the boat of friendship could be easily overturned.

    After Yang Yang watched Archibald’s car leave, then looked back at Monta and smiled: “No one can stand the Duke’s cold eyes except you.

What should I do if I scare people to death”

    Monta was speechless.

    “Then you have to give me some compensation.”

    Monta straddled the chair and looked at Yang Yang with a half-smile: “Tell me honestly, are you interested in Byrd”

    Although Monta was also a single dog, but his love radar was open 24 hours a day all year round.

Since yesterday, he has felt that the interaction between the two was not right, but if he couldn’t see it today at the dinner table, he’d be blind.

    Yang Yang also sat back in the chair, but calmly said: “Yes.”

    Such an open attitude made Monta suspicious, “Really It doesn’t mean that you want to be good friends with him.”

    Yang Yang : “…”

    Why is that when he was telling the truth, people wouldn’t believe it

    Yang Yang felt helpless, and showed a pure smile: “I want to see whether he is also interested in me sexually.”

    Monta: “!!!”

    Monta was very shocked, and it took two seconds to find his voice: “My friend, what great ambitions you have!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang gave Monta an eyeroll.

    Monta was excited, like injected with a stimulant.

    Monta: “If that’s the case, why didn’t you have a showdown with him before He still mistakenly thinks that you like women.”

    Yang Yang sighed: “If the showdown was now, he’d reject me.”

    Monta: “Why so sure, what if he likes you too”

    Yang Yang pointed to Monta’s chest: “Think about it honestly and tell me, how is the Duke’s emotional intelligence”

    Monta thought for a while, emmm.

    “Okay, so you’re afraid of being rejected by him”

    Yang Yang paused for a few seconds before saying: “You know, it takes a lot of courage for me to decide to like the Duke.”

    Monta: “So”

    Yang Yang : “I am determined to win.”

    Monta: “…”

    For some reason, Monta felt that Yang Yang was a little handsome at this moment, but also a little scary.

    Yang Yang smiled, “But this is also the prerequisite — the duke doesn’t hate me.”

    Monta nodded, indeed, the change in Archibald’s attitude towards Yang Yang was obvious to all.

    Yang Yang: “Duke told me about his childhood.

He had suffered too much malice in the past.

Even if he is very popular now, he doesn’t trust such love and closeness.

    If I rashly break it to him, it will be easy to break the trust that had just been established between us, so I have to wait a little longer.

At least make sure that his ‘don’t hate’ has the possibility of turning into ‘like’.”

    Just now, he has confirmed it.

    Monta also understood Yang Yang and Byrd’s role in this — Yang* was the hunter and Byrd was the rabbit.

*wordplay since Yang here means sheep, sheep was the hunter.

    Monta: “…”

    Why was he sort of looking forward to this scene

    Monta rubbed his hands together, worried that the hot gossip would fly away: “Aren’t you afraid that he will be snatched away by others”

    Yang Yang: “No, he is just like you, single by strength.”

    Monta was suddenly unhappy: “How is it the same I have cleared the love simulation game with full marks.”

    Yang Yang: “…”


    Monta pouted and continued to gossip: “Then why wait Byrd is very slow in terms of feelings, especially now that he misunderstands that you like women, even if he finds out that he likes you, he may not say it.

—But I think it’s more likely that he will distort his feelings for you and automatically turn it into brotherhood.”

    Yang Yang lowered his eyelids, recalling Archibald’s actions just now, and smiled: “Maybe.

So it’s better to make it a quick battle.”

    Monta: “Quick battle Confessing”

    Yang Yang shook his head and looked at Monta: “No, it’s to add a little catalyst.”

    Monta: “…Why are you looking at me like this”

    Yang Yang smiled without speaking.

    Monta understood: “That catalyst, does it happen to be called ‘Monta’.”

    Yang Yang smiled happily: “Very clever.”

    Monta: “…”

    In the end, between fresh gossip and safety of his life, Monta chose the former without hesitation.

    After all, it was impossible for Archibald to kill him, but there was only one chance to experience participating in Archibald’s love history! hee hee hee*.

*monta at that moment


Author has something to say:

Monta: Big moths are never afraid to die! Let the gossip come more intense!

Yang Yang: (applause.jpg)


薑太公釣魚,願者上鈎 – Chinese legend has it that there was a certain Great Duke Jiang in ancient times fishing with a straight hook without bait, and waiting for fish to get hooked voluntarily.

This phrase figuratively means one does something voluntarily.

It connotes that what one does seems unprofitable to others and thus this phrase sometimes means one is willing to get cheated.


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