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Chapter 50: Learned From the Master

Note: the title actually means completing an apprenticeship, basically an apprentice is all taught and ready to go on their own.

    After a week of Old Liang’s Spartan education and baptism, in addition to improving the control and perception of soul power Yang Yang also had learned a lot about soul essence plants  — he was very interested in plants in this world.

    So right now, with just a glance, Yang Yang could judge the grade of this mandela grass before it was broken: mid-grade.

    Mid-grade soul essence plant, the lowest starting price was 10,000, and the highest estimate was 10,000.

    And Yang Yang’s current savings were only 12,000.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Okay, time to abandon the panther to save the money.

    However, at this moment, Mu Tou came over.

He saw that the atmosphere was wrong, and asked with a serious face: “What happened”

    The thin man immediately grabbed Mu Tou and asked: “Is this your mechanical pet”

    Mu Tou doesn’t like the attitude of thin men, but he still answered truthfully: “It’s my friend’s, what’s the matter”

    At the last “what’s the matter”, Mu Tou looked at Yang Yang, asking him to explain.

    The thin man immediately looked at Yang Yang: “Is it your mechanical pet”

    Yang Yang: “…”


    Yang Yang accepted his fate, revealing his cute white cabbage face: “Yes, may I ask what’s wrong”

    The thin man responded angrily: “What do you mean what’s wrong, this is the soul essence plant that I just bought and it was made like this by your mechanical pet.

I spent a full 300,000 on this mandela grass, what do you think I should do!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    300,000, how many times 12,000 is it

    Yang Yang was silent, then lowered his head and glanced at Roth’s body.

    Roth: “…”

    No! It loves its current body!

    Roth began to save himself frantically: 【Master, it’s not my fault, I didn’t touch that pot of grass! really! 】


*聲嘶力竭 – this is the original idiom usually referring to a situation where someone is crying/yelling until they’re hoarse and exhausted, so basically: Yang Yang is Done

    There was buzzing in Yang Yang’s mind, and he couldn’t help closing his eyes.

At the same time, he warned in his mind:【If you speak again, I will sell you immediately.

    Roth: 【…】Ying.*

*crying, acting pitifully.

    Yang Yang calmed down and asked: 【You haven’t touched that pot with a soul essence plant What happened, tell me.

    Roth said quickly: 【It’s the fault of the twig in my mouth! This twig is dangerous, it stuck to you, I found it when trying to bite the mandela grass.

    I was trying to grab it, but it was so fast that I only grabbed a little bit of the leaf, and then when I bit it and pulled, the leaf broke.

——However, after I bit the twig and left, the man suddenly let go, so the flower pot was broken! 】

    The twig

    Yang Yang’s eyes moved to Roth’s mouth — Hey, doesn’t it look familiar

    But Yang Yang didn’t think about it for the time being, but caught Roth’s last sentence: 【Are you sure it was this man who let go of the pot on purpose 】

    Roth: 【Mhm! ! 】

    Yang Yang raised his eyebrows — I understand, touching porcelain*.

*this refers to a scam appearing sometimes in porcelain shops, where the shop would be selling things with cracks, wait for the buyer to come closer and look at the porcelain then blame the cracks on the buyer because that was the last person to touch it.

It can be used in all situations of scamming that includes exhorting money for “compensation”.

    The thin man was still clamouring: “There is surveillance in the market and I also have trading centre records as well.

If you don’t want to pay for the damages, we will go through judicial proceedings.

But let me remind you first, what I told you is the starting price.

If you go to the judicial process, you will have to compensate me by the auction price of 600,000.”

    After that, the man glanced at Yang Yang and shook his head, “I seem to be a child and can’t pay on your own as you’re not an adult, so let your parents come.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    A small child    

    Mu Tou obviously didn’t understand the market price of soul essence plants so he was dumbfounded: “Such a grass costs 600,000 Are you kidding me”

    The thin man was unhappy but he still opened the terminal and on a light screen popped up a digital certificate, the seal was indeed from the trading center.

    Due to the privacy of the transaction, there was only one serial code for the query on the certificate, and the informations of the buyer and the seller were hidden.

    The skinny man was especially fearless: “If you don’t believe it, you can check on the official website of the trading center.”

    Yang Yang: 【Roth.

    Roth responded and quickly gave feedback: 【Master, the certificate is true, but the grass from the official website of the trading center has been shipped out of the Old Emperor Star yesterday.

    Yang Yang: 【What about market monitoring 】

    Roth: 【From the angle here only our backs can be seen, but you can’t see how the flower pot fell.

    Yang Yang understood — this was a veteran.

    On the other hand, the upright Mu Tou has already checked, and then “paling like a flower*”, thinking that he was very secretive in approaching Yang Yang, he whispered: “Butler Yang, this certificate is true, what should we do now”

*花容失色 – pale like a flower, referring to a woman suddenly paling from fright

    Yang Yang: “… “

    Yang Yang could understand why Mu Tou’s nickname was Wood.

    The skinny man Mu Tou’s sneaky behaviour and was very proud: “I didn’t lie to you.

So how do want to solve it now ——The maintenance fee for such a large mechanical pet is not cheap.

I think your child’s family conditions should be good.

Don’t try to fool me.”

    ——Oh, no wonder the lion dared to open his mouth*.

*coming from an idiom 獅子大開口 – lion’s mouth opens wide, meaning asking for a high price.

    Yang Yang lowered his head and glanced at Roth again — look, it’s all caused by you.

    Roth: “…”

    Panther was wronged.jpg

    Yang Yang retracted his gaze and glanced at the man.

Usually, he would have already scolded him, but now he was the “Butler Yang”, tied to the Donton family’s reputation.

If he was a little careless, not to mention losing his reputation,but it would also stain Archibald’s reputation and the others.

    So Yang Yang thought about it and nodded to the thin man: “Oh, then call the police.”

    Then he pressed the help button on the terminal.

    The Old Emperor Star was a military planet, and the public security system was rarely distributed here.

During the tourist season, it was the patrols from the garrison that maintained the law and order.

    And this help button would call the nearest patrol.

When pressed, it will automatically send the location of the terminal and the information of the terminal owner.

    Thin man: “…”

    Why doesn’t this person play cards according to the routine!

    However, the skinny man did not panic, his things were done enough to be real, and the patrol team had limited authority, not to mention his people in the trading center, unless there was an influential man in the child’s family — but a big man would not let his child go buy groceries by himself.

    The thin man was confident, until two minutes later, the patrol came.

    The patrol consisted of six people, marching in columns.

And the man walking beside the team and occupying the captain’s position was an unbelievable face — Archibald.

    Archibald was wearing a black military uniform and a long cloak of the same colour.

    Wherever he passed, the crowd automatically separated, creating him passage, and then fell silent, even breathing lightly, for fear of offending Archibald.

    Archibald walked over with the patrol and stood in front of Yang Yang and the thin man, his face expressionless, but as his eyes fell directly on Yang Yang, he seemed a little proud.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    What are you proud of Are you the captain, Colonel

    But Yang Yang was the Butler Yang now, so he just looked surprised, and then bowed respectfully to Archibald: “Second Young Master.”


    Archibald responded calmly, his eyes glancing at the thin man, he returned to Yang Yang and asked, “You pressed the help button, what happened”

    The thin man: “…”

    He seemed to have had hallucinations, the child called Duke Donton what

    Yang Yang stood up straight, with a stern look on his face, pointed at the thin man and said: “He blackmailed me.”

    Archibald’s eyes swept over immediately, staring at the thin man, and he asked lightly: “Is that so”

    The thin man: “…”

    The thin man pinched his leg hard, barely recovered his voice, and said tremblingly: “No, no, Lord Duke.

It’s like this, this child broke my potted plant, that’s why I asked him to pay for it.

——But now I don’t need it, since it’s a child from the Duke Donton family, it’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding.”

    Archibald’s eyes became colder, and Yang Yang also raised his eyebrows — what does this mean Why use “since it is”

    If the word spreads out, people who don’t know the truth would think that the Donton family was overbearing and unjust.

    With a serious face, Yang Yang stepped forward, raised her voice and said: “This is not a misunderstanding.”

    Yang Yang looked around and introduced himself first: “Everyone knows Old Liang who has achieved lifelong achievements in soul mechanics, I am one of his students.”

    There was a cooperating sound of sucking in air all around.

    Yang Yang pointed at the soul essence plant on the ground, and continued: “I am very sensitive to the perception of spirit power.

This plant was really high grade at the beginning, but now, it is not even low grade.

    Anyone who knows anything about soul essence plants should know that it would take at least three hours for the soul power to leak to the point of dropping a grade as long as the roots aren’t chopped up.

    But this plant has already dropped its grade in just a few minutes, and everyone should look at what this plant looks like.”

    Yang Yang stepped aside to reveal the mandela grass on the ground.

    The leaves of the mandela grass have become dull, and the tips of its leaves were even yellow and dry.

Even if one couldn’t tell the grade, one could tell from the appearance that the plant was a waste.

    Yang Yang: “Like this, in five minutes, let alone inferior grade, I’m afraid it won’t even count as a soul essence plant.”

   Mu Tou on the side was very supportive, and asked loudly, “Butler Yang, what’s going on”

    Yang Yang squatted down, pointed to the flowerpot that was not broken, and said, “Because its roots have long been broken.”

    Saying that, Yang Yang stretched out his hand to remove the soil in the flowerpot.

    The soil was very loose, and Yang Yang fiddled with his hands a few times to reveal the roots of the mandela grass —the roots were black, and some of them had melted into water.

    There were exclamations all around.

    Yang Yang: “The reason why the leaves of this mandela grass still look intact and healthy was actually maintained by medicine.

And this medicine was just drinking poison to quench thirst, in less than half an hour the plant would have been completely destroyed anyways.”

    After Yang Yang finished speaking, he stood up, then returned to Archibald and said respectfully: “That’s the way it is, Second Young Master.

This man saw that I was carrying a mechanical pet and mistakenly thought I was a fat sheep, so he blackmailed me.”

    Archibald raised his eyebrows and looked at the skinny man, but said, “Then you’ve miscalculated, he has no money.”

    The skinny man: “…”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    After Archibald finished speaking, he raised his hand again, and two patrolmen came out immediately behind him, one packed the flowerpot as evidence, and the other arrested the thin man.

    The thin man still wanted to struggle, “No, it’s not like that, the roots were broken as it fell.”

    Yang Yang: “Mandela grass needs wet soil to grow, the more fertile the better.

But your pot only has loose sandy soil, that was obviously newly filled in, do you want to say that the trading center did this”

    The thin man opened his mouth, unable to argue.

    And this way, the matter has been settled.

    The melon eaters were satisfied and applauded, and called Yang Yang by name: “Butler Yang is amazing”, “Butler Yang is so handsome”…

    Yang Yang was happy to hear it, with a reserved smile on her face.

    But Archibald heard the alarm bells loudly — too popular = there will be many people who will like Yang Yang = Yang Yang’s chance of meeting the person he likes will have skyrocketed = his cub may recognize the wrong parents.


    Archibald’s face sank immediately, then he looked at Yang Yang and said, “Come with me and make a record.”

    Yang Yang was stunned for a moment, then said softly: “Don’t make trouble, I haven’t bought groceries yet, and the store will open tomorrow.”

    Archibald: “Let Mu Tou buy it.”

    Yang Yang: “He can’t see the soul power, what if he chooses not well”

    Archibald: “He is not good at cooking, but he can still pick vegetables.

It’s not a problem.”

    Yang Yang: “…Why do you have to call me with me”

    Archibald looked righteous: “I said, to make a record.”

    Yang Yang: “Guess if I believe it”

    Archibald’s eyes flickered, he hesitated for a second, and then put on a face that was familiar to Yang Yang: “Now I am the Second Young Master, you are the housekeeper, you have to listen to me.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    No, this definitely wasn’t learned from him.

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s speechless appearance, and his heart felt more comfortable.

Then he raised his voice and said to Yang Yang, “Come with me.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    What else could a housekeeper say, so he only nodded respectfully: “Yes, Second Young Master.”

    Archibald raised his eyebrows and turned around to take a step ahead.

    Yang Yang walked behind him and looked at Archibald’s cloak — the tail under the cloak was swaying so happily, that the tip of the tail accidentally got out of the cloak, and quickly went back again.

After holding it for less than three seconds, it started wagging again.

    Yang Yang lowered his eyebrows and felt it was pleasing to the eyes, staring at his tail and thinking in his heart: look how ecstatic he is, definitely asking to be pulled*.

*also can mean, to be beaten, dragged down, but since he likes to pull tail so much and last character also means to pull/drag I left it like this.


Author has something to say:

Yang Yang: If you love him, drag him down.

If you love it pull it hard!

Byrd: …..(my housekeeper wants to go to heaven.jpg)


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