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Chapter 49: The Prodigal Panther

    From the first time he saw the photo of Archibald, Yang Yang had a good impression of him — Archibald was an excellent person, he was like a bright star, when he was standing in front of you it was hard to not be attracted to him.

    But Yang Yang also knew that Archibald was a big pit, and once he jumped down, he might never be able to climb up again.

    Therefore, Yang Yang had no plans to develop this favourable feeling.

    However, plans couldn’t keep up with the changes.

    Too close to the light, the attraction was invisible and pervasive.

The moment Yang Yang noticed it, just like now, he was already doing warm-up exercises before falling into the pit.

    But Yang Yang was a rational person, so before jumping into the pit, he planned to find out whether the bottom of the pit is cement or cotton — if it was a concrete floor with straight steel, then would be more realistic for him to go back and concentrate on his business.

    And getting the answer was as simple as asking Archibald himself.

    Don’t just feel moved, get moving*.


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