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Chapter 47: Dangerous Thoughts

    “It’s a misunderstanding!”

    Monta instantly stood up straight, and solemnly distanced himself from Yang Yang to show his innocence.

    Yang Yang also felt a little awkward, so he coughed lightly and explained: “Monta was curious about the child’s soul and wanted to perceive it with soul power.

With my current status as a housekeeper, it cannot be done somewhere where others would see so we came here.”

    Monta nodded quickly, feeling extremely wronged: “Yes, I only sensed it for a while, and I was already bitten by your cub!”

    Monta originally wanted to “show injury in order to win enemy’s trust*”, but he didn’t expect that after he finished speaking, Archibald’s face would have blackened even more.

*idiom, meaning showing weakness to gain pity and trust

    Archibald: “You perceived the child.”

    Monta thought that something was off but he didn’t know what was wrong, so he stammered and replied: “…Yes, yes, wasn’t I bitten”

     Archibald: “…”

    Death Gaze.jpg

    Monta: “…”

    No, why did you look so terrifying I’m the one who got bitten!

    Yang Yang held his forehead—he had never seen Monta so capable of courting death before.

    But at least he was let off the debt of 20,000 yuan, so Yang Yang stepped forward to stop the conflict — he took the initiative to donate his belly to Archibald, “It seems that the child is awake now, do you want to touch it again”

    Sure enough, the low air pressure on Archibald dissipated immediately.

He restrained his emotions, then walked to Yang Yang, pulled up Yang Yang’s clothes without saying a word, and put his hands in.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta: “…!!”

    Monta felt that he might be seeing things or simply dreaming.

Otherwise, how could you see Archibald playing a hooligan on the streets

    Archibald bent over, his big palms covered Yang Yang’s belly, his expression was solemn and then it darkened again.

    Yang Yang understood Archibald’s face, and then was surprised: “You couldn’t perceive it again”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Force of habit.

    Archibald touched it for a while, and finally retracted his hand unwillingly.

When he drew back his hand, he did not forget to tuck the corner of Yang Yang’s clothes, but his face was cold enough to scare the children into crying.

    Yang Yang glanced at Archibald’s tensed jaw and his tail hanging to the ground.

    He couldn’t bear to watch it.

    Monta also felt it was strange.

He leaned his head forward and asked, “You couldn’t sense it No way.

I heard that children of females are the closest to the soul power of both parents.

You see, it bit me, not even letting touch—”

    Monta’s words came to an abrupt end, because Archibald’s sharp gaze swept over him like a knife.

    Monta: “…”

    Archibald’s glance finally made Monta react — this person was jealous of the child.

    How was this be his fault

    Monta felt that he had been wrongly accused, not only he gave Yang Yang 20,000 yuan, but was also bitten by the cub, and now he had to endure Archibald’s cold eyes.

    Why did he put himself through this!

    Yang Yang felt amused but he also knew it was odd: “Since Monta can perceive the child, it’s not that the child is asleep, but that it won’t let you touch it.

—But the child shouldn’t hate you.”

    Archibald looked over with a dark face—no need to stress the fact that the child wouldn’t let him touch it.

    Yang Yang smiled soothingly at Archibald and explained: “Remember the time I accidentally touched your soul power Shortly before you got sick”

    Archibald frowned slightly: “You fainted.”

    Yang Yang was affected and injured by his violent soul power, and he still remembers the guilt he felt at that time.

    Yang Yang didn’t know Archibald’s mood, and continued: “I actually got a little of your diseased soul power at that time, and after it has been purified by the space, I let the child eat it.”

    Archibald: “……Eat”

    Yang Yang nodded: “It likes it, I originally planned to pull for it a little more, but my body has can’t endure your soul power.”

    Archibald: “…” Pull


    Yang Yang stopped talking, and suddenly thought of something, “No way.”

    Archibald asked: “What’s wrong”

    Yang Yang: “My child and I can communicate in space, but this kind of communication is limited to emotions, it should not understand language.

After I fainted last time, Roth once said that although I can purify your diseased soul power and turn it into food for children, but the process of absorption will be very harmful for my body, so it doesn’t recommend me touching your diseased soul power again.”

    At that time, the child’s mood was very calm, but now that he thought about it, its mood has dropped from joy to calmness.

    Archibald understood: “You mean the child can understand you”

    Yang Yang nodded: “It’s not the same ‘understanding’ as understanding a language, but it’s about the same.

It may have misunderstood Roth’s words, thinking that as long as it eats your soul power, it will cause harm to me.”

    Archibald’s eyes lit up a little, but Monta immediately poured a ladle of cold water: “That’s ridiculous.”

    Archibald: ” “…”

    Archibald looked over, expressionless.

    But because Archibald’s expression was so terrifying before, Monta didn’t realize the meaning of “shut up” in his eyes now.

    Monta: “Although the soul of the child conceived by the female body is much stronger than that of ordinary children.

But before its embryo is fully mature, the soul has no body to host and cannot produce self-consciousness.

Even the textbook says, that most of the emotions of the child perceived by the female body are the reflection of their own emotions.——There was a case of having memory after birth, but it was only a vague memory.

How could a cub only a few months old have its own consciousness”

    Yang Yang doesn’t know much about the soul, but as Monta said “it has no body to live in”, the Soul Cube should be regarded as the temporary residence of the fluorescent ball, and after the Soul Cube was fully unlocked, the fluorescent ball was growing fast inside.

    But Yang Yang didn’t say anything, only smiled: “Anything is possible, otherwise why wouldn’t it let the Duke sense it —When it ate Duke’s soul power it thought it was delicious.”

    Archibald also agreed with the Yang Yang’s guess —”the child’s soul has self-awareness” was more acceptable to him than “the child doesn’t want him to touch it”.

    So Archibald ignored Monta and asked Yang Yang, “Can you only enter that space when you’re asleep”

    Yang Yang nodded: “En.”

    In fact, he could use Soul Cube when he is awake, but communication with the child could only be done personally.

    “That’s good.”

    Archibald grabbed Yang Yang’s wrist, pulled him out, and said, “There is a rest room on the second floor of the barbecue restaurant.

You can take a nap there after dinner.”

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald’s hand and pursed his lips: “Okay.”

    Monta, who was forgotten in the alley: “…”

    He now wanted to know one thing, did Archibald bring him food

    Archibald brought it, but when he handed the lunch box to Monta, he didn’t say “eat slowly”, but “go down and eat”.

    Monta: “…”

    You say, can you still say I’m your dearest childhood friend* !

*發小 – slang meaning closest childhood friend

    Archibald ignored Monta’s accusing eyes.

He grabbed Monta’s shoulder and forced Monta to go downstairs with him.

    Yang Yang watched them leave, knowing that there should be something they wanted to talk about, but he didn’t care.

After he had eaten and drank enough, he stood up from eating and then lay down and went to sleep in the afternoon.

    Downstairs, several soldiers stationed in the store were also eating.

The three recruits except for Mutou were very cautious, and some even blushed with nervousness— Colonel Byrd! Real and alive!

    Archibald was well aware of his influence among recruits — recruits who come to the Old Emperor Star are generally divided into two categories: those who admire him, and those who want to defeat him.

    These three were clearly the former.

    Archibald and Monta walked to the sales room outside the store, so as not to disturb the dining of the few people inside.

    Monta put the lunch box on the counter that had just been made, opened it to eat, and looked at Archibald, muttering: “I understand, it’s the curse of forgetting your brothers once you have a wife, no one can escape.”

    Archibald glanced at him and reminded: “It’s just a deal with Yang Yang.”

    Monta pointed to the unfinished decorations and looked around at the particularly shabby “dining place”: “Then why did you have to call me down to eat There is such a big table upstairs.”

    Expression on Archibald’s face was a little unnatural, but he still said: “From now on, for half a month, try not to get within five meters close the Yang Yang.”

    Monta: “…you know I like women, right”

    Archibald: “I said it’s not because of Yang Yang.”

    Monta: “Why, then”

    Archibald pursed his lips and looked at Monta with a “gentle” look again: “This half of a month is the time when the child will be most active in perceiving the outside world.

I don’t want it to recognize the wrong father after it breaks its shell.”

    Monta:  “…”

    Monta: “People say that from a pregnancy one becomes stupid for three years, but it’s not you who is pregnant right now.”

    Archibald ignored his run and just emphasized: “Anyway, don’t get too close to the Yang Yang in the next two weeks — most importantly, you must never touch his belly again! After this half month, you can be as close as you like.”

    Monta couldn’t help laughing when he saw Archibald’s seriousness, and smirked with bad intentions: “I can promise not to touch his belly, I don’t want to be bitten by your cub again.

But keeping the distance will be a problem.——The butler Yang is now the second owner of the barbecue shop, and I am the person in charge of the barbecue shop during the tourist season.

It is impossible not to get close, I have to check the sales every day.”

    Archibald: “………”

    Forget it.

    Monta continued to laugh: “Will be the responsible person otherwise —Oh, I forgot, because you are worried that your appearance will cause tourists to crowd around, so you are prohibited from being the responsible person during the tourist season.”

    Archibald: “…”

    As if to prove Monta’s words, in just a short while, seven or eight tourists gathered outside the barbecue shop.

A video light screen was floating in front of them, filming right in front of them.

    Archibald looked over and glared at them.

    However, this expression, which usually was enough to scare the children to tears, made the crowd outside scream in surprise, and after a while, more people came.

    Archibald: “…”

    What’s going on with people nowadays!

    Monta also saw the movement outside, and he would have laughed out loud if he hadn’t had rice in his mouth.

    To say that Archibald had the reputation of being “terrifying” in the past, he has become synonymous with “reliable” after he became the spokesperson of the military recruitment and recorded a “military mission” propaganda advertisement.

    Not to say being heartless, even if he took out his guns, the onlookers outside would most likely still not be afraid — because they knew that Archibald was someone who protects them.

    Just when Archibald was thinking about whether to leave directly, Yang Yang came down from the upstairs.

    Yang Yang’s “Duke” came to his throat, but when he saw the crowd outside, he immediately swallowed it back.

    Yang Yang paused, then adjusted his appearance, walked up to Archibald with his head held high and a serious face, and then bowed slightly and gave a gentleman’s salute.

When he raised his head, he showed an expression of suppressed surprise, “Second Young Master, you are here.

The downstairs has not been decorated yet, please rest upstairs.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Monta held back a smile and waved to Archibald, go go go.

    Archibald took a breath, turned expressionlessly, and left.

The tail curled up behind him, and the tip of the tail was stretched into a thorn—unhappy.

    Yang Yang took his eyes back from Archibald’s tail and asked Monta: “Did you mess with him”

    Monta swallowed what was in his mouth and smiled: “How could it be possible~”

    Yang Yang: “…… “

    Oh, so it was you.

    Yang Yang shook his head helplessly, deeply admired Monta’s spirit of looking for death, and then went upstairs.

    When Yang Yang went upstairs, he saw Archibald sitting at the table with no expression on his face.

    Yang Yang walked over, stood beside Archibald, and said with a smile: “Touch again.”

    Archibald raised his head, and then understood Yang Yang’s signal, his eyes lit up: “Is that okay”

    Yang Yang nodded: “Yes.”

    Although he didn’t know when it started, but the fluorescent ball could indeed understand him.

After knowing that he could eat the soul power of Little Daddy, the fluorescent ball immediately performed a flare breakdance for Yang Yang.

     As it was was confirmed that he could sense the child this time, but Archibald became a little nervous.

He paused for a moment before reaching out his hand, lifted Yang Yang’s clothes, put his hand on Yang Yang’s bulging lower abdomen, released his soul power, a very thin strand, and slowly let it flow in as before.

    The difference was that this time, the soul power quickly touched a warm little thing.

    Perception of soul power with soul power was very wonderful, it was like seeing each other in an instant, and it felt almost like touching each other with hands.

    However, before Archibald could savour this first contact, he felt the little guy turn, and then gently suck his soul power.

    It was painful to be robbed of vitality, but because of the action of being sucked, the speed of plundering was very slow and the amount was very small.

It was more of a tingling itch than pain.

    Archibald’s fingertips trembled slightly, and the tip of his tail began to wag.

    After about a minute or so, after the little guy let go of his soul power and stopped sucking, Archibald reluctantly withdrew his soul power—the time to perceive it should not be too long, otherwise his soul power would affect the child’s development.

    But one minute was enough.

    Archibald raised his head and shared his joy with Yang Yang: “I feel it, a warm little ball.

It’s sucking my soul power, and it doesn’t hurt at all.”

    The key point, it didn’t hurt him but actually bit Monta, ha!

    Yang Yang laughed: “I said it likes you very much.”


I know.”

    Archibald also smiled, with pure joy, his inky pupils were full of sparkling sunlight shards, like reflection of a galaxy.

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald’s smile, his eyes seemed to be filled with honey.

    After getting along for almost a month, he had seen Archibald’s angry, frizzy, satisfied, and expressionless faces.

But it was the first time he saw such a smile.

    Archibald was born handsome, smiled like the sun in the sky, having the ability to make people feel desire to get close, and had the power to heal people’s hearts.

    Yang Yang’s Adam’s apple rolled, and a dangerous impulse surged in his heart: wanting the sun*.


*this was a bit hard to translate, let me explain:

想日 is what Yang Yang thought, with 想 meaning wanting something, having an idea about something, liking something, and 日 is the sun.

He has the impulse to catch the warm sun.


Bamboo has something to say:

Heyy I think we’ll be back with Born to Rebellious Soon


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