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Chapter 35: Love and Peace

    At six o’clock the next day, Yang Yang got up and walked downstairs with light steps.

When passing by Archibald’s room, Yang Yang shot an extra look, the floor-to-ceiling curtains were drawn, and no one was up yet.

    After blurting out the words he said last night, Yang Yang regretted it.

Although Archibald didn’t respond, well ——he might have been too tired, Yang Yang thought he that if he wasn’t he’d probably jump and hit him.

    But Yang Yang still felt very guilty, especially each time he thought about Archibald’s injury, the sourness he felt seemed to corrode his heart.

    So Yang Yang decided to take action to fix his relationship with Archibald.

    Like a breakfast full of love and peace.

    As Yang Yang went down to the first floor he found that mother You was already busying around in the kitchen.

——It was clear that she stayed up until the early morning last night, but the old lady’s spirit was very good.

There were many already washed ingredients on the counter in the kitchen.

    Seeing Yang Yang come down, mother You was very surprised, “Little Madam got up so early, why don’t rest some more”

    Yang Yang didn’t expect mother You to be up earlier than him and he smiled when he heard her words: “You’re up early.

Can I use the kitchen”

    Mother You smiled and said: “Just tell me what little madam wants to eat.”

    Yang Yang: “Nothing, I want to cook porridge for the Duke.

    Mother You was stunned for a moment and then her face was instantly full of smiles:”Oooh~~”

    Yang Yang: “…it’s not what you think.” 

    Mother You covered her mouth and smiled “Yes, yes, not what I thought, I didn’t think about anything.——Come, come, let me tell you, Second Young Master likes to eat salty and fragrant porridge, this is his favourite combination.”

    Saying that, mother You took out vegetable basket and a plate of meat from the fridge and stuffed it into Yang Yang’s hands.

    Then she pulled out another casserole, and while letting the smart housekeeper rinse it off, she continued talking with Yang Yang: “Second Young Master is not a picky eater, but he prefers thicker porridge and a little more meat, one person like him can eat half of the pot.

    There are several kinds of rice here.

I don’t like this one.

The little lady just looks at it herself.

Also, every time the Second Young Master falls ill, he won’t get up before nine o’clock the next day, Little Madam, you can take your time, don’t worry.

    Yang Yang: “…It’s not what you think.

    Mother You” I know~”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Forget it, as long as you’re happy.

    Yang Yang took the ingredients to the side, rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands, then started to deal with it.

    Yang Yang knew how to cook, he’d also checked the recipe specially, so he could handle the ingredients with ease, and he put it on the casserole and boiled it in no time.

    Mother You looked relieved: “Little Madam is really virtuous.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Facing the elders, what else can he do other than smile

    The time required to cook porridge was not short, so Yang Yang started chatting with mother You, who lived on the old Emperor Star.

He was talking about garrisoning the army The base and the old emperor star.

    Yang Yang listened to it for a while and was surprised, “Is there still a tourist season here I thought it was a military planet.

    Mother You was making breakfast for the others and she answered cheerfully: “It’s a military planet, but the planet is so big, with many garrisoned troops and everyone has relatives.

This tourist season was originally a season for visiting relatives in military, but gradually some people were willing to come and settle down.

With time it developed some planetary characteristics, and it has become a tourist season.

    The tourist season is held once a year, in the first month of early winter, which only a few days away.

——I’m afraid it will be quite lively this year.

Last year was when the Second Young Master’s coming-of-age ceremony was celebrated, a lot of people came, but the Second Young Master went to fight the soul beasts, and there were fewer people who followed, but this year…”

    Mother You glanced meaningfully at Yang Yang: “This year, there will be not only Second Young Master, but also the soul that pierces your heart.

    Yang Yang: ” ……”

    Mother You looked at Yang Yang’s expression and couldn’t help laughing, “Oh, I thought you liked such commotion.

    Yang Yang was teased like a child and couldn’t even get angry, so he has no choice but to beg for mercy: “I like to have fun, but being watched by others is another matter—mother You, please stop laughing at me.”

    She continued to talk about the interesting things in the tourist season.

    Time passed and passed, and finally the hour was approaching 9 o’clock, and the porridge was ready.

    Yang Yang sprinkled a bit of salt in the end, tasted some and after a small sip, he felt that the taste was not bad.

    Yang Yang put the casserole and cutlery on the tray, and said to Mother You: “Mother You, then I’ll go up.”

    Mother You smiled and nodded: “Go slowly.”


    On the top floor, Archibald was stretching his legs.

    He wore only a pair of sports shorts, and the scars on his body looked more serious after a night has passed, except for the small gap on his tail, there were some cracks on the scales on the tip of the tail, which looked like they would fall off at any time.

    But Archibald’s spirit was much better—at least when he saw Yang Yang, he gave quite a neat eyeroll.

    Yang Yang didn’t mind being given a blank look, and walked over with a tray: “Duke, it’s time for breakfast.”

    His tone was not gentle.

    But Archibald shuddered and then looked at Yang Yang suspiciously, and the meaning in those eyes was very clear—did he take the wrong medicine

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Archibald looked at the tray in Yang Yang’s hands, and his eyes changed again—drugged

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang couldn’t help but reflect, how much psychological trauma did he give Archibald

    Archibald didn’t understand his purpose and simply asked: “What do you want to do”

    Yang Yang raised his hand: “Breakfast.”

    Archibald: “It’s that simple”

    Yang Yang: “Otherwise”


    Archibald: “Will you be so kind”

    Yang Yang: “Yes.”

    Archibald: “…”

    It’s even more suspicious.

    Yang Yang could almost understand Archibald’s current mood.

After all, they were not getting along too harmonious before.

    But today was different, this time Yang Yang was here to change Archibald opinion about him.

    So Yang Yang continued to gently persuade: “Look, it has two bowls, would I not spare even myself”

    Archibald glanced at the tableware on the tray, it was indeed two sets.


    The suspicion on Archibald’s face remained unabated: “Why are you having breakfast with me”

    Yang Yang “…”

    You’re still not finished, are you

    Forget it, he thought, if the reconciliation policy would not work here a straight ball was the way to go.

    Yang Yang took a deep breath, wiped off the gentle smile on his face, and said in a normal tone: “I want to apologize for what happened yesterday, so I’m here to bring you food.

I made this porridge myself, I boiled it for more than an hour.

Your favourite combination recommended by mother You.

If you’re afraid of me putting something in it, don’t eat it.”

    After Yang Yang finished speaking, he walked towards Archibald’s small living room with a tray in hand.

——The small living room on the top floor faced the garden and the sliding door was open.

The interior was only separated by a hanging straw curtain.

It was an open reception area.

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald hesitated for a while, but followed.

    When Yang Yang saw him coming, she raised her eyebrows slightly —he doesn’t listen to good words, only will listen to if I say a few words to him.

    However, nothing was revealed on Yang Yang’s face, he still had a gentle smile in his eyes, like a loving old father.

    After the old father waited for Archibald to sit down, he enthusiastically lifted the lid of the pot, filled a bowl of porridge for Archibald, and took a heart-shaped pickled radish from a small plate next to him and placed it in the center of the bowl.

    Archibald: “…What is this”

    Yang Yang: “Love and peace.”

    Archibald: “”

    Yang Yang gave himself another bowl and also put a heart in the center.

Then he looked at Archibald expectantly: “Eat it and see, how does it taste”

    Archibald glanced at Yang Yang, then suddenly reached out and exchanged his bowl with Yang Yang’s, and then he lowered his head and started to eat.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    The urge to beat the child rose in the old father’s heart.

    Archibald took two bites, his face became better and he spit out a comment: “En, not bad.”

    Soft, thick and fragrant, the fragrance of vegetables and the salty fragrance of shredded pork blended seamlessly, and it was even much more delicious than what mother You used to cook.

    But he didn’t want to boast, otherwise Yang Yang’s tail would go to the sky.

    Yang Yang sat opposite, looking at the tip of Archibald’s slightly swaying tail, and didn’t expose him, he continued to smile lovingly: “As long as you like it.”

    Archibald glanced at Yang Yang, and finally believed that Yang Yang was really here to apologize.

    So Archibald quickly ate a bowl and placed the empty bowl in front of Yang Yang as a matter of course.

    Yang Yang only ate half of it, and there was suddenly an empty bowl in his field of vision, and he looked up.

    Archibald: “One more bowl.”

    Yang Yang glanced at the tray that was by Archibald’s hand: “…”

    Okay, I’ll come.

    Yang Yang gave Archibald another bowl and put it in front of Archibald.

As a result, before he could take his hand back, he saw Archibald raise his chin and point at the plate of pickled radishes.

    “What about love and peace”

     Yang Yang put two hearts in Archibald’s bowl and his smile became more and more gentle: “Do you want me to feed you”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s face that was about to break, swinging the tip of his tail happily, and said lightly: “No need, just serve me a meal later.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He suddenly felt that all his distress was being fed to dogs.

    The big dog on the opposite side ate happily, his tail swayed unconsciously, the arc became bigger and bigger, and the tip of his tail was curled up, almost wishing he could dance samba.

    Yang Yang was a little angry at first, but when he saw the tail that couldn’t be ignored, and Archibald still insisted on pretending to be calm, half of his anger turned into an inexplicable smile.

    Really, childish!

    Yang Yang shook his head, lowered his head and continued to drink porridge—it had been a long time since he last cooked, and the happiness of cooking by himself made him feel nostalgic and satisfied.

    However, the satisfied emotions have not had time to ferment, and Yang Yang’s stomach had fermented first.

    After drinking a bowl of porridge, Yang Yang’s stomach started to hurt.

He rubbed it and felt that something was wrong, so he quickly asked: “Where is the bathroom”

    If Yang Yang went in the direction of his own room now, he would have to go around half a circle.

It felt like his stomach couldn’t wait.

    When Archibald saw Yang Yang like this, he immediately narrowed his eyes, but after waiting a moment, he was fine.

    “Hurry up.”

    Yang Yang stood up, his face not very good.

    Archibald then pointed in a direction.

Yang Yang ran over quickly.

    Archibald was suspicious, looked down at his bowl, hesitated for a while—to eat or not to eat Is it the porridge problem or the bowl problem Or is it Yang Yang’s own problem

    Archibald hesitated for two seconds, then knew the answer—oh, it was the porridge’s fault.

    Archibald covered his stomach and looked at the bathroom in disbelief.

The door of the bathroom just slammed shut.

Archibald only caught a sight of Yang Yang’s unbuttoned trousers.

    If not pretending, then what was it A tactic to perish together

    Archibald wanted to scold, but his stomach had already started to churn, and he didn’t even have time to go to the bathroom on Yang Yang’s side.

So Archibald simply punched the wall and opened a “convenient passage”.

    There was a loud “CRASH” noise and Yang Yang and the few people who had just sat at the dining table downstairs were startled.

    The people from downstairs hurried upstairs, and Yang Yang, who was sitting on the toilet upstairs, also received cordial greetings from Archibald on the terminal.

    Archibald: You wait for me! ! !

    Yang Yang “…”

    He announced that love and peace died prematurely due to diarrhoea.


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