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Chapter 32: Tactic Understanding

    There appeared some changes in the Soul Cube, the amount of clouds in the air have increased, and Yang Yang was also wrapped in them, slowly floating in the air.

    Yang Yang looked up at the floating soul power, was stunned for a few seconds, and then asked blankly: “Why did I come in”

    Roth’s voice sounded:【Master, you fainted.

Now the Duke is running towards the treatment room with you in his arms.

You’re hot all over, and the Duke seems to be terrified—oh, now you’ve been put in the treatment pod.】

    Yang Yang became even more confused: “What’s wrong with me”

    Roth:【I think it’s because, Master touched Duke Donton’s soul power.】

    Yang Yang: “I didn’t touch it.”


    Yang Yang thought about it and remembered something, then changed his words: “It touched me by itself.”


    Yang Yang: “Okay, so what’s the situation now Was I hurt by his soul power”

    Roth:【It’s not that you were injured by it, but rather that you were overwhelmed by consuming it.】

    Yang Yang was stunned for a moment, and said in surprise: “Do I still have this function”


    Roth: 【To be precise, it is a function of the Soul Cube.】

    Yang Yang made an “oh” sound, a little regretful.


    Yang Yang: “So, Soul Cube can devour other people’s soul power”

    Roth:【Theoretically yes, but now it devoured diseased soul power.

    Soul power is all the same, only the diseased soul power would have a rejection reaction.

This part of the soul power cannot be consumed and operated by the Soul Palace, and its connection with the Soul Palace is very weak.

At this time, if there is a stronger “Soul Palace” to attract it, this part of the soul power can be captured.

    Can be understood as magnet attracting iron powder.】

    Yang Yang immediately put what he learned into practice: “So if I master the Soul Cube, I may be able to directly drain other people’s Soul Palace”


    My Master, isn’t that thought a bit dangerous.

    Fortunately, Yang Yang did not discuss with Roth this topic in depth, and asked: “Since this is the case, what’s the matter with my body fever”

    Roth:【Diseased soul power is aggressive, and Master is a soul power conductor.

This kind of aggression would directly affect the master’s soul palace.

This is because the master’s Soul Palace judged that the soul power was overloaded, so Master lost consciousness to isolate the pain, and made the body consume soul power by rising temperature.】

    Yang Yang: “Is it painful”

    Roth:【You could say that.

The diseased soul power is like a foreign body for the soul, and pain is a common symptom.】

    Yang Yang was silent, he remembered what he saw just now, those “chocolate pieces” sprinkled on Archibald’s soul power.

    How painful that must be.

    Roth thought that Yang Yang was worried about his own body, so he reassured Master that he would cool down when Soul Cube completely absorbed it, and there would be no sequelae.


    Yang Yang responded, not too happy.

    He looked down at the soul power wrapped around his body, only a few strands were left, mainly wrapped around his waist and abdomen, and then… eh

    Yang Yang thought he saw it wrong so he lowered his head to take a closer look—it wasn’t that the soul power was wrapped around his waist and abdomen, but the fluorescent ball in his stomach was sucking the soul power like noodles, not letting go.

    Yang Yang: “…Roth, it’s eating soul power.”

    Roth also saw it and expressed confusion【I, I haven’t seen such a case in the books before.】

    The fluorescent ball seemed to understand that it had been discovered.

Not only did he not restrain himself, but he blatantly ate more and more.

The whole ball spun rapidly in Yang Yang’s stomach, swallowing mountains and rivers, and the consumption of spirit power noodles was at least twice as fast.

    Yang Yang “…”

    After the fluorescent ball started devouring without restraint*, within a few seconds, the soul power of Yang Yang completely disappeared.

*胡吃海喝 to eat and drink without restraint

    The satiated and full fluorescent ball slowly stopped spinning, and the frequency of the light flickering also slowed down.

——Although it was a ball, Yang Yang could bet that it was lying down right now.

If it had short legs, it might even have legs crossed.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    No matter what, this is definitely not like him.

    Yang Yang: “Roth, wouldn’t this be harmful”

    Roth:【Although I’ve never heard of such a case, the book says that before birth, the soul of a female’s child has only instinctive consciousness and knows how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

So, it should be fine】

    That is not bad.

    Yang Yang stretched out his hand, tapped his belly, and said to the lazy fluorescent ball inside: “Come out.”

    The fluorescent ball flickered a little faster, and then floated out obediently, and then attached Yang Yang’s index finger, slightly twisting its ball-shaped body to rub against him.

    Yang Yang always lost temper with such intimacy, he rubbed the fluorescent ball back against his warm body, and sighed: “Oh, you.”

    The fluorescent ball: rubrubrub.jpg

    Yang Yang tone completely softened, and he even wondered: “Do you like your daddy*’s soul power Should I get you some more”

*小爸爸, translating it as daddy, it literally means little dad but I found a hilarious definition, it means a young immature dad that doesn’t know how to take care of anything hahahah

    The fluorescent ball: rubrubrub.jpg

    But Roth interjected immediately: 【Master, don’t mess around.

Your knowledge of soul power is almost equal to someone illiterate.

You can play with Zhou Hua because Zhou Hua’s soul power is not strong.

When you meet the Duke, you can only lie down and take damage.

One time will make you faint in pain, if you try again the Soul Palace will really be damaged, and there’s still the body of the Little Master in the Soul Palace!】

    Yang Yang: “…Did you actually scold me just now”

    Roth:【Illiterate is a neutral word.】

    Yang Yang: “…Be honest, what have you been doing on Starnet You used to call me respectfully.”

    Rotter immediately became obedient like a dog:【Master, I respect you very much!】

    Yang Yang rolled his eyes: “Nice try*.”

*can also mean, “come on” “forget it” along with a few other meanings that don’t make sense in this context.

    He didn’t mention the matter of touching Archibald’s soul power.

    Yang Yang turned his gaze back to the fluorescent ball and seemed to find something.

Then he lightly squeezed the fluorescent ball with three fingers, held it up in front of him, and said strangely: “Roth, don’t you think it has turned bigger*”


yellow, but also has meaning of wheat maturing and stuff

    Roth looked at it and confirmed: 【Yes, and it has also became a little bigger, the halo on the edge is more stable, and the radius has increased by one centimetre.】

    Yang Yang pinched the round body of the fluorescent ball and raised his eyebrows: “It has become a little harder.”

    If it looked like pudding before, now it was more like soft QQ candy*.

*QQ candy is something between hard candy and jelly, a Chinese brand.


    Wait, isn’t this conversation a little bad

    The fluorescent ball allowed itself to be rounded and flattened by Yang Yang, and its emotions were transmitted from Yang Yang’s fingertips to his brain, very happy.

    Yang Yang laughed, this child was a bit silly.

    Yang Yang let go of the fluorescent ball and let it play in the Soul Cube, and then said to Roth: “Remind me when my body returns to normal.”

    Yang Yang didn’t plan to wake up immediately, what if he woke up still in pain

    Roth:【Okay, master.】

    Yang Yang: “Then send a Weibo.”


    Yang Yang: “Send the agreement signed by Zhou Hua of severing the relationship, remember to code all the information about me and Zhou Hua.

In addition, put a photo of me holding Duke’s hand, with text attached—”

    Yang Yang thought for a while, and said: “Writing to leave the misfortune in yesterday, and from tomorrow, you will accompany me to create happiness.


Ah yes, and put the ultrasound photo of a cub, too.”

    Roth:【…ok, master.】

    Yang Yang: “Remember to add a love filter.”

    Roth: 【Oh.】

    After finishing the instructions, Yang Yang closed his eyes peacefully and planned to sleep, dealing with Zhou Hua also consumed a lot of his energy.


    In the treatment room.

    Gu Lita breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “He’s fine.”

    The lid of the treatment cabin slowly slid open, and Archibald frowned looking at Yang Yang’s still pale face: “Really How could this be

    Gu Lita raised her eyebrows: “Why, are you questioning me”

    Archibald looked at her: “You’re not good at female body therapy.”    

    Gu Lita rolled her eyes, “But instruments don’t lie.”

    After speaking, Gu Lita smiled suddenly, and looked at Archibald meaningfully: “Worried”

    Archibald pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

    In the small tea room, the person who had glared at him a second ago suddenly fell down without any warning.

    When he caught Yang Yang, he only felt that he held a hot potato in his arms, and the hand pressing against Yang Yang’s skin felt as it was being burned.

He almost suspected that Yang Yang was about to ignite.

    At that moment, he had to admit that he was really worried, and also a little… distressed.

——Yes , Yang Yang always liked to play tricks on him, but…

    Archibald clenched his fists, but he never thought that something bad would happen to Yang Yang.

    Gu Lita was slightly surprised, she did not expect Archibald to acquiesce, and then her smile deepened.

    Gu Lita thought for a while, and suddenly said: “Actually, I have a guess, Yang Yang shouldn’t have been influenced by you because of uncontrollable soul power, but rather because of the soul power manipulation.

    Archibald looked at Gu Lita and gestured to her to continue continued.

    Gu Lita, “What kind of personality Zhou Hua has, you should also know, he’s a blood-sucking worm that doesn’t need face.

And he has a not-so-stupid head, how did Yang Yang make Zhou Hua compromise”

    Archibald “He fooled him with the mineral mines trading agreement signed by Zhou Hua that year.”

    Gu Lita “Fooled If he didn’t see the coffin, would Zhou Hua be fooled”

    Archibald was stunned for a moment, and then fell silent.

    Gu Lita “So I think he should be able to manipulate soul power, or have the ability from the mysterious space in his body.

In any case, he could stimulate Zhou Hua to a certain extent, so Zhou Hua would react abnormally.

    Similarly, it may be because he still couldn’t control this power very well, and you are now approaching the period of the soul power riot, and your soul power is unstable.—He may have accidentally touched your diseased soul power.”

    Archibald’s face changed: “Then…”

    “I said, he’s fine.”

    Gu Lita shook the checklist in her hand and said, “The pain was definitely there, he just passed out—you know how painful it is.

However, only his body was affected.

His Soul Palace and soul reacted normally, and even the values are better than the last inspection.

Even the child’s soul power response became much stronger.”

    Archibald felt a little relieved, but he heard Gu Lita continue to speak again, with a serious tone.

    Gu Lita “Byrd, I know you can’t say how much you like Yang Yang.

He threatened you and deceived you.

He has many doubtful points, and there is an uncontrollable danger like Roth.

    But you have also seen his performance along the way.

Tough, tenacious, hard to handle, but definitely not a bad person.

    So I thought maybe you could try to be nice to him and improve your relationship.

After all, he’s your child’s another father.”

    Archibald lowered his eyelids and didn’t answer.

    Gu Lita had watched Archibald grow up, and she understood what that reaction meant.

So Gu Lita smiled, put down the medical records and went out first.

    The door was closed again, and only Archibald and the sleeping Yang Yang were left in the room.

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s pale face for a while, then suddenly stretched out his hand, clasped it on the back of Yang Yang’s hand, and interlocked their fingers together.

    “Just as a thank you for helping kick Zhou Hua away.”


    Ephemeris 8605 November 13th 09:45:13.

    Youtu user Donton Archibald, and a Soul Pierces Your Heart, posted a post at the same time.

    @Soul Pierces Your Heart: Writing to leave the misfortune in yesterday, and from tomorrow, you will accompany me to create happiness.


    @Donton Archibald: May father and son be safe.


    After a second of silence, the Youtu server was paralysed.

    The melon eaters who were not squeezed out were screaming, and the Duke threw such explosive news that even the marriage (engagement) and news of his son were no longer the point.

The point was that:

    ——Yes, yesyesyesyes, it was a coincidence! ! !

    ——Who the hell could take a picture of holding hands with the Duke from his own perspective!

    ——The photo of pale snake holding hands was still in the background of a starship.

The photo he posted before was indeed on the starship, and the Duke only landed on the old emperor star yesterday! ! It wasn’t abuse of the family crest at all, that’s their family crest! ! !

    ——Upstairs, you called Duchess a snake, does the Duke know

    ——So I didn’t get to bed the Duke because I look uncharacteristic

    ——Is it too late to go and do plastic surgery now


    There was only one wave of fans rejoicing in the storm.

    ——Cubs! There’s a cub! Mother fans are satisfied! ! Grandma bought you clothes, cub! ! Chirp*! !

*pinyin jiumi, a slang for cute sound or emoji looking like this: ( ^.< )


Author has something to say:

Yang Yang: It’s not my fault it’s tactic understanding (innocent.jpg)

Archibald: …… (drag the self who felt bad for him a second ago and have a fight.)


Bamboo has something to say:

I wanted to complain because author keeps forgetting “:” signs and all fault is actually for me….for using another site because VIP jjwxc doesn’t let me copy QAQ.

We’ll be adding that manually for the rest of the novel I guess.

A few disclaimers!

Every time I see chapters I previously translated I get the urge to edit them (so many bugs….)actually there should be @ before their nicknames on Youtu, dumb me copying the wrong formatThe original text DOES say “Weibo” like “post a Weibo” etc, but it doesn’t mean they use Weibo.

They use Youtu but Weibo is a well known site in China so author just uses it, because they’re used to it I suppose


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