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Chapter 28: Warm Up Before Tearing the Face

   A quarter of an hour later, Ashburn and Rong Hui came over, with the black panther following them.

    As he took a closer look, he realized that the black panther was really big.

If the length of the tail is counted, it is estimated that the Yang Yang lying down is about the same length as it.

    So even if he knew it was fake, Yang Yang was still a little scared.

    Until Rong Hui turned off the black panther.

After the shutdown, the black panther was lying on his back, looking like he was asleep.

    Yang Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

    Archibald observed Yang Yang’s fear with disdain “You’re afraid of bugs and even small beasts, do you have anything you don’t fear”

    Yang Yang smiled, “Yes, you.”

    Archibald “…”

    Ashburn’s eyes went back and forth on the two of them, and smiled, “Aunt Gu told me that when you are with Yang Yang, you become more spirited.

I couldn’t imagine what you were like when you were lively, but now I understand.

Now I get it—it’s really like when you were a kid.”

    Archibald glanced at his brother “…”


    Yang Yang was curious, “Was the Duke also very naughty and asking for a beating when he was a child”

    Archibald “…”

    What does the word “also” mean

    Ashburn smiled, “You could say that.”

    Yang Yang touched his belly and sighed, “No wonder.”

    Ashburn noticed his movements, he knew that the child’s soul once disappeared, so he smiled “Is the child also very naughty”

    Yang Yang nodded, “Almost played until it lost its skin*.”

*a wordplay, being naughty is 很皮 and skin is 皮.

    After speaking, he glanced at Archibald meaningfully.

    Archibald “…”

    Archibald looked away and held back.

——After all, the thing with the child was indeed caused by him.

    Rong Hui was obviously not very interested in the child’s affairs.

He sat cross-legged on the floor, opened the panther’s stomach, showed the energy storage space inside, and then asked Yang Yang, “Yang Yang, do you think this energy is enough”

    Yang Yang was also diverting his attention.

After seeing the black panther’s “disembodied” appearance, Yang Yang’s fear of it finally disappeared.

    Yang Yang walked over and squatted down.

He couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.

It was not as hard as a real leopard’s fur.

This black leopard was very soft and warm to the touch.

It’s chest kept undulating up and down with it’s breathing, if nobody said it, Yang Yang wouldn’t think that it was fake.

    Yang Yang withdrew his hand and asked Roth in his mind, 【Is it enough】

    Roth: 【 It looks like what I need, but it will only be confirmed after I transfer to it and see its energy consumption.】

    Rong Hui didn’t hear Yang Yang’s answer, and went on to ask, “Yang Yang, what do you want this for”

    Yang Yang didn’t hide it “To transport an AI.”

    Rotter’s matter could not be concealed.

Archibald detected Roth’s anomaly at the very beginning, but they never got to the bottom of it.

Yang Yang understands that this was the trust they have given him.

     Rong Hui was even more curious, “Transporter What do you want to load on it What is it for Its high configuration is used for physical strengthening, but the central AI setting is very low-level.

What could it be used for”

    He replied, “You’ll know in a while.

Does it have a sound system”

    Rong Hui nodded, “Yes.”

    Yang Yang, “That’s good.”

    After speaking, Yang Yang called to Roth in his mind:【Transfer 】

    Roth: 【Okay, master.】

    In the next second, a “beep” sound was heard and the shut-down black panther turned on automatically.

    Rong Hui was startled, then frowned, “Is it broken”

    Then he reached out to turn it off again.

    Yang Yang stopped him and said, “I transferred something to it.”

    Rong Hui was stunned for a moment, then confused, “I didn’t see you opening its center, nor did I see you connecting to it, how did you do it”

    Yang Yang smiled, closed the belly of the black panther, and then said the black panther: “Roth, say hello to Rong Hui.”

    The black panther turned over and stood up, different from the previous mighty domineering appearance.

The current black panther’s head was raised, his golden eyes were wide open, and his mouth was slightly open open.

    Hmm, looks silly.

It’s really scary.

    When the silly big panther opened his mouth, it let out a baby voice, “Hello~”

    Rong Hui”!!!”

    Ashburn raised his eyebrow—he knew about Rotter’s existence, but it was the first time he saw it.

    After being shocked, Rong Hui turned ecstatic, “Wow, how did you do it It obviously doesn’t have a language system, what did you transfer to it Can I disassemble its chip and see”

    After speaking, Rong Hui bent down and looked at the black panther, his eyes almost coming out of the eyesockets.

    Roth “…”

    Roth very cowardly took two steps back, hid behind Yang Yang, and stood up on hind legs to lie on Yang Yang’s back, making a delicate voice for help, “Hey! Master, I’m afraid!”

    Yang Yang “…”

    That’s promising for you.

    Yang Yang stretched out his hand and pushed the black panther down—unlike its appearance, this black panther was not heavy.

    Ashburn also grabbed Rong Hui and said, “This is Roth, Yang Yang’s AI, and I mentioned it to you in the email.

—So you really didn’t read my email, is that right”

    Otherwise, it would be impossible for Rong Hui not to be impressed by this kind of special AI.

    Rong Hui didn’t feel guilty and complained, “Brother Ash, you have to send me emails every day, and the things you ask aren’t important, so I thought it was nothing.

If there’s something like Roth in the future, you can mark it as urgent and I’ll see it.”

    Ashburn “…”

    Aii, what can he do, he can only promise.

    Ashburn “Okay, I see.”

    Rong Hui nodded and looked back at Yang Yang again, “Who created Roth”

    Yang Yang shook his head, “I’m sorry, I don’t know, and Roth doesn’t have a physical body, so even if you wanted to secretly dismantle the panther, you wouldn’t find anything.”

    Rong Hui felt guilty and averted his eyes, “I didn’t want to dismantle it secretly.” but then he was stunned again, “How is it possible that it doesn’t have a physical body”

     Others also looked thoughtful—this was the first time Yang Yang took the initiative to mention details about Roth.

    But Yang Yang didn’t plan to go into details, he stopped the topic, “That’s all I can say.

This is my sincerity, if there is a day in the future when we can completely trust each other, I will tell you all my secrets.

    Rong Hui pursed his lips and took back his gaze reluctantly, compromising.

    “Then can I befriend it”

    Yang Yang smiled and said: “You have to fight for it yourself.”

    Rong Hui blinked, then widened his eyes: “So it has its own personality”

    Yang Yang “You could say that.

Okay, let’s get down to business.”

    Yang Yang stretched out his foot and kicked the panther’s leg, “Check if the energy is enough.”

    Roth was delighted, “Okay, master~” He liked this body.

    After a while, Roth replied, “It is enough, master.

However, if it operates for more than 24 hours, the energy tube in the stomach may need to be replaced halfway, which will make me more prone to mistakes.”

    Yang Yang turned to look at Rong Hui and asked, ” Is there a more durable energy source”

    Rong Hui “If you want more efficient energy, I have it in my laboratory, do you need it right now”

    Yang Yang nodded, “We’ll trouble you.”

    Ashburn stood up and said, “I can go.

Is it the new R&D energy source for hua9 I remember you showed off it to me last month.”

    Rong Hui smiled embarrassedly, “That’s the one.” Then he couldn’t help but retort, “I’m not showing off, I’m just happy.”

    Ashburn smiled, reached out and rubbed Rong Hui’s hair, then stood up and went out of the door.

    Ashburn was very fast, going there and back in just a few minutes.

    After Rong Hui replaced the energy source for Roth, Roth was very happy.

“Wow, this energy source is amazing!”

    Rong Hui was also happy.

“It is!”

    Yang Yang “…”

    It seems that the two would become good friends.

    Yang Yang sat back on the sofa and said, “Roth, hack Zhou Hua and Mu Shuyi’s terminals and filter out all the information about the Duke.”

    Rotter manipulated his new body to hop around the room and replied, “No problem~”

    A few seconds later, Roth’s voice sounded, “It’s done, master~”

    Rong Hui kept following Roth around, and hearing the words he exclaimed in admiration, “The speed of the hacking is so fast!”

    Roth suddenly became complacent, but Yang Yang reminded him in his mind in time to not reveal anything, so Roth kept going “hehehe” and didn’t say anything else.

    Yang Yang took back his gaze with confidence, and then looked at Archibald and Monta, “Now it’s time to send it.”

    Both Archibald and Monta took action.

    As expected, Archibald only sent out the word “angry”, but Monta was tapping for a while before sending it out.

    While they were uploading, everyone in the living room opened their terminals and started eating melons*.

*reading gossip, if you’ve forgotten from before

    Archibald “…”

    Archibald also flipped through the comments that appeared quickly under his Weibo.

    Unsurprisingly, after Archibald’s Weibo was posted, it instantly exploded the traffic on Youtu.

    The first comment was “Am I dazzled!!!”

    Then it was “Ahhhhhh!! The Duke has posted!!!”

    Then it was “Husband I love you!!!”

    and finally “Whoever made the Duke angry, I’ll drag them down and chop them up!” 

    The excitement and cheering while running around lasted for more than a minute, and then the comments became a little more sensible.

    Then, fans also discovered Monta’s Weibo, and they connected it together, and the topic became really popular.

    —Why is the Duke angry See dear Monta’s* latest Weibo.


*Monta is made out of two chinese characters, Meng and Ta, and in this comment they called him affectionately Mengmeng, but Mont Mont wouldn’t sound good so I left dear Monta

    ——Who is the one dear Monta is talking about Is that the local tyrant

    ——Wait, I found another thing, the Mandela grass pellets that dear Monta talked about are a birth control for pregnant women, but if it’s a female body, it would be poison.

From this, it could be deduced that the person is female and pregnant.

So the question is, who is the person who makes both the Duke and dear Monta feel angry about their misfortune That female body’s child, whose is it

    There was a momentary silence in the comments.

Then they exploded.

    ——I have a bold idea, I don’t know if I should talk about it or not.

    ——Shut up upstairs! ! !

    ——Let me tell a horror story.

Is the Duke blogging for someone from his family, a friend, or… love

    ——shut up! ! !

    The building* was instantly shaken.

*the comments under a post and a whole thread of them are called a building

    But a quarter of an hour later, on the real-time hot topic list, “who is that person” came to the top, surpassing the trending tag”the Duke is angry”, “the Duke has posted”, and “the Duke’s post is cute”, and came out at the top.

    At the same time, Archibald’s Weibo comments have reached nearly 100 million.

And they were all fighting between each other.

    Archibald “…”

    What kind of fans are these!

    A room full of melon eaters also started talking.

    Yang Yang: “The Duke deserves to be the No.

1 character on the topic list.”

    Rong Hui “Wow, Byrd is so popular!”

    He Shu “Why are there still people threatening to commit suicide”

    Gu Lita “It’s just talk, look, aren’t they about to divorce Byrd.”

    Amber “Reminds me of the grand occasion of the Second Young Master’s coming-of-age ceremony.”

    Monta “Why don’t you all look at me”

    Ashburn “Yi*, Dad and the others send questions, I’ll explain it to them.”

*something like ”oh”, an exclamation.

    It was a fun and harmonious scene*.

*其樂融融 – happy harmonious scene, basically they’re all having fun excluding Archibald.

    Archibald “…”

    Archibald glanced at Yang Yang and began to ponder whether Yang Yang’s script was really necessary or was it just to have fun watching the chaos.

    Yang Yang received Archibald’s gaze and returned an innocent smile.

    Archibald “…”

    Confirmed, this person wanted to watch the chaos.

    Yang Yang took back his gaze and said to Roth, who was usually lying down and playing with his tail, “Roth, at 8 pm., the news that Zhou Hua came to the Old Emperor Star with a large number of valuable gifts was released on the Xiao Fenhong* website.

Combine a picture and put it on it for comparison.

It’s blurry, you can’t tell whether it’s fake or true.


little pink

    Also, mention Zhou Niya.

Release the news record of my previous car accident.”

    Rotter “Okay, master.”

    At this time, Amber also received the message from Yuma: “Second Young Master, Zhou Hua and Mu Shuyi are back, and they will be there in about ten minutes.”

    Gu Lita looked up, turned off the terminal and smiled, “It’s finally coming.”

    After speaking, she glanced at Yang Yang.

“You can’t tear his face today, right”

    Yang Yang nodded, “You need to give public opinion time to ferment, but Aunt Gu, you can scold people if you want.

—In this room, only you are the most suitable to scold Zhou Hua and it won’t make Zhou Hua suspicious.”

    Gu Lita “…Are you complimenting me, or are you scolding me”

    Yang Yang, “Praising.”

    Gu Lita rolled his eyes at him and said, “Say, what do you want to do”

    Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to ask to scold him as soon as he came.

     Yang Yang smiled and said, “I hope you can stimulate Zhou Hua as much as possible to make his mood fluctuate a little more.

I want to observe the changes in his soul power.

That way, when we talk to him tomorrow, we can adapt accordingly.”

    Soul power is the medium that connects the body and the soul, and it could also reflect emotions and physical conditions.

Although each person’s appearance was a bit different, one person would always be the same.

    ——This was what Yang Yang  saw from the data, and it was also verified on Archibald.

    Well, thanks to Duke Donton for his dedication to science.


    Gu Lita nodded, “That’s fine.

Amber, help Yang Yang to find a place to hide where he can see everything but won’t be found.

    You all go back to your room to rest, Roth and Rong Hui go to the backyard.

Stop scratching the cabinet, you won’t be able to pay for it if you sell yourself.”

    Roth, who was about to scratch the cabinet to experiment with his paws, froze for a moment, then obediently left with Rong Hui and Ashburn.

    The others quickly finished, and Amber took Yang Yang to the wall of the living room, and then pushed the wall, and a small door opened a crack in the wall.

    Amber said with emotion, “This is the place where the two young masters played hide-and-seek when they were young.

I specially renovated it for the Second Young Master.”

    Yang Yang went in and found that it was a small storage room, and that there was a small circular window on the door—from the outside, it is a decorative painting on the wall, but from the inside, everything outside was visible.

    Yang Yang “…”

    This is quite high-end.

    Amber brought in Yang Yang’s tea and preserved fruit again, and then closed the door.

This service could be said to be very considerate.

    However, after the door was closed, Yang Yang found that the sound insulation effect was very good, and he couldn’t hear the sound from outside at all.

    Three minutes later, the door opened, and a slightly fat woman walked in front.

She also had a head full of white hair, but she was in good spirits.

It should be the mother You.

    Behind mother You was Zhou Hua and Mu Shuyi.

    Yang Yang removed the soul power restraining ring from his hand and released his spirit power.

Zhou Hua and Mu Shuyi’s spirit power immediately came into view.

    Mu Shuyi’s soul power was very ordinary, only a little stronger than He Shu’s; while Zhou Hua’s soul power is much stronger, it was no longer in the form of capillaries, but he looked covered in white, but his soul power wasn’t uniform it looked like he had vitiligo.

    Everyone was calm at first, but then Gu Lita stood up and walked around Zhou Hua, and Zhou Hua’s soul power began to fluctuate.

    First, the white patch-shaped soul power kept expanding, then contracting, and finally the soul power jumped up, stretched into a geometric tip, and calmed down again.

    In less than two minutes, Zhou Hua hurriedly walked away, and Mu Shuyi followed.

    ——But before Mu Shuyi left, Gu Lita stopped her again, and then Yang Yang saw that Mu Shuyi’s soul power became much stronger in an instant, but it quickly faded.

    But throughout the whole process, Gu Lita’s soul power was very calm.

    Yang Yang “…”

    Isn’t this combat power a bit too strong

    Human emotions were diverse, and so were the changes in soul power.

But in order to form three changes of such completely different patterns, it cannot be similar emotions such as “joy, happiness and bliss”, but rather completely different emotions such as joy, anger, and sorrow.

    It could be said that Yang Yang was quite curious about what Gu Lita said.

    At the same time, Yang Yang also made a conviction in his heart not to provoke Gu Lita, or he may beaten to the point of doubting life.


Author has something to say:

Gu Lita: I am an elegant lady, don’t talk nonsense.

Yang Yang: Yes, you are, don’t dare, don’t dare to


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