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Chapter 26: Old Emperor Star

   In fact, Yang Yang’s role in dealing with Zhou Hua was just fuelling the flames.

This was the script he arranged for himself.

    ——Of course, after He Shu made up his mind to tear up his face with the Zhou Hua family, he too wanted to cut off ties with Zhou Hua.

It would also save the Donton family a lot of trouble, so Archibald was willing to cooperate.

    Yang Yang didn’t need to worry about how the Donton and Zhou Hua will tear each other faces.

He just needed to move forward with his script according to the progress.

    And Yang Yang’s script was very simple, first *use negotiation, if it doesn’t work then pressure, then show how miserable he is**, and then the final decision.

He really can’t be forced by pretending to die***.

*先禮後兵 – xiān lǐ hòu bīng , which means to negotiate with the other party in a polite way first, and then use tough means when it doesn’t work.


sell miserable, pretend to be miserable, mistreated for affection or pity others

***the idiom here comes from situation where a women or a relative is saying they will die/go on a death strike to achieve something, to make someone bend to their will. Basically guilt trip

    The means were not glorious, but Yang Yang alone would not be enough.

    After all, from Zhou Hua’s point of view, he has “grace of nurturing*” from Yang Yang, and also has a “blood relationship” trump card.

And Yang Yang was now Archibald’s favourite and was pregnant with Archibald’s child.

As long as he latched on Yang Yang tightly, his future gains were unimaginable.

*養育之恩- gratitude for the love and care given one from childhood; the love and care received from childhood.

    Therefore, Yang Yang was worried that Zhou Hua would be able to come back shamelessly after his face was ripped openly at the Donton house—just like when Archibald broke out of his shell back then.

    Moreover, due to Zhou Hua’s brainwashing with “true feelings” over the years, as well as the disdain of the Donton family, some gossipers* who do not know the truth actually force the Donton family to be too cautious, unreasonable.

*people who eat the melons

**不近人情 – unreasonable, not amendable to reason, have a strange temperament

    Noble behaviour is the pass for the vile*.

This principle has never been out of date.

*卑鄙是卑鄙者的通行證 This sentence comes from Bei Dao’s poetry, and it means: the despicable people have no principle and no reverence, so they can do whatever they can, but gentleman have bottom line and their hands and feet are bound by principles.

    And to deal with despicable people, it is necessary to be more “despicable”.

    “So, in addition to me and Zhou Hua who will be more shameless, the public opinion of Starnet must be preemptive, but the ones making trouble can only be me, the Duke and Monta.

Because we are young and impulsive juniors, no matter how much trouble we make, it would be counted only on our heads, and would not affect the reputation of the Donton family.”

    After drinking the last mouthful of fruit milk, Yang Yang wiped his mouth and looked at the other people expectantly, “What do you think about my script”

    Other people “…”

    How to say this It’s really shameless enough.

    But, it’s very cool.

    Gu Lita liked Yang Yang’s script, and immediately decided, “Okay, let’s do it like this.”

    On the other hand, Archibald looked at Yang Yang vigilantly, “What are you going to do on Starnet”

    Yang Yang gave him a comforting look, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to damage your image, or I’ll ask for your opinion at that time.”

    Archibald narrowed his eyes, already feeling that things won’t be so simple.

    But he has no clue about what he wanted to do now.

    Gu Lita stood up and waved to Yang Yang, “Okay, go check your soul power with me.

Don’t fall down before the script starts.”


    Yang Yang paused, then followed Gu Lita out.

    Gu Lita didn’t doubt Yang Yang’s condition, or rather, she hoped to see more symptoms of  it in Yang Yang—the loss of control of dislocated soul power was rare, and she finally saw a living example, of course she had to watch it enough.

    Gu Lita first performed a series of inspections on Yang Yang, but found nothing unusual.

——Yang Yang secretly tested it himself, but he couldn’t capture Gu Lita’s soul power.

    And so Yang Yang was also stunned.

Didn’t Roth say he was a soul power conductor Why couldn’t he guide it again

    After several inspections, nothing was found, so Gu Lita decided to let Yang Yang try to release his soul power.

    “But when you release it, when you feel even a little uncomfortable, you should stop immediately.”


    Yang Yang nodded, he could still control and release his soul power.

Archibald has mentioned it when he sensed his soul power.

    So Yang Yang tried to release it, while Gu Lita stared at the instruments.

    In the next second, the instrument shrieked wildly, and Gu Lita turned back quickly, but Yang Yang himself was also stunned.

    Yang Yang looked down at his hand with a complicated expression—he saw his soul power.

    Different from the pure white of other people’s soul power, Yang Yang’s soul power was colourless and transparent, but there are clear mercury-like boundaries on the edge.

The soul power was released from the whole body, and then it spread to five or six centimetres above the skin—the soul power on the torso spread wider, for about twenty centimetres.

    It was like wearing a colourless and transparent inflatable doll suit, or some kind of suit made out of thin silicone.

    Yang Yang “…”

    Yang Yang moved his finger, and it moved along with them.

    Gu Lita came over quickly and asked, “What’s the matter Are you uncomfortable anywhere”

    Yang Yang shook his head, “Not uncomfortable.

How are the test results”

    Gu Lita saw that he was really okay, so she felt relieved, took the results and said, “Preliminary diagnosis, it might be ‘soul power offset’.——This is a small probability event.

If I didn’t know the details of your control over soul power, I would suspect that you were manipulating Byrd’s soul power.”

    Yang Yang “… “

    Gu Lita put down the test results, took a thin ring and handed it to Yang Yang.

“Wear it.

It suppresses soul power, lest you get shocked by what you see one day.”

    Yang Yang asked while taking it.

” Aunt Gu, what is soul power manipulating and soul power offset”

    After he finished speaking, he raised head and was stunned again—Gu Lita’s soul power has faded.

The capillaries that were white before now were only a faint white shadow, and he could even see Gu Lita’s expression clearly.

    Yang Yang looked down at the thin ring on his wrist.

He didn’t wear it yet, but it already suppressed his soul power.

    Yang Yang had an idea in his heart, and he put on the thin ring as if nothing had happened, then looked at Gu Lita again, the soul power did not fade further.

    Gu Lita has already explained it, so she didn’t go into details about manipulating the soul power, and Gu Lita’s explanation about the soul power offset was:

    “Soul power offset is a type of out of control soul power.

It occasionally affects other people’s soul power, but it does more harm to oneself.

—So you must not take off that suppressing device.”


    Yang Yang obediently agreed.

    Gu Lita’s explanation included something that Roth had not mentioned before—manipulating soul power meant condensing soul power in the conductor, and then transmitting it out.

    Therefore, although he is now completely immersed in soul power, he was unable to control the soul power in his body, so he couldn’t manipulate soul power.

    Archibald’s previous situation was probably a blind cat encountering a dead mouse.*

*blind cat encountering a dead mouse- pretty self-explanatory, a event depending on luck, not on ones abilities.

    But what Yang Yang wanted was not to be a blind cat.

    Yang Yang stood up and said, “Aunt Gu, if it’s alright, I will go back to the room to rest first.”

    Gu Lita nodded, “Go.”


    Back to the room, Yang Yang threw himself into the soul power manipulating.

    From noon to evening to early morning.

Yang Yang read the information that Roth found, but he still couldn’t condense the soul power into her body to use it.


    Yang Yang was a little discouraged, staring at the dark universe outside the window in a daze.

    Roth reminded, 【Master, you should rest.】

    Yang Yang shook his head; “Give me a minute.”

    Rotter didn’t understand 【Master, why are you fighting so hard】

    Yang Yang sighed, “Because I’m afraid that Zhou Hua will not agree to sever our relationship.

So I need to have more security.”

    For example, manipulating soul power to affect Zhou Hua’s spirit and to interfere with Zhou Hua’s emotions and judgment.

    But it was under the premise that he would have learned to control soul power.

——Although all the materials said that the most difficult thing was to create a soul power conductor, manipulation was just transferring soul power along the conductor, which was as simple as breathing.

    Yang Yang sighed.

    In a trance, he remembered the fear of being dominated by Soul Baby’s Soul Power Class.

    But Yang Yang did not give up.

    After whole night, a mimetic sunlight shone from the ceiling—it was dawn.

    Yang Yang, who was sitting on the bed, finally showed a smile, “It’s done!”

    He hadn’t learned how to mobilize the soul power in his body, but he found that it was easier to mobilize the soul power on the surface of the “doll suit”, so Yang Yang thought of a shortcut—creating another conductor.

    Such as tweezers, sticks, or anything similar.

    As long as their length could break through Yang Yang’s “doll suit”, Yang Yang could mobilize the surface soul power to attach to them, and then extend.

    Now he could extend his soul power to one meter away, that is to say, he could manipulate the soul power of a person from one meter away.

    ——Of course, whether he could really control soul power or not, he still need to experiment to see.

    So Yang Yang couldn’t wait to get out of bed and went straight to the command cabin.

    He wasn’t sure about the effect of pulling his soul power, so of course he had to find the one with the strongest self-control, lest if he poked someone’s the anger spot, what would he do if someone punched him

    As for self-control, who is better than the Duke of Donton


    Today was the tenth day of the voyage, and it was also the day they would arrive at the Old Emperor Star.

Archibald arrived in the command cabin early in the morning.

    After a while, he noticed that someone was approaching, and looked back, it was Yang Yang.

    “What are you doing here”

    Yang Yang walked over in small steps, stood one meter away from Archibald, and twisted his waist, “Darling, this is the first time I have been to the Old Emperor Star, so I wanted to come and see~”

    Other soldiers” “…”

    Archibald ” …”

    Is it the “love setting” being activated now

    Archibald moved his lips, but didn’t reply in the end.

    Yang Yang stood quietly by the side, looked at the void with a smile, and then quietly stretched out a ray of soul power.


    Archibald suddenly moved his right leg, then glared at Yang Yang angrily, “You kick—”

    The voice stopped, because Archibald found that Yang Yang was standing far away and should not be able to kick him.

    Yang Yang smiled happily, the experiment was successful.

    Then Yang Yang took out the soul power suppression ring from his pocket, put it on his wrist, and walked up to Archibald apologetically, “I’m sorry darling, Aunt Gu said yesterday that my Soul Power was out of control, and I forgot to wear the suppression device just now, did the soul power come to you again”

    Archibald also knew about the soul power offset, he looked at the things on Yang Yang’s wrist, and he could only suffer from this loss.

    But he couldn’t bear the tone.

    Archibald said in a low voice, “Can’t you be normal”

    Yang Yang also whispered back, “People in love have no brains.—Ah, is that the Old Emperor Star It’s so beautiful!”

    Yang Yang raised up his voice in vain, opened the camera function on the terminal, and took pictures of the Old Emperor Star outside the console.

    The Old Emperor Star was indeed very beautiful, with rich colours.

It didn’t have large oceans like Earth, but there were many lake-like waters scattered here and there.

    They were still far away now, and the Old Emperor Star resembled a beautifully coloured agate.

    However, there was a layer of black mist on the surface of the old emperor star, which gathered and dispersed with time, but never completely disappeared.

    —That was the soul-made cloud belt.

    The Soul Cloud Belt was a black nebula that surrounded this galaxy, like a cage trapped in this star field, and breeds soul beasts.

    The soul beasts it created would randomly appear anywhere within the encirclement of the soul cloud belt, and they were feeding on soul power.

    Since historical records, soul beasts have been the biggest danger in this star field, and it was precisely because of the intrusion of soul beasts that the countries and planets in this star field have been always at peace.

    But so far, no one has figured out the secret of the Soul Cloud Belt, because even just getting close to the Soul Cloud Belt was enough to cause a person’s soul power to be disordered to the point of death, and no equipment could block this effect.

    The “black cloud” on the Old Emperor Star was the soul-made cloud belt that appeared after the death of the dragon-level soul beast.

It could be understood as a weakened version of the Soul Could Belt, it couldn’t breed soul beasts but it would still affect people.

It could be shielded.

    Yang Yang zoomed in on the camera to take pictures of those black clouds, and after adjusting the camera, he also took a picture of the Donton family crest on the console.

    —This was for Weibo use later.

    After Yang Yang finished shooting the material, he concentrated on watching those “black clouds”.

    They looked like clouds, but they are actually discrete particles.

Their movements were irregular.

Occasionally, they would gather in larger piece, but they didn’t do anything, and they dispersed in a blink of an eye.

    Yang Yang exclaimed exaggeratedly, “It’s like a small school of black fish~”

    Archibald couldn’t stand Yang Yang’s appearance, so he patted Yang Yang’s leg “intimately” with his tail, and his voice was gentle, “Be good*, stop making trouble.”

*also can mean darling, it’s the third time I’m making this note O_O

    He didn’t hit hard, but he just happened to hit Yang Yang’s knee, and Yang Yang almost stumbled onto the console.

    Yang Yang “…”

    Yang Yang looked back at Archibald, who replied with a loving (challenging) indulging (provocative) smile.

    Good, you started it.

    Yang Yang put away the camera screen, stood up as if nothing had happened, and then looked at Archibald, with a suddenly shy face.

    Archibald “…”

    Yang Yang wanted to say something and twisted, and then stomped his feet in shame, “Darling, what are you doing~ There are other people here, and you touch people’s butt— “Oops, I said it, I’m so shy~ Do you hate me~”

    After speaking, Yang Yang hit Archibald’s arm angrily, then ran away with his face covered.

    The soldiers in the command cabin “…”

    What did their colonel touch

    Archibald “…”

    He didn’t want to say anything, but Yang Yang really didn’t hold back when he punched him.

    Hand is now numb.




Little Theater:

Yang Yang: *kicks Archibald with soul power*

Yang Yang: He started it!!


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