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Chapter 20: Bastard


After Yang Yang had fainted, his soul went directly into the Soul Cube and he fell into a deep sleep without interruption.


Not sure how long he slept, when Yang Yang opened his eyes, he found that he was still in the Soul Cube.




Yang Yang was a little surprised.

As long as he woke up before, his soul will automatically get separated from the Soul Cube.

Why is it different today


As he was thinking, a fluorescent ball suddenly flew over.


As big as a pigeon egg.

It was smooth and the light it emitted was soft.

Even if you look at it directly, it won't hurt your eyes.


It flickered and was transmitting the emotions of doubt and worry.


Yang Yang didn't know that he had scared the fluorescent ball by appearing in the Soul Cube, but after being baptized by the bugs, he felt that this fluorescent ball with "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" was quite cute!


Yang Yang stretched out his hand and bent his index finger.

The fluorescent ball automatically dodged.

It flashes and feels warm, and was weak in spirit when he held it with his fingers.


Yang Yang's tone had a smile as he asked, "What's the matter, are you being coquettish"


Fluorescent ball:【nicely flashing.gif】


Yang Yang shook his head and rubbed the cute fluorescent ball.

He called,【Roth.】


It took two seconds before Roth's voice sounded:【Master, I'm back! OvO】


These days, because Yang Yang wanted to continue his boring training, Roth was released by Yang Yang.

In just a few days, Roth has visited all the public A.I databases on the StarshipㅡYang Yang forbid him to spy on other people's privacy.


Excluding on leaping around the Starship, Roth also went to the Star Net in the passing and has learned a lot of new things!


Yang Yang asked: [This time, why am I still in the Soul Cube when I'm already awake]


Roth was surprised:【Master, you can control your Soul Power】


Yang Yang was dumbfounded: [I can]


Roth was stupefied too:【Can't you】


Yang Yang: [...]


Let him think about it.


Although Yang Yang's memory was a bit in chaos due to losing his senses from the primary shock, he still remembered Archibald's tail.


Oh right, Archibald's tail.

ㅡA bug can't have Archibald's tail, right


When he thought about it, the bug disappeared and the room lit up red lights...

it seems to be a warning light.


So, there's something wrong with the training system


Then, the two "big bugs" he saw later were not simulated data, but...

Archibald and Monta


Yang Yang: "..."


Yang Yang patted his thigh and felt sorry: "I didn't beat them hard enough."




Yang Yang regretted then returned to their topic: [Before I lost consciousness, it seemed that I had used my Soul Power, but I didn't remember it.

ㅡHow to mark the Soul Cube's imprint]


Roth:【The use of Soul Power is the act of "marking".

That is, Master is now recognized by the Soul Cube.

So whether to leave the Soul Cube now depends on Master's own wishes and not the automatic control of the Soul Cube.】


Yang Yang: [Can I use it How to use it]


Roth felt sorry:【It can't be use yet.】


Yang Yang: [...Why]


Roth:【The Soul Cube has its own judgment system and now it just recognizes Master.

ㅡIn fact, if the original host has not unlocked the Soul Cultivating face, you won't be able to enter inside.】


Yang Yang: [...]


Roth:【In the note left by the original host, the Soul Cube will be selectively opened according to Master's control of Soul Power.

As soon as Master reaches the approval of the Soul Cube, it will automatically unlock and give a corresponding prompt.】


Roth:【According to my calculations, Master must at least control your Soul Power before the Soul Cube can recognize your eligibility to use it.

Master, fighting! OvO】


Yang Yang: [...]


Well, that's to be expected.

The Soul Cube is closely related to his soul and Soul Power, if there's no limit, he may hurt himself without knowing it.


[Can I get out of here now]


Yang Yang raised his hand and the fluorescent ball shook twice, but instead of leaving Yang Yang's fingers, it wrapped Yang Yang's fingers tighter with a weak Soul Power.


Roth:【 Yes, Master can communicate with the Soul Cube by perceiving your Soul Power】




Yang Yang answered, but did not move immediately.


After a while, Yang Yang suddenly raised the corners of his mouth: [Roth, what's the situation outside]


Roth scanned the surrounding and answered:【Master, you're inside the treatment room right now.

Gu Lita, Duke of Doton and Monta are all there and Gu Lita is examining you.

ㅡㅡEh What happened to Duke Doton's face Did he fight with Monta】


Yang Yang: [Oh, they knocked against the wall.]




Yang Yang's right middle finger is tapping his knees rhythmically and his mouth raised into an arc.


Yang Yang: [Roth, can the Soul Cube make my soul reaction disappear]


Roth:【 Yes, but the duration depends on Master's control.

At present, its disappearance is limited to one minute】


Yang Yang: [If my soul reaction disappears frequently, would it affect my body]


Roth:【It won't because the Soul Cube is your Horcrux】


Yang Yang: [Good.]


Little bastard, I'll let you suffer with me.



At the same time, in the treatment room.


Gu Lita connected the detection instrument to Yang Yang while playfully looking at the two people and asked the situation.


After listening, Gu Lita was astonished.

"He paralyzed the training system"


Monta gave himself medicine, turned back and forced a sentence, "It wasn't paralyzed, it was damaged and I estimate that 80% of the damage can't be saved.

ㅡYou didn't see it.

Byrd and I were pushed back for a whole meter!"



Gu Lita was even more flabbergasted and asked Archibald, "For real"


Archibald had finished taking his medicine and nodded when he heard the words "En, it caused him to have a primary shock."


Gu Lita gave a "Whoa", then glanced at the sleeping Yang Yang and said, "It's normal to faint."


The primary shock after the outbreak of Soul Power indicates that its outbreak exceeds the Soul Power capacity of the body, which is a kind of "overuse".

After that, the body will be forced to sleep to achieve the purpose of protecting the soul and recovering itself.


However, Gu Lita was still curious, "So what did you do You actually allowed him to play"


Archibald: "..."


Archibald: "We specifically used his weakness to train him."


"It's quite specific.

ㅡMom, you could've never imagined how naive he could be!"


Monta put the medicine jar in his hand and explained in detail about the training contents of Archibald's vague past.

He also emphasized that "He actually did combat simulations."


Archibald: "..."


Archibald cast a friendly and kind look on Monta.


Monta wasn't seduced this time.

He stretched out his finger and pointed at his face painfullyㅡlook! Take a look at my handsome and matchless face! Doesn't your conscience feel hurt


Archibald: "..."


Archibald withdrew his gaze and with a righteous and solemn expression.

"It's customary to use weaknesses to stimulate potential.

ㅡI just didn't expect him to be so scared."


Gu Lita pursed her lips and looked at Archibald: "I haven't seen you so lively in a long time.

Ah, Yang Yang is so powerful.

I like him more and more.

Otherwise you two can get married."


Archibald: "..."


He's afraid that he would be crazy to marry this man.


Gu Lita also wanted to make fun of him, but at this moment, she suddenly heard the sharp alarm sound coming from the detection instrument.


Gu Lita was startled.

She looked back and frowned.

"Yang Yang's soul reaction disappeared."


Archibald froze and asked, "Did he enter the space he talked about"


Last time when the child's soul reaction disappeared, Yang Yang verified the existence of that space with his own soul reaction in order to prove it.

At that time, his soul reaction also disappeared.


Gu Lita shook her head.

"I don't know.

But before that, his soul reaction was still there and even last time, it only disappeared for five secondsㅡ"


Just as she was saying this, the whistling instrument suddenly stopped and Yang Yang's soul reaction appeared again.


Gu Lita breathed a sigh of relief and the tip of Archibald's tight tail relaxed.


But before their hearts could calm down, the instrument began to sound againㅡthe soul reaction disappeared again.


"What's happening"


Monta on one side couldn't sit still and asked with a little worry, "Mom, is this normal"


Gu Lita looked closely at the monitoring data of the instrument and never looked back.

"He has never been normal."


From Roth to the child's soul and to that strange space, the mystery brought by Yang Yang can be used to play Mahjong.


With just a few words, the sound of the instrument stopped again.


But this time, the three did not relax and sure enough, after a few seconds, the instrument rang again.


After repeating this process five times, Gu Lita's complexion became dignified.


Gu Lita: "The interval between the disappearance of the soul reaction is getting shorter, but it's getting longer."


Monta gulp.

"What do you mean"


Gu Lita looked at it.

"If it goes on like this, after one minute, his soul reaction may continue to disappear for three minutes, which is a medical judgement that a person is dead."


"Of course, it may be that his space is protecting him, but none of us can be sure."


Monta was stunned.

"What should we do"


Archibald walked to the bed with a frown.

"Wake him up."


Gu Lita agreed to his method and said to Archibald, "I will stabilize his Soul Palace with the wave instrument.

You try to influence him with your Soul Power.

Find something he cares about and try to communicate with him."


Archibald's brow frowned more tightlyㅡwhat Yang Yang cared about...

he might have a guess.


However, based on his understanding of Yang Yang after getting along with him these days, is that Yang Yang liked playing tricks on him.


So Archibald took a deep breath and said, "If you're lying, I won't let you off when you wake up."


Yang Yang: deep-sleep.jpg


The sound of alert rang, indicating that the soul had disappeared again.


Archibald was annoyed by the sound and his tail slapped the ground anxiously, and a little panic crept into his heart.


Yes, Yang Yang was probably just playing with him.


But what if


Archibald clenched his hand into a fist and he gritted his teeth, saying softly, "I was wrong.

I shouldn't have scared you with those bugs, I'm sorry."


Yang Yang: deep-sleep.jpg


The alarm was still ringing.


Archibald was a little anxious.

"Wake up, I'll let you vent your anger!"


Yang Yang: deep-sleep.jpg


The alarm rang.


Why aren't you waking up


It's not really that case, right


Archibald was really flustered, his tail drooped down and his voice became loud.

"I promise that I will never scare you in the future, nor will I scold you in training.

As long as you wake up, I'll listen to you! "


The alarm stopped abruptly.


The sleeping Yang Yang suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the young handsome face that was very close in front him, and smiled.


"You said that."


Archibald: "..."


This bastard!


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