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Chapter 19: Super Wronged!


In the past few days of training, Archibald found that Yang Yang was afraid of bugsㅡthose insect-shaped animal balls that Yang Yang never poked and even actively avoided.


Of course, he didn't expect that Yang Yang would be so afraid of this.


However, after Yang Yang had ran for two laps, Archibald slowed down the speed of those bugs, giving Yang Yang time to breathe, so as to avoid Yang Yang's physical strength to be exhausted.


Yang Yang also discovered that the speed of those bugs had slowed down.

He was panting and his first reaction was to find Archibald.


But as he approached one meter away from Archibald, a new bug suddenly appeared in the opposite open space.


Yang Yang: “!!!”


Turn around and run!


Archibald watched as Yang Yang jumped away for an instant.

He coughed lightly and suppressed the laughter in his throat before saying, “When the Soul Power is captured, it will leave a mark.

Generally, this is when you realize its existence, but there are special ones who will be aware of touch and vision.”


“Remember what it feels like when you feel your Soul Power and then use that feeling to touch and mobilize your own Soul Power and use it as your weapon.”


Yang Yang didn't want to hear this.

He ran away and said to Archibald, “You change these bugs!”


Archibald turned a deaf ear: “The right kind of stimulus is good for stimulating your potential.”


Yang Yang walked away from the lively bugs and glared at Archibald, “You're just taking revenge, are you that petty You were scolding me, can't I talk back”


You call that talking back Every time you got anxious, you used that child in your stomach.

This time you have to use your ability to deal with those bugs.


Archibald rattled in his heart, but his face was still cold and expressionless.


He opened the panel, pressed a button and looked at Yang Yang with a straight face, “I told you, it's just normal training.

Now, I've turned on the attack mode.”


Yang Yang: “...”




He only heard a light sound in the room then a bug emerged into the air, turning perfectly in the air and then its head burst open and sprayed a colored Soul Power towards Yang Yang.


Yang Yang quickly ran to the side to avoid it and a group of Soul Power rubbed his shoulder.

Yang Yang felt a little push, as if he had been touched by a soft thingㅡhe didn't avoid the attack.


The flying bug also fell to the ground five steps away from Yang Yang and didn't launch a second attack for the time being.


Yang Yang was about to breathe a sigh of relief when he heard a succession sound of "snoring" in the room.


All of a sudden, the bugs in the room just like a fish in the pond, jumped one after another and then the heavenly maids scattered flowers like a spray of Soul Power.


Yang Yang: “...”


Who designed this perverted training template!!!


Yang Yang can no longer care for the spitting Soul Power of the bugs.

In his eyes, there are only bugs that spin and jump all over the sky and land with their eyes closed.




Yang Yang was forced to flee and roared angrily.


The person who was yelled at, did not fluctuate and continued his calm teaching mode: “This training is timed.

Don't try to end the training early by taking excessive attacks.

Use your Soul Power, imagine it as a weapon in your hand and open it up as a barrier.”


Yang Yang was running right and left in the bug rain: “Change your model first!”


Archibald: “This model is more suitable for you.

Your Soul Power perception is unstable and the extreme mode is more suitable for you to play.

ㅡOh right, your time is half an hour.

Every five minutes, the number of models will increase by one third.”


Yang Yang: “What!”


Archibald: “Just in time, it's already been five minutes.”


As soon as his words fell, Yang Yang saw the bugs were quiet for a few seconds and then there were four more bugs in the middle of the room.


In the next second, all the bugs "jumped" again.


Yang Yang: “!!!”




Monta: “...”


Monta looked at Archibald and couldn't help saying, “I think he's really afraid of bugs, is the child okay”


Archibald: “It's okay.

I used his test results to simulate the combat data.

He can last at least 45 minutes.”


Monta: “...”


You're actually doing a combat simulation for this


Well, he can see that for the sake of Yang Yang, this one is really "thoughtful". 


A quarter of an hour after the game started, the number of bugs in the room increased to 28 and Yang Yang finally failed to escape, and a bug that fell from the sky landed on his shoulder.


The weight of the simulation bug is very light, but the feeling of falling is very firm.

The soft and wriggling tail feet scraped across the skin of his neck.

It didn't hurt, but Yang Yang's scalp immediately exploded.


Yang Yang screamed for the first time since his rebirth: “Ah! Ah! Ah!”


At that moment, Yang Yang didn't know what to do.

He only knew that the bug had fallen on him.


The bug had very long arms and was as thick a slice of bread!


It fell on him!!!


Yang Yang's brain went blank and the idea of ​​"refusal" invaded all his thoughts.

Then he felt a force expanding from the inside out, rejecting everything around him!




"Bangㅡ! Boomㅡ!"


An invisible barrier centered on Yang Yang and it expanded rapidly.

All the "non-self" things in Yang Yang's consciousness were pushed away from his "safety area" by this barrierㅡincluding Archibald and Monta, who were drawing the awaiting number of bugs.


The barrier was expanding too fast and the data of the bugs cannot withstand this counter burst of Soul Power, they exploded and disappeared.


Archibald and Monta are warriors with rich fighting experience.

They immediately opened up a barrier with their Soul Power, but they underestimated the power of this wave from Yang Yang's outburst and they were forcibly pushed away for more than a meter.



At the same time there was a rapid electronic reminder sounded in the room.


“Beepㅡ Warning! Soul Power overload, please disconnect immediately! Warning! Soul Powerㅡ”


“Drop! The hub of the simulation system has been destroyed, forcing it to disconnect.”


“The simulation training system has been shut down and an inspection report has been sent.

Please repair it sooner.”


Archibald: “...”


Monta: “...”


Monta glanced at Archibald and the shock in his eyes almost smashed Archibald's face, “Was it you who turned on the last simulation”


Archibald: “...”


He really didn't expect this.


On the other end, Yang Yang was still in shock.

He looked up and found that the "overwhelming" bugs had finally disappeared and then he saw a red light in the room.


Yang Yang: “”


What happened What did this son of a moth Archibald do!!


Yang Yang subconsciously looked for Archibald, but after his sight swept, Yang Yang froze.


——On the other side of the room, two big bugs that were higher than him appeared! They're stronger than him! They were covered with white silky matter and one of them was fatter.

They are jumping while they're still wrapped in silk!


The bugs' intelligence was upgraded!




Yang Yang swept around and did not see Archibald and Monta nor did they respond.

There were only him and the two large bugs in the room.


That little bastard slipped away


Yang Yang looked like an angry beast.

He didn't react just now when he just finished off that bug himself and thought it was Archibald who changed the training mode.


Archibald and Monta were also stupefied.


Monta glanced at Archibald, “He doesn't look alright.

Did he have a primary shock”


Primary shock usually happens the first time using or after excessively using Soul Power, and having a temporary sexual deficiency.


Yang Yang's action just now clearly showed that he didn't see or hear his and Archibald's existence.


Archibald said nothing and walked towards Yang Yang.


In Yang Yang's eyes, he saw the two oversized bugs approaching him.


They're faster than the previous bugs and were coming straight to him!


Yang Yang: “!!!”


Yang Yang pulled his legs, trying to run but when he lifted his leg, his foot was soft and his whole body was planted to the ground.


Archibald was startled and his body rushed out like an arrow off the string.

His tail swayed and Yang Yang was lifted up.

He caught Yang Yang's body before it fell.




Archibald was relieved.


And Yang Yang saw the familiar black tail and was relieved.

His breath relaxed and the feeling of the softness of his limbs and spirit engulfed him.


However, Yang Yang still held up his last strength because he at least wants to glare at Archibald!


“It's all right.”


Archibald stretched out his hand to hold Yang Yang and Yang Yang struggled to stand.

Thus, Archibald's tail did not loose and he kept supporting Yang Yang's body.


Yang Yang didn't hear Archibald's voice and after a slight sigh of relief, he looked up and stared at him, “You—”


His terrible and fierce words got stuck in his throat before they could come out.

—Because there was no Archibald and in front of him were clearly the two huge white bugs just now!


And these suspected heads of the two big bugs were still approaching him.


Yang Yang: “!!!”


Without thinking or warning, Yang Yang's hands had their own thoughts.

They punched and attacked the two bugs without a second of hesitation!


Then, the aftermath of the outbreak of his Soul Power struck.

Yang Yang's head became heavy and he passed out.


In the last moment of fainting, Yang Yang's heart rose with relief.

Fortunately, the two bugs didn't feel soft.




After Yang Yang fainted, the system collapsed into a dead room.


For a long while, Monta felt that his right face and his cheekbones near his eye sockets hurt.

He turned his head to look at Archibald next to him and the same spot on his left face was already red.


Monta's thoughts were somewhat dim, “The last time we were both stabbed by one person, was it a few years ago”


Archibald: “...”


He didn't want to talk about it.


Monta tranced for a while and reacted, “Fuck!”


Monta stepped back, touched his face and pointed his finger to the unconscious Yang Yang.

He pointed at the culprit, Archibald, and finally with nowhere to vent, he withdrew his hands and growled, “I'm just controlling the panel, but who did I provoked!”


He felt super wronged!


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