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Chapter 17: Taming The Beast


The Soul Baby's Soul Power Class had a total of fifteen episodes and each episode had more than twenty minutes duration.

Yang Yang carefully read it again and felt that it was completely useless.


After reading, Yang Yang understood a lot of common sense on soul power as well as the changes on the beast shape Lesters.

However, there's only one episode about how to perceive and use soul power.

The general content was as follows:


Children, follow the soul baby together and take a deep breath then pat your belly.

The hot place is the soul palace and the soft one is the soul power~


Yang Yang who subconsciously followed the steps "...



Yang Yang watched the video where the pinched golden soul ball on the 'belly' was marked as something transparent.

Then he looked down at his small belly that he was pinching.


Yang Yang "..."


Yang Yang let go of his belly and moved forward indifferently.


Afterwards, Yang Yang learned that infants before the age of five would have a fever in their soul palace and this age is also the time when their soul was the strongest and most susceptible.


In short, it wasn't the flow of ideas in the textbook that was useless, but because Yang Yang was already old.


Yang Yang "..."




As for the other materials that was given by Ya Qing, Yang Yang roughly glanced over a few and used the original owner's understanding to translate them into language which its general descriptions was similar to "Qi Shen Dan Tian, the ​​Endoscope of Meridians and the Heaven and Earth's Spirit"ㅡon Lesters.

These things have been explained in great detail which was pure nonsense.


But to understand these things and its enlightenment materials, there's a common premise which was based on the soul and genetic instincts of Lesters.


And Yang Yang doesn't have this kind of instinct.




Yang Yang sighed and turned off the light screen.

He collapsed on the sofa and closed his eyes to relax.


Roth jumped out to comfort his Master:【Don't worry, you still have time】 


Yang Yang didn't respond.


He spent five years in the apocalypse and all of his hopeful thoughts were already exhausted.

The first thing that came on his mind was often the worst results.


For example, Yang Yang now thought that there's a possibility of miscarriage and if that happens then should he give Archibald another surrogate child or should he escape on the sly.


"Knock knock."


The door was knocked twice and interrupted Yang Yang's thoughts.


Yang Yang looked at the learning materials for a long time and felt a little tired, but he still stood up to open the door.


Archibald stood outside the door.

He looked at Yang Yang's face and frowned, "Do you feel uncomfortable"


Yang Yang was baffled, "No."


Archibald looked at Yang Yang's face again, "Your face doesn't look good.

In case you feel any discomfort, be sure to say it."


Yang Yang was stunned then laughed, "Thank you for your concern, I'll keep that in mind."


His attitude suddenly became gentle and Archibald felt a little uneasy.

He looked away and said, "It's time for dinner."


After that, Archibald turned and left.


Yang Yang looked at his back and laughed.


Roth felt that its master is acting weird:【What are you laughing at】 


Yang Yang closed the door and kept up with Archibald.

He didn't answer Roth's question because he was thinking that maybe he should learn to be optimistic.



The dinner was made by Gu Lita and He Shu.

Yang Yang was just in time when the dishes were being served.

It looked fun and pleasant that made people feel ordinary and warm.


Gu Lita brought out a pot of something similar to a vegetable salad and bumped into Yang Yang.

She was surprised.


"Yo, what's wrong with your face You looked sick."


Yang Yang touched his face and thought that maybe his complexion looked really bad.


He smiled and said, "I read the learning materials for a while and forgot to rest.

My spirit couldn't be more fine."


If this was two days ago, he's afraid he would have to sleep for an hour, but now his spirit and soul has recovered.

It's his body that still needs time to recuperate.


Gu Lita knows Yang Yang's physical condition best.

She only said, "You're a man of ideas so I won't say much.

You just have to be careful.

By the way, how's your learning progress"


Yang Yang's smile disappeared instantly, "..."


Gu Lita smiled, "It doesn't seem to go well."


Yang Yang looked at himself and felt helpless so he just said to Gu Lita.

"I understand the theories and the general principles.

But I couldn't understand the descriptions of how to perceive the soul.

Such as how to sense qi and how to attract soul power...

I couldn't understand those."


Gu Lita was flabbergasted then her expression became dignified, "If you can't perceive even these then your situation is a little bit serious.

You can't perceive your soul power at all"


"En, Iㅡ"


Yang Yang paused and suddenly looked at Archibald who was helping in serving the food.


Archibald "..."


Archibald's tail subconsciously tightened.


Yang Yang withdrew his gaze and said, "Last night, the Duke's soul power overflowed.

I was in my soul form at that time and I felt cold.

It didn't come from outside but from within my bodyㅡwas it perception"


Gu Lita froze, "Cold"


Yang Yang nodded.


Then he noticed that the expressions of the people in the restaurant became weird.

Especially Monta whose mouth was wide open that even a whole egg could fit in.




Monta put down the bread knife in his hand.

He looked as if he was scammed and grunted, "You still can't perceive soul power in that case"


Yang Yang was stupefied, "Was it really perception"


Monta's face showed envy and hate, he roared, "Of course! I want to feel the cold too!"


Yang Yang "..."


Is this your special hobby


Gu Lita eased her shock then explained to Yang Yang, "Soul power perception is indeed true in every Lesters, but it also has its pros and cons.

It's even an important indicator to test a warrior's level."



"As far as I know, there's only less than twenty people who's been recorded in the book like you who could materialize from the influence of soul power to specific senses, not just dizziness and headaches."


Yang Yang blinked and like he saw a little light at the end of the tunnel, "So there's nothing wrong with my soul power.

On the contrary, I'm very sensitive to soul power"


Gu Lita: "You could say so.

However, from what you described earlier, you have forgotten the way to perceive soul power on your own due to amnesia.

If that's the case, I suggest you could skip the theories and use practice to get better results."


Yang Yang listened and his first reaction was to look at Archibald—Let the Duke's soul power overflow again


Archibald "..."


He could really read Yang Yang's thoughts.


Gu Lita also saw it and laughed, "Forget about Byrd, he's so powerful and it's too dangerous for you.

You could start with auxiliary games, which is also one of the main ways to exercise soul perception." 


After that, Gu Lita looked at Monta and said, "Since you have offline connections, take Yang Yang to play tomorrow.

By the way, Byrd how are you doing"


Archibald "I've changed my medicine in the morning.

It should be able to delay the overflow of my soul for a while."


Gu Lita nodded, "Then you go play with them too.

I'm afraid Monta would lose his reason if he gets too engrossed in playing games."


Archibald didn't refuse, "Okay."


But Monta innocently refuted, "I'm very sensible."


Gu Lita glanced at him but didn't speak.

She just gave him a smile to let him realize.


Monta "..."


Yang Yang was listening and couldn't help but look forward to it.

He said, "Let me take a look first after dinner."


Gu Lita looked at him and smiled, "When the child's soul and body are separated, the fetus is very vulnerable.

It may lead to miscarriage if it won't have a good rest."


Yang Yang immediately behaved, "Then I'll do it tomorrow."


Gu Lita nodded with satisfaction.

"Let's eat."



The next day, Yang Yang woke up and received the game installation package from Monta.

After reading its label, he learned that it was a special system training game for the army.


Yang Yang was immediately full of confidence.


After breakfast, the three chose a quiet and vacant room.

They put on a holographic device and log in to the game.


This is Yang Yang's first time playing a "holographic" game which was a very novel experience for him.


Because it's offline, the game's settings are also limited.

Yang Yang opened his eyes and found that he appeared in a light blue room full of grid lines while Archibald and Monta stood opposite.


Yang Yang noticed that their clothes turned exactly the same as military training clothes.


Yang Yang curiously looked around and touched himselfㅡhis sense of touch became dull, it should be adjusted due to the real data of pain and such.



Monta's hand was a bit void and three panels appeared in front of the three of them.


Monta said, "These games are the initial levels.

Pick a good one and we'll start."


Yang Yang glanced at the transparent panel in front of him.

There are six different games.

Yang Yang read the names and chose "look for me", which was the most moderate.


At the beginning of the game, a pile of cute and colorful ball shaped small animals appeared around the center where the three of them stood.


Then a black stick appeared in front of Yang Yang as well as a rule description interface. 


Interface book:



This game has a total of five levels in a continuous mode and failure means that you will have to start from the beginning.



The number of obstacles increases step by step.



Please set the explosion strength (010 level)


Yang Yang "...what does this explosion mean"


Monta enthusiastically explained, "It's the punishment after hitting the obstacle.

There are 10 soul power targets in the first level of this game.

When you find them, use the stick to stab them.

After stabbing the soul power target, you will pass the level, but you will fail if you didn't stab the obstacle after 5 times of trying.

Of course, if you also can't withstand the power of the explosion that would be considered as a failure too."


Yang Yang "..."


Yang Yang expressionlessly set the explosion strength to 0 and lost his confidence in playing this game.


Monta's expression was full of regret, "Zero is so boring."


Yang Yang ignored him and hit the game's start button.


At the beginning of the game, the originally crowded ball shaped small animals in the middle instantly turned into a rubber ball and began to bounce wildly in this space at a speed no less than the fluorescent ball in the Soul Cube.


Yang Yang "..."


Initial level


Then the game starts and the game ends.


Monta watched and wondered, "Can you really feel the temperature of soul power"


Yang Yang whose face was blown up by five animal balls didn't want to talk.


Archibald saw the problem and sternly said, "You were just looking for something.

The soul power of the primary target is very obvious.

You can't be disturbed by those obstacles.

You have to perceive, not see."


Yang Yang still didn't speak then he silently started another game again.


After repeatedly failing 10 games, Archibald's violent temper couldn't stand it anymore and took Yang Yang as a recruited trainee out of habit.


"Is your soul palace just for display Since you could sense the temperature of soul power, why couldn't you do such a simple perception Do you want the soul beasts to smash your soul before you could feel their presence"


Yang Yang was repeatedly bombarded 50 times and he was in a bad mood.

He looked at Archibald and suddenly said, "Your cold soul made your child run."


Archibald "..."


His anger suddenly subsided.


Yang Yang: "Should we start again and warm it up"


Archibald "..."


After a few seconds of silence, Archibald looked away.

Then the furious instructor turned back to a calm instructor.


"If you're not sure, just close your eyes to perceive the similarities between soul power and soul.

Imagine the state of your soul and find your own kind.


Yang Yang didn't say anything and just faintly retracted his eyes.

Then he started his 11th game and closed his eyes.


After seeing Yang Yang's eyes closed, Archibald's straight face secretly relaxed then he continued to guide Yang Yang carefully without any expression.


Monta who witnessed the whole scene, "..."


What kind of large scale animal training scene is this


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