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Chapter 14: It Came Out!!


Although Archibald walked indignantly and didn’t even join in dinner.

At night, Archibald obediently appeared in front of Yang Yang when he was about to take a rest.

When Archibald came, Yang Yang had just taken a shower.

As soon as the door was opened, both people inside and outside was stunned.

Archibald was stunned by Yang Yang’s dress.

Yang Yang was wrapped in a loose bathrobe and because his hands was wiping his hair, his actions exposed his thin and fair pink chest.

From Archibald’s point of view, he could clearly see Yang Yang’s tender and pink chest.

Archibald unnaturally looked away—he didn’t know why he was panicking.

Although he was a man, but he still felt that one more look and he would be a hooligan.

At this moment, Yang Yang was also staring in astonishment at Archibald’s lower body.

Archibald obviously had just finished exercising.

He was wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, his shirt was soaked with sweat.

But that’s not the point.

The point is, Archibald whose in shorts, completely exposed his beastly lower body.

Archibald’s legs were completely beast-shaped, like the structure of a movable toe device.

Like his tail the surfaces of his legs were covered with hard and rough black scales, which at first glance looked like an armor made of black iron with a cold sense of power and oppression.

And it’s beautiful.

The muscle lines on the legs are very obvious.

Even those thick scales can’t be covered.

Yang Yang swears that if you dissect those legs it will take a lot of effort and those muscles must be beautiful enough to put into the first page of the Anatomy book.

Yang Yang rubbed his fingers and resisted the urge to bend over and touch those thighs inside that shorts.

Then Yang Yang looked up at Archibald as if nothing happened and casually asked with a smile, “Is there something wrong, Duke”

Archibald “…”

Why are you smiling

Archibald pressed that little doubt in his heart and coldly said, “Aunt Gu asked me to watch you all night.”

Yang Yang froze, then he remembered his agreement with Gu Lita during the pre-dinner inspection.

Yang Yang shrugged and stepped back to give way, “Please go in.”

Archibald wasn’t polite either.

He stepped into the bedroom without squinting, then pulled over the sofa in front of the window.

He sat down to face the bed and stared at Yang Yang motionlessly.

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang puts down the towel he used to wipe his hair and stared at Archibald, “Must you be like this”

Archibald looked back at Yang Yang.

As if he had found pleasure from Yang Yang’s helpless expression, he raised his eyebrows and said, “My task is to ‘watch’ you.”

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang threw the towel on the bed and smiled at Archibald.


Archibald “…”

He had a bad hunch.

Then Archibald saw Yang Yang pulled his bathrobe belt and the bathrobe slipped off from him, revealing Yang Yang’s naked body.

To be honest, Yang Yang’s current body isn’t attractive to the eyes.

He has thin bones and pale skin.

Due to the long-term bed rest, his muscle lines were equivalent to nothing.

However, this doesn’t mean that it can be regarded as nothing.


Archibald’s pupils sharply shrank and his body shook—he wanted to turn his head, but he remembered his “task” and knew that it was Yang Yang’s intentional “provocation”.

So he hardened his skull and did not look away.

Seeing this, Yang Yang laughed, then raised his hands and said, “See, I don’t carry any medicine.”

Archibald was stupefiedㅡYang Yang took off his clothes just for this

The next second, Yang Yang stooped to pick up his pajamas on the bed and walked towards Archibald.

Archibald’s body became rigid.

Although Yang Yang’s body was thin, his skin was very delicate and he had this faint aroma, like the smell of flowers and plants blown by the wind.

He’s not sure if the smell was coming from Yang Yang or those clothes.

As Yang Yang approached step by step, Archibald slightly lifted his headㅡhis eyes were firmly locked on Yang Yang’s eyes, but he didn’t dare to cross the line for half a minute and his face was as plain as water.

Yang Yang really didn’t noticed Archibald’s nervousness.

He stood in front of Archibald.

Although naked, he looked as if he wasn’t the one who wasn’t wearing clothes.

Yang Yang handed his pajamas to Archibald and said, “Check the clothes and the bed.

Otherwise, if I hide something inside, won’t your surveillance become meaningless”

Archibald didn’t look at the pajamas that Yang Yang handed over, his tone was solemn and calm, “No need.

I can see your every small movementㅡyou better not try to do any dirty tricks.”

Yang Yang raised his eyebrows, but didn’t think that Archibald was talking big.

After all, the five senses of the beast-shaped Lesters are much better than ordinary people.

“Up to you.”

Yang Yang indifferently shrugged, then he turned and walked back to the bed.

He put on his pajamas and continue to dry his hair.

Behind him, Archibald’s stiff body slowly relaxed and then he loosened his palms.

He secretly wipe the thin layer of sweat off his shorts and continued watching Yang Yang expressionlessly.

Everything went quiet afterwards.

The two people got along inside the room without talking, but the atmosphere was unexpectedly harmonious.

Before on their way back, Yang Yang only took a nap, but now after drying his hair and hugging the furry Rabbit Roth he quickly entered the dreamland.

As always, as soon as Yang Yang fell asleep, his soul entered the void of the Soul Cube.

Yang Yang looked down at his belly.

Sure enough, soon the black-grey materials floated out and then disappeared in the Soul Cube.

Yang Yang noticed that although that glimmer of light in his belly was only the size of a pigeon egg, but the light was brighter and the frequency of flickers were like a stable breathing.

This was a good thing.

Yang Yang couldn’t help but smile and reached out to touch his belly.

The feeling of touching the soul was somewhat similar to the skin, it’s very soft and warm.

As if feeling his closeness, the light also moved towards the position of his palm and then with a forward movement, it floated out of Yang Yang’s body.

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang “Roth! It came out!”

Roth was very calm:【En, the Little Master has a lot of spirit~】

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang was somewhat stupefied, “Can it come out Aren’t I pregnant, how can it move out”

Roth explained:【In pregnant females, the child’s body developed first before its soul.

You’re pregnant with the Little Master’s body, but the Little Master’s soul is independent.

It didn’t move before because it was too weak】

Yang Yang “Is that so…”

Yang Yang relaxed, he looked down at the glimmer of light, then extended a finger trying to touch it.

The light was like a soft firefly.

Looking at the finger in front, it wasn’t afraid and it instead circled around the finger closely.

Occasionally approaching and rubbing twice.

Warm, soft and flexible.

The smile in Yang Yang’s mouth deepened.

He shook his finger to play with the light and asked Roth, “Why is it shapeless”

Roth:【A soul is a manifestation of self-awareness.

When the Little Master gets a clear understanding of himselfㅡgenerally adulthood, the soul will take shape】

Yang Yang nodded and wanted to say something, but suddenly felt a coldness coming from outside that’s piercing his soul.

As cold as scraping his bones.

The light got startled by the coldness coming from Yang Yang’s fingertips and drifted away in panic.

Immediately after, Yang Yang just felt that the sky was spinning, then he opened his eyes and woke up.


Yang Yang’s eyes were confused and before he could understand the situation, he heard Archibald’s apology.

Yang Yang slowed down for a while before seeing the status quo.

At this point, Yang Yang was lying on the bed, crouching and his hands were protecting his stomach.

His hair was soaked with sweat while Archibald was half-kneeling at the bedside and his face looked very ugly.

The whole man looked like he had been pulled out of the water.

Yang Yang felt that the bitter cold has faded, but he was still a little uncomfortable.

He sat up with his quilt and he curiously looked at Archibald, “What’s going on”

Archibald was breathing heavily and gasped while saying, “My soul has been lost and it affected you, but I have already taken my medicine and I’ll be fine in a while.”

Roth automatically explained to Yang Yang:【Master, there are many reasons for the soul to escape, but the common cause is the damage to the Soul Palace】

Yang Yang understood [It should be the genetic disease of the Doton Family.]

Yang Yang was uneasy seeing Archibald like this, but since the other party had already said that he took his medicine.

Yang Yang didn’t say much.

Rather, Archibald was calm and asked Yang Yang, “Do you feel uncomfortable Should I call Aunt Gu to come and check”

Yang Yang only felt cold and felt nothing after waking up.

Besides, he has his Soul Cube, so he wasn’t worried.

However, Yang Yang told him this instead while covering his belly.

He said weakly, “You scared the child.”

Archibald “…”

Yang Yang’s weakness got even worse, “The child felt your Soul Power and wants to be close to you.”

Archibald was unmoved.

Yang Yang’s true face was revealed, “It wanted me to touch your tail.”

I believe you are evil.

Archibald stood up directly, he coldly looked at Yang Yang and almost commanded, “Sleep.”

Hey, I didn’t lie.

Yang Yang sighed with regret and lay down again under the quilt.

Just now, that burst of cold was grinding.

Yang Yang couldn’t wait to return to his Soul Cube.

However, just as his consciousness was starting to fade, he felt something got inside the quilt.

Yang Yang subconsciously reached out his hand and touched a slightly cold, rough, hard and a slightly flat object.


Yang Yang was instantly awake.

He opened his eyes just to see a tall figure sitting beside the bed with his back facing Yang Yang.

His body was a little stiff and the metallic tail was half submerged inside the quilt.

As he was awake, his tail moved a little.

He apparently found out that he was awake, but the owner of the tail still pretended that he found nothing.

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang smiled, then put his hands on the tail that was on his belly and closed his eyes again.

Yang Yang [Roth.]

Roth:【Master, I’m here】

Yang Yang: [He’s so cute.]

Roth:【… Ah】

Yang Yang: [Good night.]


So Master, why did you call me


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