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Chapter 13: Confrontation

In order to do a full set of drama before, Yang Yang deliberately asked 251 to take out his ‘chip’ to decieve them.

But he clearly remembered that the chip was in his pocket.

Forget it, this is not important anymore.

Archibald went to Yang Yang’s front and his dark eyes stared at him, “Don’t lie, you wouldn’t like it if you lie to me.”

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang [Roth, do we have something else that can be used as your carrier]


What should we do, Master QAQ】

Yang Yang [We can only continue to make up a story.]

Roth:【But the Duke of Doton will be angry】

Yang Yang [It’s alright, he will get used to it after a few more times.]

Roth: 【…】

Yang Yang looked up at Archibald, without giving up, he asked, “Why should I tell you”

Archibald squinted his eyes and his metallic tail tightened its tip, reflecting an icy temperature under the light.

“You’re challenging my patience.”

Yang Yang smiled coldly and said, “In our agreement, there’s only about the child.

Roth is my private property.

Why should I share it with you”

Archibald didn’t speak, but his eyes were much colder than before.

Yang Yang continued to sneer, “I have learned a lot through Roth in the past two days, so I’m very much aware of Roth’s value.

I can also understand the Duke’s feelings, whether from a personal or military perspective.

You must be very interested in Roth butㅡ

Regardless of your interrogation, Duke did you take my chip without my consent”

Archibald was not provoked by his crime of “stealing” at all.

His eyes had a little more appreciation for Yang Yang but he refused to be swayed away by him.

Archibald looked at Yang Yang and calmly stated, “You took out the chip in front of me.

I know you have nothing else on your body let alone had time to unpack your luggage.

Even if you implanted it inside your body we can scan you to find out.

Archibald said, then looked at Gu Lita next to him.

Gu Lita shrugged.


Archibald looked back.

“So, where’s Roth, which is very important to you now Or is it that you’re lying to us from the very beginning and there’s no Roth”

Yang Yang understood that, “It turned out that you wanted to confirm the existence of Roth.”

Archibald’s brows moved slightly, but did not deny it.

Yang Yang sighed, “Fine.”

Yang Yang [Roth is there any robots in this house]

Roth:【There’s a pet companion robot by the door】

Yang Yang [Transfer inside.]

Roth:【Yes, Master】

Yang Yang’s swept towards the door and found a furry pink rabbit in the corner.

At first glance, he thought that there was a pair of furry slippers.

Yang Yang took back his sight, looked at Archibald and smiled.

“In this case, I’ll prove it to the Duke.”

With that, Yang Yang raised his finger to the rabbit near the door and said, “How about I let Roth go in”

Archibald turned back and was stunned, then he quickly disguised his look and looked at Gu Lita, “Aunt Gu, is this yours Can it be used”

Gu Lita waved her hand.

“It was bought by your father and gave it to He Shu, but later he ate the rabbit’s vinegar and threw it away.”

T/N: Vinegar – Archibald’s father (Abel) was jealous

Archibald “…”

Archibald looked calmly at Yang Yang.


Yang Yang “…”

To be honest, the more he knew this family, the more he’s afraid.

Yang Yang tried to be serious and called the rabbit “Roth, come here.”

The pink rabbit made a beeping sound, then its black grape-like eyes lit up with its pink hair.

Then its legs started moving and tried to jump, it was quite agile.

The pink rabbit jumped over, it was only in a size of a basket ball, but its hair was very long.

It looks like a jumping long hair ball.

When it reaches the examination bed, the pink rabbit jumped on Yang Yang’s leg, and catch it—it was lukewarm.

But its weight was very light, just like an ordinary doll.

Yang Yang felt that the rabbit’s hair feels good and can’t help but stroke it twice, before saying “Say hello to the Duke.”

The pink rabbit looked up at Archibald and squirmed, then it stood up and spoke to Archibald.

Archibald “…”

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang [What are you doing]

Roth was aggrieved:【Master, this rabbit has no vocal system】

Yang Yang understands and explained to Archibald, “This machine doll doesn’t seem to have a sound system.”

Archibald was silent for a moment, watching Yang Yang’s expression in his heart and he suddenly raised the corners of his mouth.

“Yes, it doesn’t.”

Archibald “This companion robot don’t have a networking function.

The built-in chip is a soul crystal recording chip, which can only perform a few specified actions.

Because its greatest value lies in its ability to release a special soul therapy and once  the chip was rewritten it would be destroyed and it will crash.

Yang Yang “…”

Rabbit Roth【…】

Archibald “But Roth seems to have completed the invasion without going through the Internet and direct contact, and rewritten its program, but has not caused it to crash Well, that’s great.”

Yang Yang “…”

Rabbit Roth【…】

Archibald “Ah, yes, the writing of the soul crystal recording chip was ‘engraved’.

Perhaps I can take out the chip now, to understand how Roth ‘rewrites’ it”

Yang Yang “…”

Damn you cunning little bastard.

Rabbit Roth【…】

【Terrified soft lump.jpg】

Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s expression he inexplicably felt relaxed and even wanted to laugh.

But he held back.

Archibald glanced at Yang Yang and Rabbit Roth with a serious expression, “Now, can we talk calmly For example, what exactly is Roth”

Yang Yang showed a grinning smile.

“Take a guess.”

Archibald knew that Yang Yang was annoyed, but he had just won, so he’s not angry, he continued talking to Yang Yang.

Archibald “I have seen a lot of cutting-edge technology in the Empire, but no A.I can do an invasion like Roth.

So I’m very curious, to what extent have you been a genius who studied in an eight-hour-a-day bridal course and break through the current level of technology of the Empire in just an over a decade.

So I asked Rong Hui to unfreeze your personal terminal and associated accounts, and parsed your network information, then extracted your medical records.

Guess what I found “

Yang Yang was losing his temper, but calmed down.

He knew Archibald was going to investigate him.

After all, it’s impossible for Archibald not to understand those people around him.

However, Yang Yang did not expect Archibald would know so quickly and so comprehensively.

Since it has come to this point, it’s too late for Yang Yang to make up another story, but it’s impossible for him to tell them the truth.

He doesn’t believe that Archibald could guess things like high-dimensional space.

Besides, doesn’t he still have a big reliance

Thinking about it, Yang Yang smiled, “Oh, what did you find”

Archibald took a closer look at Yang Yang’s changing expressions and his brows slightly jumped, then he had a bad feeling in his heart.

Archibald paused, then continued, “You’re indeed unwilling to be groomed as a puppet bride, but you’re secretly studying medicine and only at the initial level.

So, where did Roth came from”

Yang Yang “Secret.”

Archibald “…”

Yang Yang “I admit that I lied about Roth before, but that’s not important anymore.

I want to emphasize once again that our agreement only has the child.”

Archibald narrowed his eyes, “Roth is an unstable being.

I won’t allow this factor to stay around.”

Yang Yang “I can’t give Roth to you.”

Archibald “You’re trying to provoke me, do you know the consequences”

Yang Yang put Rabbit Roth aside, then put his hands on his waist and his flat stomach went forward.

“It’s no big deal, you can just kill us both.”

Archibald “…”

Archibald probably didn’t expect that Yang Yang would not only be resourceful but also shameless.

Well, blame his luck.

Archibald looked at Yang Yang, then took a deep breath.

In the end, their confrontation ended with Archibald slamming the door and leaving in anger.

After Archibald left, Monta and Gu Lita who were still watching in a movie mode returned to their senses and then gave Yang Yang a thumbs up.

Amazing! Admirable!

Yang Yang gave them a humble smile.

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