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“So good, baby.” Chelsea seemed to have gotten his fill.

He pulled her up from the ice brick, then pushed her forward even harder.

Then he pulled her back again, and so on, making the softness of her breasts keep hitting the ice brick, then leaving and hitting it again.


Moussa kept twitching.

Her breasts seemed to have been frozen numb.

The coldness in her chest and the heat beneath her tortured her viciously at the same time, making her cry out loud, “Ahhhhh! Don’t.


I can’t stand it, ah! It’s so unbearable.



“Unbearable Baby, where are you uncomfortable Hmm” Chelsea asked as he slowed down his movements and withdrew a little, thrusting shallowly at her.




So cold,” Moussa said tearfully, sobbing and choking.


Chelsea reached out and touched it.

It was indeed freezing.

Somewhat distressed, he pulled himself out.

He turned her over, picked her up, and put her on the floor where the animal skin cloak was laid.

Then he spread her legs to the maximum and rammed back in and ground slowly.

His entire body was pressed against her, helping her to cover the coldness in her chest.


“So heavy,” Moussa tilted her head and gasped.

It was so slow, itchy, and hot down there.

She wanted to twist her waist to avoid it, but he pressed down heavily on it so she couldn’t move.

It seemed like the air in her lungs was being squeezed out by him.


“Little thing, is it still cold” Chelsea could not help but ask with a ragged gasp.


“Not cold.

Ah!” Moussa hadn’t finished speaking when she screamed out in shock from one of his deep thrusts.


“Then let’s change positions.” Chelsea sat up and set Moussa’s legs on both of his shoulders.

He grabbed her slim waist and rammed it ferociously.


“Ahhhhhhh!” Chelsea pounded hard and fast, causing Moussa to feel indescribable tingling from deep within.

Her body began to tense uncontrollably, and her orgasm hit her rapidly.

She shuddered and came hard.


“Uhhh! Aah!” Moussa screamed in orgasm as Chelsea continued to pound deep, losing her consciousness.


The two people’s copulation was accompanied by the sound of plopping and slapping, constantly emanating a unique smell.

Moussa’s small buttocks shook violently, and their traces dripped down to the animal skin on the ground.

Moussa’s screams became more and more seductive.


Chelsea felt that it was not enough.

He pressed her legs down again, and Moussa’s whole body was pressed into a V-shape by him.


“Ah!” The sudden change of position made Moussa wake up slightly.

The illusion that her waist was going to be broken made her scream, “Don’t! Ah!”


Chelsea, at the moment, had been red-eyed.

He simply ignored her don’t want to and slammed her into the ice bricks constantly.

Moussa’s whole body was squeezed into a tiny ball, and her long white legs flailed carelessly but could not shake him half a point.


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