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His body seemed to have endless energy, ruthlessly and continuously charging into the deepest part of her.

Each time he penetrated further, Moussa moaned with pain and pleasure.

Her body lost balance because of his violent impact and fell limply on the animal skin beneath her.


“Little thing, still dare to make trouble and not let me touch you Hmm” Chelsea crouched over her to nibble on her shoulder, revealing a wicked grin that was full of satisfaction after the conquest.


“Don’t dare.

Ah! Never dare again.

Ah! Spare me, please.” The indescribable pleasure and soreness and pain intertwined, making Moussa completely subdued.


“Baby, you’re so good!” After hearing the desired answer, Chelsea gave a dozen more swift thrusts and finally straightened his upper body.

He roared and shot a stream of hot liquid inside her.


After the passion, Moussa felt very aggrieved.

She sobbed and turned away from him.

It was clearly his fault.

Even if he didn’t apologize and admit his mistake, he used despicable means to force her to beg for mercy.


Chelsea watched her sobbing and shaking shoulders.

Amused, he wrapped his arms around her from behind and said gently, “Baby, what’s wrong Why are you crying What’s the matter Hmm” Moussa ignored him and continued to cry.

She didn’t struggle and obediently let him hold her.


The more she struggled, the more excited he would be.

In the end, it was her who would be unlucky.


“Okay, don’t be aggrieved.

I’ll take you out for revenge, okay” Chelsea could not help but curl the corners of his mouth to see her aggrieved look.

It seemed that she was bullied a little hard by him just now, and now she felt aggrieved.

So he kissed her twice on the shoulder and soothed her.


“Hmm” Moussa was stunned at his words.

Revenge, revenge for what She did not have a grudge against anyone.

She couldn’t help but look back at him curiously.


Chelsea kissed her on the lips and laughed.

“Come with me if you want to know.” After saying this, he went down from the bed.

He found Moussa’s animal skin cloak, boots, animal skin hat, animal skin gloves, and animal skin knee pads before winter.

He helped her put them on one by one and wrapped Moussa up and down in an airtight manner.


He got a long animal skin skirt around his lower body, and his upper body was topless.

Then he picked up a cloak and put it on his shoulders, and took a net made of animal fibers, and pulled Moussa’s little hand to go outside.


Moussa was pulled by him and walked a long way to the frozen river.

Chelsea let Moussa sit on the bank of a strong tree branch to wait for him.


Then he jumped to the river’s surface and swiped a few times to dig a large hole on the thick ice.

Then he threw the net in his hand to the water, quickly collecting it and throwing it to the shore.


A dozen fish with hideous faces were struggling for their lives in the net.

Moussa let out a small cry of surprise.

It turned out that the revenge Chelsea said was to seek revenge on these fish.

He really had a grudge.


Not a moment later, the fish thrown to the shore out of the water stopped struggling.

Chelsea then went over and dumped their bodies out of the net and then started a new round of fishing.


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