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When Chelsea looked at her eyes, she was so charming and feminine.

Then all rationality was gone, leaving his body under the control of desire.

He began to violently thrust in and out.

Each time the large glans hit heavily into Moussa’s esophagus, Moussa’s tears fell more quickly.


“So good.

So tight.

F*cking you to death.

F*cking to loosen your little mouth and make you suck so hard.

Sticking it in you!”


Moussa’s constantly tightening mouth along with the rapid breathing of a loosening Chelsea’s rod couldn’t make him comfortable.

The extinguishing pleasure made Chelsea speed up his thrusts and even yell lascivious words that made Moussa incredibly ashamed.


“Ah!” Moussa’s hand that kept pushing against his waist accidentally pressed heavily on his scrotum, arousing Chelsea into groaning.


“So exciting, baby.

If you want me to come soon, use both hands to hold it and rub it gently.

Yes, that’s it.” Under the double stimulation of Moussa’s tiny mouth and small hands, Chelsea felt his lower back and eyes tingling after a dozen more hard thrusts.

He pressed Moussa’s head tightly against his rod with both hands.

With a violent shake, a stream of hot semen shot all into Moussa’s mouth, which lasted for several minutes.


Chelsea did not let his grip on Moussa loose until he had finished cumming.

Once he let go, Moussa could not hold her breath any longer and pushed him away.

She coughed violently on the side of the bed, and the cloudy white semen mixed with snot and tears all came out.

It was a sorry state of affairs as her whole face was a mess.


Chelsea was so happy after, but seeing her in such a difficult situation was also painful for him.

He hurried down to the floor to get a piece of wet animal skin to help her wipe her face clean and then gave her a cup of water.


Moussa took the cup of water and rinsed her mouth.

That strange taste in her mouth got washed away.

She drank two more mouthfuls and moistened her throat.

Only then did she feel alive again.

Looking at Chelsea’s handsome face after committing aggression, she was outraged.


She pounced on him and pinned him down on the bed.

She pinched and scratched and bit him so that his chest and back were scratches and teeth marks.


Moussa did not stop until she was panting and too tired to move anymore.

She lay on the bed and stared at him with hatred.


Chelsea sat up somewhat mournfully.

Looking down to examine the bruises on his body, he whined, “Wife, you’re getting more and more violent.”


“Hum!” Moussa grunted.

She gave him another vicious glare and turned her head away from him, no longer paying attention.


Chelsea caught her vicious glare.

The rogue faced her again, rubbing behind her two times, pleading, “Wife,” it was not enough to make her look like a spitfire, and it got him hot all over again.


“Pah!” Moussa slapped hard his big hand that attacked her chest and warned in a somewhat hoarse voice, “Don’t touch me tonight, or I’ll show you.”


Chelsea saw that she was furious.

He retracted his hand and patted her twice, saying, “Okay, no touching, no touching.

Sleep, you’ll sleep with me in my arms, okay”


Moussa did not say anything.

She relaxed in his arms and slowly fell asleep.

Chelsea listened to her breathing that gradually stabilized, and dropped a kiss on her shoulder.

As he drifted off to sleep, he curled the corners of his lips.


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