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Chelsea and Moussa had dinner at Ivy’s house.

When they went home together, Moussa was still sulking over what Chelsea had just done to embarrass her.

She kept her mouth shut and refused to pay attention to him.


Chelsea pulled her over and held her in his arms.

He kissed and caressed her for a while, but Moussa was squirming and twisting and refused to cooperate.


Chelsea got fired up by her squirming and directly picked her up and threw her on the bed.

Then he yanked the animal skin skirt and jumped on the bed with her.


He pulled her to sit up, placed her hand on his thick, stiff rod, and laughed evilly as he moved it up and down.

“Baby, you promised to kiss it, lick it and suck it to make me cum,” he said.

“Come on, open your mouth and lick it well.” While saying this, he brought his stick to Moussa’s mouth, rubbing the large glans against Moussa’s lips.


Moussa glared at him with grief.

He was a lion, but he remembered such things very well.


However, looking at his expression of you dare not do it then try, she dared not cheat.

Reluctantly, she opened her mouth to envelope the huge thing.

Little by little, she carefully licked it.


“Mmm, so comfortable.

Good girl.

A bit further back.

Slowly, lick all over, um.

That’s it.” Chelsea gasped in comfort.

He looked down at his huge rod of flesh glistening under her licking.

He became more excited, so did his rod of flesh, which had grown another size, making it more difficult for Moussa’s small mouth to contain it.


“Take your time, and make your mouth a little bigger.

How about we try to take it all in today What do you think Roll up your tongue.

That’s it.

Okay, I’m going in.” Chelsea said, cupping Moussa’s face and slowly inserting his long thick rod into Moussa’s mouth bit by bit.


Moussa felt his stick up to her throat.

Her mouth was full, her lips and the skin of her cheeks were sore and uncomfortable.

The saliva that she couldn’t swallow was trickling out, and the gagging and awful feeling came together, making Moussa feel like reaching out and pushing Chelsea’s waist to get him to pull out.


“What’s wrong Baby, is it too deep What But you haven’t swallowed the whole thing yet.

Come on, take a deep breath and exhale slowly through your nose.

That’s right.” Chelsea withdrew a little bit.

When she was not so uncomfortable, he slowly pushed in a little bit.

Although he was uncomfortable, her mouth was too tight.

It was tighter than her flower, and he did not want to hurt her.


Moussa slowly inhaled and felt less uncomfortable.

She tried to relax her body and let him go deeper little by little.


“Good, baby.

So good.

Feel it.

The stick is already inside your esophagus.

It’s so comfortable.

It’s like a million little hands are dragging it inside.

Oh, it’s so comfortable.” Chelsea half-squinted in enjoyment, feeling her constant strangulation.


Moussa felt her esophagus burning with pain, but the invasion of the foreign object made her swallow unconsciously, wrapping Chelsea’s rod even tighter.


“Okay, that’s it.

Don’t clench so tightly.

Open your mouth a little more.

It’s about to go all the way in.

Okay, be good.” Chelsea said as he slowly inserted the entire thick rod into Moussa’s mouth with all his sanity controlling the speed.


“Mmm,” the feeling of being sick and in pain caused Moussa to struggle, pushing Chelsea’s waist.

Sob, she was so uncomfortable! It was so painful that Moussa was dying.

However, her mouth was blocked, and she couldn’t say anything.

She was not able to say anything, and her tears flowed out uncontrollably.



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