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“Say no more, say no more, Chelsea …..mmm…” The more he spoke, the more shy Moussa was.

The skin all over her body turned pink with shame.

She twisted her waist to escape his teasing, but her p*ssy unconsciously contracted and wrapped tightly around the invading long fingers, overflowing with juice.


“Hehe,” Looking at her embarrassed yet delicate look, Chelsea laughed lightly.

He now liked to tease her more and more, especially hearing her little mouth shouting for him to do her.

The taste was many times more exciting than his outright thrusting.


“Little thing, tell me.

Do you want a big stick to stick you If you do not say, there will be nothing.” He said as he pulled his fingers out.

His hands went up to cover her snow-white breasts and rubbed and pulled them vigorously.


“Mmmmm,” A burst of tingling spread from the breasts straight to her lower body.

Moussa’s desire was provoked entirely, but he withdrew at this time.

The feeling of emptiness in her grew stronger and stronger, forcing Moussa to put aside her modesty and whispered a plea, “Chelsea, come in… please, come in.”


“Baby, what do you want to go in Where to go in If you don’t tell me, I won’t know.” Chelsea grabbed both of her hard nipples and lifted them upwards.

The tingling on the tips of her nipples stimulated Moussa to go even crazier.

She whipped her head around and screamed.


“Get in here with your big meat stick… Get inside me… Husband, hit me hard, please… hit me hard.”


“Yes, baby.

Watch down as I f*ck you hard.” Chelsea said as he grabbed her slim waist and turned her around, so she was facing him.

Then he put his huge rod against hers, easing her into a sitting position.


“Mmmm,” Moussa was already unbelievably wet.

However, once his huge-sized rod entered, she still let out a muffled grunt from the discomfort of being stretched to the max.


“Look down, baby.

See how I f*ck you.” Chelsea said as he pushed his waist upward and entered at the end.


“Ahhhhh!” Moussa screamed as the opening of her womb was opened again.

The pain was unavoidable every time he entered, and she had to force herself to adapt as much as possible.


However, Chelsea did not give her time to adapt.

His hands were tightly holding her waist, guiding her in a series of ups and downs.

Sometimes, he would raise his waist to hit her hard when she was going down, causing Moussa to scream.


The force of her descent and the force of his upward thrusts overlapped together, allowing his huge d*ck to poke heavily into her womb.

The inner walls of her womb felt as if they were getting pierced by him.

The fear of being pierced combined with the aching pleasure made Moussa scream before receiving a few blows.

She started to sob and beg for mercy.






Ah! Gently.

Chelsea, go to bed.

Ah ah! Please, mmm.”


“Okay, little thing.

Whatever you say.” Chelsea pounded her a few more times.

Satisfied to hear her whimpers, he then rose up with her in his arms.

Chelsea moved her violently up and down as he walked toward the bed.

Before he reached the edge of the bed, Moussa winced and screamed her way to the top.


“You feel great little thing” Chelsea was caught in her orgasm.

Her flower tightened violently that he couldn’t control the force anymore.

He pinned her to the bed and started pumping like crazy.


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