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Moussa knew that he wanted it again, but she was drained now.

She could not bear him because the swelling below her had not gone down.

It was not good not to know when the rainy season would pass.

There was no entertainment here, and Chelsea’s biggest entertainment was bullying her.

So she had to think of something quickly, or she would be tossed to death by Chelsea before the rainy season was over.


So she stopped Chelsea’s big hands from fumbling around and then softly said, “Chelsea, go get Ivy and Sander to come over and play, okay.

I’ll teach you guys how to play mahjong.”


“What’s mahjong” Chelsea asked, not understanding.


“You go get them to come over.

When they come, I’ll explain it to you together.” Moussa pushed him hard, urging him to hurry up.


Chelsea reluctantly got up to call them.

Soon Ivy and Sander came.

The two were bored, and when they heard that Moussa wanted them to play some kind of mahjong, although they didn’t know what it was, they were both very excited.


Seeing the two come, Moussa pulled them and Chelsea together to make a mahjong pair out of wood.

Four people sat down to play.

Then she explained the rules in detail, taking the fruit as bets.


After playing a few rounds, Moussa got depressed.

Could it be that the beastmen in this different world was tall in stature and ‘tall’ in IQ It was said that a well-developed limb should be simple-minded.

However, looking at the fruit piled up around them, she had the least.

She came from the civilization of the modern era, which was several thousands of times more civilized than here, so why did she lose the most It had been quite a long time, and she couldn’t even get a fart.

While complaining, she heard another yell over there.



Yes! Moussa, how many pieces of fruit are you going to give for this one” Ivy was so excited that she asked the other three for fruits.


Oh goodness, there was no justice.

Ivy couldn’t calculate how many fruits she won, but she could remember playing with the tiles.

Well, even she couldn’t figure how much money she won when she first started learning, but they were learning too fast.

Moussa explained the rules once, and they all learned how to play the game.

It took her several days to learn, so she wondered if she had a low IQ.


Chelsea saw Moussa’s fruit getting fewer, and her face was getting unsightly.

He couldn’t help but come out and say, “I’m a little tired.

Let’s stop playing here today.”


Ivy had not played enough, but hearing Chelsea say so was no good to say anything else.

They agreed to come back tomorrow to play.

Then she dragged Sander home with their trophies.


As soon as they left, Chelsea pulled Moussa over and sat her on his lap.

Then he pecked her on the lips and teased her in a low voice, “You lost so much of the family’s fruit to someone else.

How do you think I should punish you Hmm”


“Husband.” Moussa nestled into his arms, somewhat sulking.

She took the initiative to wrap her arms around his neck and asked glumly, “Do you think I’m stupid”


Chelsea went ‘pfft’ and dropped a kiss until she was panting.

Then he put his forehead against hers and whispered, “Stupid.”


Moussa pinched his neck in discontent and snapped, “You’re the stupid one.

You’re the stupid one.”


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