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Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


In the morning, Moussa was awakened from the heat.

Chelsea hugged her from behind, and the two naked bodies were close together, leaving no gap.


Moussa felt the body behind her was terribly hot.

She was shocked and hurriedly broke out from his arms.

She turned around and put her hand on his forehead, which was very hot.


Chelsea sure had a fever.

He was injured, got drenched in the rain for so long, and returned without knowing how to rest.

He tossed her around and pressed her for a while, so it was strange not to have a fever.


Chelsea also woke up at the same time she moved.

He took her into his arms again and rubbed his head on her neck.

He closed his eyes and said lazily, “Wife, I am sleepy.

Sleep with me again.”


Moussa saw him acting like a child, yet he was charming and coquettish.

Even though she was angry, she could not bear to scold him.

So she gently patted his back and softly coaxed, “Husband, you have a fever.

Let go of me first.

I’ll go to Karida’s and ask for some medicine for you to take.”


“No, I want to hold you and sleep.” Chelsea did not know if it was because of the fever.

Hearing Moussa’s words, not only did he not let go, but he hugged her tighter.


Moussa’s thoughts went blank.

She had never seen such a capricious side of Chelsea.

But he seemed like a child.

So cute.

She chuckled lightly and continued to coax, “Then I’ll go make something delicious for you to eat, okay When you’re full, we’ll go back to sleep.



Had enough food and went back to sleep Chelsea’s mind was dazed, but a particular part of his body was unconsciously excited when she said this.

After analyzing the remaining reason, it seemed that this proposal to eat and sleep was excellent.

After eating and having energy, he could do something else before going to sleep.

Therefore, he obediently let go of her hand and murmured, “Then you hurry up.”


“Mm, okay.

I’ll be quick.” Moussa responded and quickly crawled out of his arms.

She carelessly put on her clothes and rushed out, not caring that it was still raining outside.


Moussa often visited Karida for medicines, so she was very familiar with his location.

She ran all the way and arrived at his door in a short time.

She was just about to knock on the door when she heard a scream coming from inside.


“Ah! Karida, ah! So big.

Too exciting.

Thrust me to death.


Too thick.

Hold it up.



Moussa was startled and took a step back.

Then her face flushed, thinking she knew what was going on inside.

If Moussa knocked on the door now and interrupted the lovemaking, Karida would be very angry, right So she dropped her raised hand and had no choice but to stand outside the door and wait.


“Are you feeling good, Laka Baby, am I screwing you good” Karida’s low voice sounded out as well.


“Ah! Ah! So good.


You f*ck me so good.



Dear, deeper …… then focus.” Hearing Laka’s voice, Moussa could not help but feel shocked.

She really could not imagine that the usual so serious Laka, in bed shouting in such a lascivious way.


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