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It's A Blessing In Disguise

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Chelsea was very patient this time and stretched until all three fingers could go in and out smoothly.

Then he flipped her over and got into a kneeling position, raised her ass up high, and then he knelt down between her legs.

He slowly pushed his big honey-soaked rod into her *sshole.”Ah!” Although he did well enough stretching, the huge thing was completely out of proportion, trying to squeeze hard into her narrow hole.

This still made Moussa scream out in pain.


“Baby, relax, relax.

Just let the head go in.

Be a good girl.

Just hold on.” Chelsea stroked the big rod with one hand and pushed the glans in harder.

One hand was holding her waist to keep her from moving forward while he coaxed softly.


Moussa took a deep breath.

She closed her eyes and hypnotized herself not to tense up.

She had to relax, relax, and let him in.


“Huh!” Chelsea finally pushed the huge glans into Moussa’s *sshole and stopped to pant violently.


Moussa’s *sshole had already been stretched to the limit.

All the folds were stretched out.

Moussa clenched the animal skin beneath her, not daring to move.

She was afraid that a move would cause her to tear.


Her *sshole, entered by a foreign object, began to contract unconsciously, squeezing Chelsea’s rod.


“Hiss, baby.

Don’t tighten it so much.

You’re going to kill me.” Chelsea could not help but suck in a breath.

His big hand kneaded her white buttocks and spread them outward.

He was able to get his rod into a deeper place with a bit of force.


“Bad man.” Moussa was in pain.

Hearing that he did not know how to be considerate and blamed her for strangling too tightly, she could not help but scold quietly.


“Where did I screw up Is it here Hmm” Chelsea resisted the desire to plunge to the bottom.

He leaned down and nibbled on her snowy back while gently pushing against the inner wall of her *sshole, trying to relax her.


“Mmmm.” He was gently working on his hole little by little.

Gradually a tingling sensation arose amidst the pain.

The stimulation caused Moussa to moan.


Because of this tingling, the grip of her inner wall began to relax.

Chelsea felt that it was time, and a push of his waist plugged the whole thing in.


“Ahhhhh! So painful!” The intense friction made Moussa scream.

Because there was insufficient fluid to lubricate, her *sshole was not as stretchy as her p*ssy.

The entire tunnel was on fire and painful inside as he stretched it hard.


“Be good, baby.

Bear with it.

Bear with it for me.” Chelsea was distressed to hear her cry out in pain and forced himself to stop moving inside her.

Then he kept teasing her sensitive spots until she relaxed again.

Then he began to grind very gently and slowly.


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