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It took a while for Moussa to catch her breath.

Somehow she got upset about it and started to sniffle.


Chelsea was startled and hurriedly turned over on her side.

Lying on his side, he lifted her chin and asked with concern, “Baby, what’s wrong Why are you crying”


“You, take it out!” Moussa shot a glance at him and said indignantly.


Chelsea panicked.

He got so excited that Chelsea thought he had hurt her again.

He hurriedly pulled his stick out.

Without his d*ck plugged, white fluid mixed with clear nectar kept flowing out of her p*ssy that Chelsea’s mouth was dry and his soft stick was hard again.


However, he also got worried about whether he had hurt her again.

He hurriedly pulled the animal skin next to him and wiped it on the entrance of her p*ssy.

He scrutinized it to see that it was not torn but red and swollen.

He was afraid she would have to eat some pain if his big stick wanted to go in again.


After all, he did not want her to be suffering too much.

So he held back his desire and cajoled softly as he looked up, “What’s wrong, baby Your p*ssy down there is not torn.

So, where do you feel uncomfortable Hmm”


Moussa hammered him on the chest and complained, “You’re just bullying me.

You almost killed me just now!”


Chelsea was happy to hear this.

He lowered his head and kissed her several times on the lips, then smugly said, “So, your husband is courageous, right You like me to be brave, don’t you”


Seeing his gleeful look, Moussa was itching with hatred.

She was almost tossed to death by him, but he didn’t know how much she felt.

In fact, he felt proud of himself.

Therefore, she pinched him hard on his waist.


She said, “You’re still laughing You do not know what I feel!”


“Baby, you’re wronging me.

This is how I feel about you, very hard.” Chelsea licked her earlobe and said lustfully.


Moussa saw that he did not have the right attitude.

She did not bother to tell him that she was just a little bit bullied and was pretentious and wanted him to coax her.

For now, she had calmed down and was feeling a little sleepy.


Moussa knocked him a bit and nestled in his arms after calming down.

It was then that he said quietly, “You can’t do anything dangerous in the future.

If you get hurt, I’ll be heartbroken.”


Chelsea could not help getting red-eyed.

Tightening his arms around her, he kissed the top of her hair and whispered, “Okay.” How long had it been since he had this feeling of being loved At this moment he felt so happy.

So happy that even if he had to die like this, he was willing.


So she pushed him away and rolled over.

Turning her back on him, she muttered, “You’re annoying.

I don’t care about you.”


Moussa ignored him, but Chelsea was insistent.

His hands reached her b00bs and played with her softness.

His mouth also moved up and blew hot air in her ear, asking ambiguously, “Wife, why am I annoying Is it because you are not satisfied enough Then let’s do it again, eh” He also rubbed his hardened stick between her legs.


Moussa could not help but want to wail.

This male beastman’s physical strength was too much.

He had not eaten since this morning, built the house all morning, and then came home and pressed her in bed ruthlessly all afternoon.

At this time, he was still so ‘s*xually’ interested that he would not be tired!


On the thought of eating, Moussa also felt a little hungry.

She was also early in the morning.

While waiting for Chelsea, she ate some food handed to her by other beastmen.

After an afternoon of such heavy exercise, it had all been digested.


So she grabbed his big hand on her chest and said weakly, “Chelsea, I’m hungry.”


Chelsea right now had his whole mind on her p*ssy.

He was full of thoughts about how to coax her to agree to let him in.

The sudden statement she made really made him frozen.

After thinking for a moment, he also felt that he had gone too far.

He hadn’t let her eat in the morning, and it had been a day.

She should be hungry, so he hurriedly got up and put on his animal skin skirt while asking softly, “What do you want to eat”


“I want to eat meat stew and fish soup.” Anyway, she ordered whatever.

This way, he would prepare the food, and she could take the opportunity to have a good sleep.


Chelsea sighed.

He knew that the little thing in bed sincerely wanted to torment him.

But instead of feeling troubled, Chelsea felt sweet.

He shook his head and smiled and went out in the rain to catch fish for her.


She did not know how long it had taken.

Moussa was sleeping sweetly when she suddenly heard the sound of the door opening.

She woke up in a daze and looked up to see that Chelsea had returned.


Chelsea saw that she was looking at him, so he raised his hands, carrying a few fish.

Softly saying, “Look at the fish I got back.

Wait a while, and then you can eat.

You can sleep again, and I’ll call you later.”


“Mmm .” Moussa rubbed herself in the bed in a daze and closed her eyes, ready to obey and go to sleep.


But suddenly, she felt something wrong.

She opened her eyes again, and this time she really came to her senses.

She got up and ran to Chelsea’s side.

She grabbed his bloody right arm and asked, with red eyes and a trembling voice, “How did you get this”


Chelsea hurriedly put down the fish in his hand.

He wrapped his uninjured left arm around her and patted her back softly, and comforted her, “It’s okay, it’s okay.

It’s just that I was accidentally bitten.

Don’t worry, I’ll be fine in a couple of days.

You go lie down on the bed first.

It’s cold on the floor, and you can eat soon.


“What do you think I should be doing” Moussa saw that he was so severely injured but still spoke lightly.

He didn’t care about his body at all.

She was furious and pushed him to the bed to sit down and then ordered, “Sit still here.

I’ll clean your wound first.”


‘Pa-la, pa-la’ Looking at the bowl-sized wound on his arm, which was still bleeding out, Moussa’s tears could not stop flowing down.

Then she went to get a basin of water and found clean animal skin.

She carefully cleaned the wound on his arm.


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