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From The Main Room, Enter The Inner Chamber

Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


The three-day welcoming event was soon over.

Through the tribe’s efforts, eight females from the fox tribe, including Philo, were willing to stay through the rainy season.

This was the most number of females over the years.

There was also a male who had successfully found a partner on the first day of the welcoming event, which was really a cause for celebration.


It started to become cloudy and rainy all day.

The males did not go out hunting and dug up drains around the village.

After happily sending off the fox chief and the rest of the females, the rainy season came in the next two days.


While digging a lot of drains, but with the heavy rain, the land still pooled water.

The wooden floor of the house had water soaking through, and only then did they see the advantage of Chelsea and Ryan’s house.

They had their home built very high from the ground, so the floor did not get soaked.

Those beastmen cried out in regret.

Why did they not listen to Moussa’s idea of building the house higher from the ground This would have prevented them from having their house flooded now.

Although they previously were this way, it was still enviable to see the two places had dry floors.

They all shouted that after the rainy season, their houses must be rebuilt.


Philo came to Chelsea suddenly and said pitifully, “Chelsea, can I temporarily live in your house That house arranged for me is flooded past the floor.

I have been stepping on it all day, and my feet are soaked.

Look.” Saying that she also raised her feet, which had been blistered white, for Chelsea to see to gain sympathy.


Chelsea mulled it over.

If she came to live at his place, it would be not good.

However, if she stayed here, the little thing would have to move back to live in the same bed with him.

He hadn’t touched her for a long time, and the thought of it made his blood boil.


Seeing that Chelsea was hesitant, Philo begged again, “Chelsea, please.

There are two rooms in your house.

I’ll just stay in that one, and I promise not to disturb you and Moussa.”


Chelsea finally nodded and said, “All right then.

You can go pack your things and move over here later.”


Philo nodded happily and ran back to pack up her things.


Moussa, who had been trying to sew a cloak with the animal skin in her room, heard their conversation clearly.

She was so angry that her body shivered.

She was so damned mad.

In her original world, she was betrayed by her fiancé and best friend.

When she came to this different world, she had to watch her husband, a beastman, flirting with a man in her home This male mistress was too arrogant to enter the house, and the b*stard Chelsea said yes.


Moussa felt a sudden tightness in her chest as if she could not catch her breath.

So she put on her waterproof animal skin boots and opened the door to rush out.


Seeing Moussa rushing out with a bad countenance, Chelsea was startled and rushed out after her.

He breathed a sigh of relief only then when he saw her running into Ivy’s house and returned to their house to move all of Moussa’s things back to their room.


Ivy and Sander were having a good time when they saw Moussa suddenly rushing in crying.

Ivy hurriedly pushed Sander away and pulled Moussa over to ask worriedly, “What’s wrong with you” At the same time, she pulled a piece of animal skin to help her wipe the rain on her body.


Moussa originally planned to find Ivy to talk to.

After all, the only people who were good to her in this different world were her and Ryan.

Ryan hadn’t come to her since that day, and she hadn’t taken the initiative to find him.

For all intents and purposes, it was still a little awkward to see him again.


But when she came to Ivy’s place and saw that Sander was there, she couldn’t say anything out loud, so she lowered her head and sobbed.


Ivy noticed that she was uncomfortable and gave Sander a wink to shoo him away.


When Sander went out, Ivy then eagerly asked, “Well, now it’s just the two of us.

You hurry up and tell me what’s wrong with you.

All this crying and not saying anything is killing me.”


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