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Moussa had just walked to the entrance of the village when Ryan stopped her from behind.

“Moussa, where are you going”


Moussa turned around and saw that it was Ryan.

He rescued her outside the village.

Seeing his hand still tied with bandages, Moussa felt guilty.

She didn’t thank him properly for saving her life.


She was terrified when she first woke up.

She was too busy accepting how unbelievable the place was for her to remember thanking him.

She was then thrown as Chelsea’s partner.

On their first night, he wrecked her so bad that she spent a whole week in bed and had only just recovered for a few days.

She was so caught up in finding some seeds that she forgot all about this lifesaver.


Moussa looked at Ryan guiltily and said, “Ryan, thank you for saving me.

I haven’t thanked you yet.

Are you still injured”


Hearing that, Ryan smiled and replied, “No, it’s okay.

My injury has long been healed.

I just want to slack off and pretend not well.

You can not tell the others.


Moussa also smiled with him.

She looked at his handsome face tinged with a bit of innocence.

His smile curved up his golden eyes.

She had to admit that he looked excellent.

If she hadn’t seen him in person, she wouldn’t have believed he was a beast.


Well, Chelseae was also handsome.

The only thing was that he had never smiled at her like that before.

No, instead, he never smiled at her.

When they were together, it seemed that the only thing they did was eat and bang.


Looking at her depressed look, Ryan asked worriedly, “What’s wrong Did Chelsea bully you”

He knew that Chelsea had selected a partner, but the tribal elders forced him to choose her.

But it was not enough for him to bully a female.

If he did bully her, he would do whatever it cost to take her over.

Although she looked different from the other females in the tribe, she had made him feel very sorry for her.

He wanted to protect her in his arms.


“No, no.

He is very good to me.” Moussa quickly hid the loneliness by putting a smile on her face.

No matter what, Chelsea was her husband.

As the saying went, one should not publicize their family’s affair.

Regardless of how he treated her, she did not want outsiders to know.


Ryan was more convinced of his thoughts when he saw her forced a smile.

Secretly, he decided to talk to Chelseae on his return.

Now that he became her partner, he should treat her well.


Determined, he smiled at Moussa and said, “You haven’t told me yet.

Where are you going”

“I want to walk around to familiarize myself with the environment and see if I can pick some wild fruits and seeds.” Moussa answered truthfully.


“Then I’ll go with you.

It happens that I have nothing to do.

I can guide you to familiarize yourself with the environment.” Ryan volunteered happily.


“Really That’s great.

Thank you, Ryan.” When she heard that he was willing to take her, Moussa was thrilled.

This would be her first time stepping out of the village.

After all, she was still timid at heart.


“No need to be so polite.

Protecting and caring for females is our job as males.” Ryan’s exaggerated action of patting his mouth made Moussa laugh again.


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