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Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


Chelsea pressed her for a while.

When he found that she was awake, he went over and nibbled on her lips while one hand cupped the softness of her breasts and kneaded them vigorously.

The other hand went underneath her and pinched her sensitive little ball of flesh, and pulled it.


Moussa was stimulated by his three-pronged approach and involuntarily twisted her waist to avoid.

No more than a few moves before she felt the c*ck stuffed in her *sshole slowly hardening again.

Moussa was too scared to move again, whimpering and letting him play with it.


Chelsea had enough of playing and felt that his c*ck underneath was hard enough.

He sat up, held her waist, withdrew a little, and then stabbed it hard.

His movements were rough, as if he wanted to pierce her completely and rammed inside her without mercy.


Moussa felt her body, again and again, was torn open, closed, torn open again, and closed again.

The pain was so terrible that her mind began to go blank, and her body began to tremble nonstop.

Moussa bit her lower lip and cried silently.

She refused to open her mouth to beg him.

Even if she begged him, it might not work.

Besides, he was like a beast completely controlled by desire at the moment.


Chelsea’s in and out was smoother and faster because of the lubrication of the first cum.

He kept pushing Moussa towards the head of the bed, and then he pulled her back, pinned her waist to the bed, and slammed her even harder.


The sound of flesh on flesh echoed clearly throughout the room, intermittently resounding with Moussa’s painful whimpers.

It stimulated Chelsea more wildly, thrusting furiously.

His hard and hot c*ck rubbed violently against her tight and delicate inner walls.


After an unknown period, Moussa felt like his ferocious thrusting movements had no end.

She was forced to take his huge shaft in her *sshole, and her waist suffered from his violent impact.

She was numb to the point of no sensation.

Only when he rammed into the depths, the burning and tingling sensation coming from the inner walls make her mouth moan uncontrollably.

“Ah! Mmmm.



Chelsea was strangled by her tight asshole, and he could not take it any longer.

After a dozen more hard strokes of in and out, his body shook violently, and he finally came out.


“Ah!” Moussa was stimulated by his cum.

He shot the hot liquid into the depths.

She passed out suddenly, unable to bear it anymore.


After a moment of panting on top of her, he pulled his softened c*ck out of her asshole.

Although he was reluctant, he was afraid that he would really kill her if he came again.


Even if it had softened, the c*ck was still huge as soon as it was pulled out of Moussa’s *sshole.

There was blood mixed with dirty white fluid that immediately gushed out of the red and swollen hole.


Chelsea pulled over the animal skin and wiped the hole.

It was already torn by several small cracks.

He was afraid that the inside was also torn skin.


He wanted to clean and apply medicine for her, but as soon as he thought of her deception, he turned away and ignored her.


The next day, Moussa slept until noon.

When she opened her eyes, Chelsea was gone, and her body hurt like a car had run over her.

This was especially true for a particular part of her body, which was so painful that she wanted to shed tears.


She was familiar with this feeling.

She had experienced it once before.

She had spent a week in bed to recover and everything from last night slowly came back to haunt her.

It was sad and upsetting that Chelsea had done that to her.

She thought she would be happy with him, but she didn’t expect that it would end in a flash.


She was feeling sad when she heard a knock on the door.

Moussa was shocked and hurriedly pulled over the animal skin next to her to cover herself tightly.

She pursed her lips and kept quiet, hoping that the person outside the door would think that no one was in the house and leave.


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