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Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


Chelsea did a dozen quick strokes, each time hitting the most sensitive point in her pussy.

She came with a screaming climax and then fell helplessly on the bed.


Chelsea withdrew his still hard rod as she climaxed.


The number of fingers in her ass increased from one to two.

After a few quick thrusts to get her used to it, he used two fingers to spread her ass hole and pushed the huge head inside.


Moussa shuddered in pain and unconsciously tightened her *sshole.

Chelsea tried a few times but couldn’t squeeze it in.


So, he inserted his fingers into her p*ssy, pulled out some nectar, and wiped it into her *sshole for lubrication.


He also rubbed his c*ck in her p*ssy to get more nectar before using his hand to shove it again into her *ss.


The intense pain brought Moussa back from her climax, and felt something much thicker than a finger trying to squeeze into her *sshole.


Sensing what he was trying to do, Moussa started to crawl forward as she cried out in terror.


“No, Chelsea.

No, I’ll die.



Chelsea’s face became even darker as he watched the tip of his c*ck, which had easily squeezed into her *ss, come out again.

His anger was great that he pulled the remaining animal straps next to Moussa and flipped her over.

Then he grabbed her hands, raised them above her head, and tied them firmly to the bedpost.


Then he grabbed her legs and pressed them hard to her chest, tying them to the post, respectively.

After that, Moussa’s whole body was pushed into a downed ‘U’ and couldn’t move.


Seeing that she could no longer squirm, Chelsea became satisfied.

He parted her buttocks by force and pushed the nectar-filled meat stick into her *sshole.


“Ah! Chelsea.

It hurts.

It hurts.

Please spare me.

Can’t get in.


Hurts me.

Can’t get in.  Ah!”  Her waist was sore from being folded and, her *sshole was also on fire, being torn hard.

These two pains overlapped and made her cry out unbearably.


Chelsea simply ignored her cries and pushed the large glans in a little.

Then he rotated it back and forth and went it inside.

After grinding for a while, he finally inserted the entire glans into it.


Then with a hard push on his waist, he inserted a third of the way in amidst Moussa’s wails.


“Ahhhhh!” A stinging pain caused Moussa’s face to whiten.

Her cold sweat came out, and she couldn’t say the words to beg for mercy.

It was as if one breath could drive the pain even worse in her *sshole.

After wailing, she bit her lips to death as if this could relieve her pain.

The lower lip was already bleeding from her bite, yet she refused to let go.


Chelsea stayed still inside her for a while and felt that she did not tighten up so much.

It was only then that he withdrew a little bit.

With both hands holding her waist and holding her in place, he pushed hard again.

One-third of him went in with a “poof.”


“Ah!” Moussa felt her intestinal wall had been jacked up by him.

She passed out of intense pain.


Chelsea’s c*ck was wrapped differently from the tightness of her p*ssy.

The intense contraction felt like it was going to strangle his c*ck inside.

By the time he was about to reach climax, the ultimate pleasure had made him not care if the little person beneath him fainted or not and started thrusting hard.


Moussa was awakened by a sharp pain.

Her hands were still tied above her head, but her feet had been released.


Chelsea was on top of her, panting heavily, looking satisfied after the release.


She felt a burning pain underneath her, and her *sshole was still swollen.

Something that didn’t belong to her was still stuffed inside.


Her *sshole was definitely injured.

It was strange for her not to be hurt by his big thing entering so rudely.

Moussa suddenly felt so aggrieved.

She knew she was wrong.

She should have not told him the truth and let him worry to death.

It was right for him to be angry with her, but he should not treat her like this even if he was angry.


There was no mercy without the slightest sentiment as if she was just a tool for lust.

This made her feel very sad.


When she first became his partner, he had also treated her like this.

She was not as sad as she was now.

At that time, she did not have the slightest feeling for him and obeyed him just to survive in this alien world.

However, now was different.

She had developed something special for him, so she wanted him to give the same response.

For him to vent without the slightest feeling like this simply broke her heart.


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