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Ivy saw him come back and guessed that Sander was coming home.

Hugging the newly made animal skin boots, she ran home with great enthusiasm.


Chelsea put his prey into the storage room today and washed his hands.

He walked three or two steps to the bed and lifted Moussa’s clothes to check the situation of her p*ssy.

Moussa was so ashamed that she hurriedly pulled down her clothes and blocked it from him.


She said, “Chelsea, I’m fine.

It’s okay.

Don’t make a fuss, okay”


Chelsea ignored her and took her hand away, forcing a check to make sure she was okay.

After that, he found something else to care about and picked up the animal skin boots she made and asked, “What is this


“These are animal skin boots.

They are warm on your feet in winter.

I had forgotten about them until you said so.

I want to make a pair of wooden clogs.” Moussa excitedly pulled him and asked him to help.


Chelsea didn’t know what ‘clogs’ meant, but he did as he was told.

Moussa took the wooden block with a good hole and fixed it with animal straps to make it look like clogs, and then excitedly wore it and walked around on the ground twice.

The clogs weren’t very comfortable, but at least they didn’t hurt her feet, which made Moussa very satisfied.


She wanted to make a pair for Chelsea, but he refused.

He carried her to bed and let her lie down, and then he went to make their dinner.


After the two had eaten dinner, Chelsea hugged her and lay on the bed together, chatting with each other.

Chelsea told her what prey he had seen today when he went out hunting, and what he had fought back, what beast’s meat was delicious, and what beast’s flesh was hard and challenging.


Moussa was actually not interested in these.

Listening to him, she yawned and wondered why he was so talkative today.

He usually couldn’t wait to make his way to her after dinner, but today seemed a bit unusual.


Still haven’t come up with a reason; Moussa nestled in his arms and fell asleep.


Moussa was allowed to get out of bed in the following days but could not go out of the village.

She was only allowed inside the village.


Chelsea left early and returned late every day.

He worked very hard in hunting plenty of meat back and stocked it to meet the arrival of the rainy season.


What gave Moussa headaches was that he would hold her every night to introduce her to various beasts’ habits until she fell asleep.

It was the only thing that stopped him from touching her.


He was afraid of hurting her again.

In the past, he worked on her every night.

She thought it would be good if he didn’t touch her.

However, now that he really didn’t touch her, she felt empty again and unsure of her heart.


Moussa blushed and rubbed herself in his arms.

Since he did not take the initiative, she took the initiative.

Her hands slowly drew circles on his chest.


Chelsea’s breathing got faster.

Moussa secretly smiled that this time he could not help it.


Unexpectedly, Chelsea suddenly said, “Go to sleep.

I’m sleepy.” Then he released her and turned his back to her.


Moussa looked a bit dumbfounded.

However, she had already done this, so she couldn’t give up halfway.


So she took the initiative to go over and hug him from behind, calling out seductively, “Husband.”


Chelsea got excited as she was.

He turned around and pressed her, kissed and nibbled on her lips, and slid his hands between her legs, and rubbed her p*ssy.


Moussa, who thought she had done well, softened her body and took the initiative to stick out her smooth tongue and tangled it with his.


Chelsea’s breathing became more and more rapid, yet he suddenly released her and sat up.


Moussa opened her eyes in confusion and looked at him in a “huh”


Chelsea looked at her small wet mouth, and the opening between her legs was gradually spitting fluid from a particular place.

His eyes darkened.

He loudly gulped and then forced himself to look away.


“It’s too hot.

I’ll go out to cool off.” He was getting out of bed while saying that.


Moussa was startled and hurriedly hugged him from behind, exclaiming, “No, I don’t want you to go.”


Chelsea tried to take her hands off his waist, but she was hugging him too tightly.

He did not dare to use too much force for fear of hurting her and finally had to compromise.


He coaxed, “Moussa, baby, you’re a good girl.

Please let go of me.

I can’t hold back.”


“Then don’t hold back.

I am letting you…  enjoy yourself.

Why are you holding back” Moussa refused to follow suit.

The more she spoke, the more her voice lowered, and at the end, it almost became a mosquito hum.

Her face was red, and she did not dare to lift it up even when she was on his back.


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