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Animal Skin Boots

After applying for the medicine, Chelsea hugged her behind and talked to her, not letting her sleep.

He was afraid that she would never wake up once she slept.

From time to time, he would look at her p*ssy to see if it was still bleeding.


Moussa was already sleepy when the day dawned, but Chelsea would not let her sleep.

Moussa then swore and promised to sleep only for a while and wake up in a bit.

Chelsea saw that her p*ssy did not seem to be bleeding anymore, so he let her take a nap.


And he kept an eye on her, watching her breathing.


Moussa comfortably slept and woke up in a daze.

Right after she moved, she felt a sudden surge of blood below her and cried out, “Oh no.”


As expected, Chelsea, who had been watching the situation of her p*ssy, immediately found that she began to bleed again.

Moreover, a lot of blood came out, so he was scared and rushed to bring a basin of water to help her clean, and then applied the hemostatic herbs.


However, these things won’t work at all.

Although Moussa knew it wouldn’t work, she didn’t tell him last night.

Now that he was so nervous, she didn’t dare to tell him the truth.

She screamed in her heart that something was wrong.

If this happened every month for a few days, he would have noticed that something was wrong, and then how would she explain it


Chelsea also did not go hunting to guard her day and night.

He cleaned her from time to time and gave her medicine for three days.

During this period, some other tribesmen heard that Moussa was sick and wanted to visit, but they were all yelled out by Chelsea.

Only Karida was allowed to come in and check her body every day before leaving various herbs.


He never left, feeding and sleeping with her.

One time when Moussa fell asleep from exhaustion, she woke up with a wet face.

She didn’t know if it was her own sweat or Chelsea’s tears.

She was touched and worried.

She was touched that he cared about her and worried that he would be furious if he knew the truth.


The good thing was that Moussa’s period was finally over, and no more blood came out of her p*ssy.

Chelsea then let go of his worries and fell asleep tired.

However, even if he went to sleep, he slept restlessly and woke up from time to time to make sure that Moussa was still lying safely by his side.


Moussa somewhat blamed herself for scaring him.

So she actively wrapped her arms around his waist and whispered in his ear to comfort him, “Chelsea, don’t worry.

It’s okay.

I’m fine.

I’m not going to die.

You can sleep without worrying.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”


Chelsea seems to have heard her comfort and slept peacefully.

He did not wake up repeatedly.


The following day, Chelsea got up early.

He first checked Moussa’s hole and saw that she did not continue to bleed before putting his mind at ease.


He had not gone hunting for many days, and his family’s meat stock was almost eaten.

And if he did not go out hunting, they would have to go hungry.

He told Moussa not to get out of bed, not allowing her to move around.

He also did not feel at ease and asked Ivy to take care of her before hunting.


Moussa got a big headache from his fussiness, and there was no way to say it.

The only thing she could do was promise him that she would lie in bed and let Ivy take care of her.

But she had been lying in bed for several days and was really uncomfortable.


Ivy adamantly carried out Chelsea’s orders, refusing to let her out of bed no matter what.

Since she could not get out of bed, she had to settle for something she could do in bed.

Moussa asked Ivy to help her find a very thin animal bone and then drilled a small hole in a section.

The other end was sharpened, making a large needle.


Then she asked her to find some animal skin straps that were used to tie things up.

It took a lot of effort to finally thread the animal straps into the eye of the needle.


Then she put the skins together and made a pair of animal skin boots, which were not very beautiful but could barely be worn.

On another whim, Moussa asked Ivy to help her find two pieces of light wood.

She wanted to wait for Chelsea to come back and use his nails to make two holes on the top to make a clog.


Ivy looked at the soft and warm animal skin boots she made and wanted to learn how to make them.

She asked Moussa to teach her.

Though Moussa felt ashamed to see a big man with a needle sewing, she patiently taught her how to make a pair.


Ivy seemed excited and ran home to get a variety of colors of animal skin to let Moussa help.

One pair of white, gray, black, and red animal skin boots were made.

Not to mention that these few pairs were made by the two, the craftsmanship was much better.

It was not only sturdy but also good-looking.

Moussa also purposely cut some white wool to make a small white ball.

It was sewn at the toe of the animal skin boots, which immediately became playful and cute.


Ivy was walking back and forth in the house excitedly wearing the animal skin boots when Chelsea returned.


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