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Staunch the Bleeding



So she twisted her waist to avoid him while gasping and begging, “Chelsea, um.



I don’t feel good.



At this point, Chelsea already saw red.

How could he stop Hearing her plea, he thought she was trying to bluff again.


So he took her more forcefully into his arms.

His lower part of the body controlled the strength a little.

Chelsea lowered his head and nibbled on her shoulder, and said, “Little thing, I have not come out once.

How do you want to cheat again”


“No, Chelsea.

I’m uncomfortable.

You… quickly.


No!  Ah ah ah!” Moussa didn’t know how to explain her physical condition to him, but she couldn’t move because he controlled her.

so she shook her head desperately and shouted no.


Chelsea did not believe that she was really uncomfortable.

She was just fine.

How could she say that she was uncomfortable So, he banged her hard again.


“A!” Moussa moaned in pain as more fluid flowed out from down there in response to the stimulation.


“You …… stop …… blood …… bleeding.”


Chelsea was shocked at the words.

He looked carefully, and indeed even the bathwater had changed color.


He freaked out by this and hurriedly drew himself out.

He carried Moussa back to the bed and pried open her p*ssy to check for her.

There was no tear at the entrance, and that meant she was bleeding inside.


Watching the hole still dripping with scarlet liquid, Chelsea panicked and pulled over an animal skin skirt while rushing outside.


“Hey, Chelsea, where are you going” Moussa shouted after him, but he did not look back and rushed out.


Guess he went to the village healer Karida right away.

That would be embarrassing.

She wanted to get up and go after him, but she was still bleeding down there.

She rushed to the bathroom, rinsed off, then put on her homemade panties and then put on her clothes.


As soon as she reached the door, Chelsea dragged Karida inside like a gust of wind.


Seeing her standing in the doorway, he shouted anxiously, “Why did you get off the bed” Then he picked her up and carried her back to bed.


Karida followed him to the bed.

His face did not look very good.

Moussa also inadvertently saw his animal skin skirt and Chelsea’s, supported by something underneath.

It was not difficult to guess that Chelsea had interrupted something good in his house.

It was no wonder that his face was so unsightly.


Karida pressed Moussa’s stomach over the clothes and looked under her eyes.

As for the bleeding there, Chelsea would not let him see anything.

Then he asked Moussa a few questions, such as whether it hurts or not here, where it felt pain, and so on.


Moussa told him that it did not hurt, and Karida finally said he could not do anything about it.

He threw Chelsea a pile of herbs to stop the bleeding and turned around to go away.


Chelsea wanted to bring him back, but Moussa stopped him and said she was okay.


But Chelsea refused to believe.

How could she be okay after bleeding so much, and she kept on bleeding.


Knowing that Karida was really unable to help, Chelsea had to mash the herbs to stop the bleeding, then yanked off Moussa’s homemade panties to smear them on her p*ssy.



No, Chelsea.

I’m really fine.

No need to apply those herbs.

It’ll be fine in a few days.” Moussa desperately avoided his hand to keep him from applying it in.


“Wife, behave.

It will stop the bleeding.

You’ll die if you keep bleeding like this.

What will I do if you die It’s my fault.

It’s my fault for hurting you.” Chelsea’s voice got choked up at the end.


Moussa felt her face as if it had been struck by a drop of warm water.

Did Chelsea cry She looked up to see him, but Chelsea had one hand over her eyes.

The other hand took advantage of her, and she was no longer struggling when he applied the herbs in.


Moussa grunted and felt the entry of a foreign object in her p*ssy.

She knew that he had put the medicine in.


She thought, “Never mind.

He wants to apply it, then let him do it.

As long as he can rest easy.” She wanted to explain that it was her body’s natural process, but he was careful with her.

His tears even fell because he could not let her die.

It was selfish not to tell him.

Moussa wanted him to keep taking care of her so carefully.

And this way, her *sshole could escape a disaster tonight.


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