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It was great that she requested Chelsea some days before to build her another bathroom.

He got her a tub out of the thick tree trunk.

At last, she didn’t have to go far away every day to take a bath.


Getting the water to the tub was a manual task.

It was a lot of back and forth, and Moussa was so tired and breathless to fill half of the tub.

She stripped off her animal skin, stepped into the tub, and sat down.


“Hiss, it’s cold,” Moussa winced.

Though it was spring, the weather wasn’t warm.

It was hard for her to take a cold bath, but she had no choice.

If she wanted to use hot water, she had to make a fire.

Their pot for boiling water and soup was made of a small animal shell and would take multiple times to warm up a tub.

By the time she was done boiling that last batch, it would have been cold already.

So, she could only deal with the temperature then.


After a quick wash, she reached down to her flower.

Then, she inserted her fingers and took out all the fluid left inside.


She was still swollen.

When she touched it, it was hurting like needles stabbing her.

After taking a bath, she crawled out of the tub, completely exposed to the cold.

She took out the ointment given by the tribe’s doctor, Karida, and applied it to reduce the swelling and pain.

She sighed when she saw the remaining medicine in the wooden box.

It looked like she had to ask Karida for more.


She was a little ashamed that it was used so quickly.

It took a few days to finish a box.

That for sure was true because Chelsea was always entangled with her.

If she didn’t take the medication, the swelling wouldn’t go down at night, and it would definitely be more difficult.


After the medicine was applied, she took out a piece of clothing and put it on.

The said clothing was actually just a piece of animal skin, with three holes hollowed out at the head and arms.

When the whole thing was put on, it was really ugly and uncomfortable.

The rest of the tribe merely put a piece of animal skin around their waist, but she couldn’t.

In the meantime, she had to deal with it that way before figuring out how to make clothes.


She washed the messed-up animal skin on the bed and the clothes in the bathtub.

Then she took them out and spread them on the boulder in front of the door to dry.


She went back to the house and ate two fruits on the table as breakfast.

She should also be out working.

The female didn’t have to go out hunting but still had to do the work of picking fruit and herbs.


The tribe considered her too petite and weak, so they decided to spare her from going out to work.

But Moussa did not want to be kept as a dormouse.

Although she did not have much strength and could not climb trees, she could pick herbs and get some plants and seeds back to cultivate.


While some of the plants here she had never seen in her world, but most of them she had seen before.

She wanted to see if there was any rice or cotton to get some seeds for them.

In that way, even if they couldn’t go hunting in the winter, they wouldn’t be left without food.


After tidying up, Moussa carried a basket made of branches on her back.

The place outside was deserted.

The males had all gone out hunting early, and most of the females had gone out to collect wild fruits, leaving only a few females to take care of the defenseless cubs and the injured males.


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