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Although Chelsea knew he shouldn’t, he was so uncomfortable.

He wanted to wake up the little thing in his arms and pound her to death, but he could not.

He knew that Ryan was not asleep.

Beasts were sensitive to breathing.

If he had been sleeping, his breathing would never have been the same as it was now, nor would he get excited with the sound of Moussa’s whimpers.


He did that intentionally just to give Ryan a warning.

So he would know clearly that Moussa was already his partner, and all she had was his.


But if he had to make love to Moussa in front of Ryan, he really couldn’t do it.

He was becoming greedier.

He wanted to keep everything about Moussa private and didn’t like to share it with anyone.

So he was doomed to be tortured by desire as well as a sleepless night of anger.


The other one was, of course, Ryan, who had been pretending to sleep.

He was suffering a lot at the moment.


In the evening, he had held Moussa firmly in his arms.

He simply could not describe that soft feeling.

He knew that Chelsea would not be happy to see him, but he just couldn’t let go.

When Chelsea invited him to stay at his house for the night, he knew it would be hard for him to see her with Chelsea, but he didn’t hesitate to come along.


Every night he would sneak into their backyard and plant the seedlings he had picked up for Moussa during the day.

He inadvertently heard Moussa’s moans.


“Ahhhhh! So hard … Too deep! So much! So painful! Ah! Gently! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!”


“Gently… Ah ah ah! I’m going to die from your c*ck, ah! Gently… It’s too deep.

It hurts! Um!”


He was so thirsty.

He couldn’t help but start to fantasize that if he were on top of Moussa, he would not hurt her.

He would be very gentle and tender and make her very comfortable.


But why was her partner not him Clearly, it was he who saved her.


Tonight he was lying so close to Moussa, smelling her body’s faint scent.

Listening to Chelsea forcing her to do that for him, he couldn’t help but feel a reaction, imagining that what she was taking in her small mouth was his.


Ryan felt himself going crazy.

He was so jealous that he needed all his strength to keep himself from rolling over and pulling Chelsea out for a duel.


If he rose at this moment, Moussa would be embarrassed.

She would not want him to see how she looked at that moment.

He pitied her so much.

How could he let her be embarrassed So he forced himself to hold back.


Thus the two beasts, each with their thoughts but both tortured to sleep through the night.

When the day was almost up, they were finally tired and fell asleep.


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