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Chapter 164.1

Leaving Home

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Ryan briefly told the story of how Moussa thought she couldn’t get pregnant and didn’t want to drag Chelsea down, so she tried to leave on her own.

He accidentally bumped into her and brought her here.


When Tian Xin heard him say this, she thought it was reasonable.

Her face eased up a bit, and asked curiously, “Then Moussa went back; why didn’t you go back with her Instead, you stayed here alone and looked very weak”


Ryan’s eyes flickered.

He replied in an evasive manner, “I took Moussa away, and Chelsea got mad and beat me up.

That made me weak.”


Tian Xin nodded.

She understood that most orcs spoke straightforwardly and were not good at lying.

Although Ryan appeared guilty, he said with a frank gaze, and Tian Xin believed some points.

However, there were still some little doubts in her heart, and she asked, “You say, at first, you did not like Moussa” If not, why would you risk being expelled from the Lion Clan and bring her out here to hide


Ryan’s heart pounded! He said, “How dare I If Chelsea found out, he’d kill me.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want to confess, but his happiness had been hard for him to get.

He didn’t want to start another storm, so he concealed it.


It turned out that it was not that the male orcs could not lie but that they did not see the need to lie.

Once there was a need, they still spoke quite smoothly.


In fact, Tian Xin only casually asked.

That was all in the past, and now the two have a child.

Even if he said that he once liked her, she would feel a little uncomfortable at most.

After a few days, it would be over.

Now hearing him say he didn’t want her, she didn’t believe him.

In her experience of reading novels for so many years, the female lead who traveled to different worlds would generally be the target of many beautiful men.

A lot of beautiful men would be chasing after her.

In Moussa’s case, she was also considered a heroine, right


Besides, his relationship with Moussa seemed to be very good.

She didn’t believe it when he said he hadn’t liked Moussa, but now, there was no proof that he was lying.

Tian Xin also did not say anything, but this thing remained inside her heart, thinking she must find an opportunity to know.


Ryan saw Tian Xin’s face was grim, and his heart was very nervous.

Luckily, she did not continue to ask questions; She simply packed up the things that Moussa left in the cave and told him to go home.


Ryan was secretly relieved.

Ryan decided that he should tell everyone once he got back that nobody should mention in front of Tian Xin that he had liked Moussa.

He was worried about Chelsea’s relationship with him, and everyone knew about it.


The three of them soon returned to the village, where everyone saw Tian Xin again.

They all felt very strange but still expressed a warm welcome to her return.

After all, she was the only fertile female in the village.


The happiest of them all was Moussa.

Moussa had been sad for a long time that Tian Xin was leaving.

It was hard to wait for someone in the same world as her, but then she had to go.

This made Moussa feel really sad.

The good thing was that she finally returned and probably would not leave again.

This was great.


Everyone had another party.

The following day Ryan got up early and went out hunting.

The rainy season was approaching, and he had not gone out hunting for several days because Tian Xin had given birth, and there was no meat in the house.


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