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As she came to her climax, Ryan turned Tian Xin over.

He let her hold her arms on the shore and reached under her legs to pick her up, like a child taking a piss.


The big rod below him was not idle, constantly thrusting inside her, pounding deeply.

Tian Xin’s flower lips were trembling and opening and closing as he attacked them.

With his thrusting movements continually bobbing up and down, the hot spring water washed away, and she grunted in comfort.


Ryan looked down to see her being f*cked out of her mind and could not help but be boiling with the beast’s blood, slamming her up and down.

He also teased loudly, “Baby, you are really sexy.

Tight and passionate love hole.

I really want to break you.

Is your husband strong Hmm”


“Ah! Hubby! Be gentle! Oh!” Tian Xin’s hands were holding onto the shore, gritting her teeth as she withstood his fierce thrusts.

The thick glans were pounding into the inner wall of her womb, poking and twisting, grinding hard.

The tender flesh there was about to be smashed by Ryan again, and at the same time, it was itchy and tingly.

It was like an electric shock.



You’re too tight.

It’s too tight.” Ryan pushed forward and slammed harder.

The ‘slap’ was loud.


“Oooh! I can’t take it anymore! Ryan! Ryan! Ah!” Tian Xin was constantly shaking her head as he hit her, her sweaty hair sticking to her cheeks and around her mouth.

She raised her waist to avoid the stimulation of the big glans that were too much deeper.

Still, unexpectedly such white and large breasts also surfaced from the water.

They were bumping and shaking, further stimulating Ryan’s animal lust.

The thick and long meat stick desperately jacked inside her, fierce and deep.

Each time, the entire thing went in, penetrating the roof of her womb.


“No more! Ryan!” Tian Xin could not stand it anymore, turning her head and grabbing his arm in a death grip.

She looked miserable and begged him for mercy.


Ryan was bewitched and bowed to kiss her lips while pulling his big rod out.

He carried her to the shore, placed her next to his daughter, turned her over, lifted one of her legs, and pushed in again from the front.



I just love your pitiful little face.” Ryan finished kissing her little mouth and returned to kissing her breasts, sucking and licking the sweet milk.

He only tasted it so his daughter wouldn’t wake up hungry and have nothing to consume.

“Ah! Ryan, give me a break! I can’t! I’m going to die because of you! Ooooo!” Tian Xin couldn’t stand the double stimulation from above and below, and her little mouth whimpered, her little hands slapped randomly at his back.

There was a tightening of the cavity with spasms.

The nectar gushed out, spraying a hot stream on the glans.


“Mmmm,” Ryan groaned at the heat and lifted her other leg up.

He pressed down her legs, screwing her as if pounding garlic.

Her labia were so red and swollen.

The nectar kept flowing out of her, moistening her petals.

It was like a dewdrop.

Ryan straightened his back, and his great rod began to shoot up.

The more he f*cked, the more courageous he became.

The more he pushed, the more intense.

It was a wild ride.

The pleasure of the climax came in a torrent.

He erupted fiercely, powerfully spurting essence into the depths of her womb.

The glans was releasing in a flinching motion.


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