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Chapter 161.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Tian Xin hurriedly massaged the baby’s little arms that were squeezed.

She gently coaxed her until she stopped crying and fell asleep, then breathed a sigh of relief.


She inadvertently glanced at Ryan’s lower body around the animal skin skirt, raising a high tent.

She looked away, a little embarrassed.


Ryan was now hot and only wanted to press her down to relieve himself.

So he looked around to find a place suitable for lovemaking and suddenly remembered the hot spring he had been to last time.

He took the baby from Tian Xin’s arms, took her little hand, and walked quickly toward the hot spring.


Tian Xin naturally knew what he had in mind.

Moreover, she had just

experienced having recovered what she had just lost.

Her body and mind desperately needed his comfort, so she obediently followed him, blushing as she trotted behind him.


The hot spring that they visited last time was soon found.

Tian Xin was revisiting the same place, but the last time she came here with him was to convince him to let her go.

This time, it looked like she came here to celebrate her stay.

So things were really unpredictable.


Tian Xin was sighing with emotion.

Ryan found a big flat rock on the shore’s edge, settled the baby, and then ripped off his animal skin skirt.

Then he stripped Tian Xin naked in three or two seconds.

Tian Xin had no time to be shy before carrying her to the hot spring.


Ryan pressed her tightly against the wall of the hot spring, one hand clasped the back of her head, and kissed her dominantly.


The flexible and aggressive tongue hooked and curled around Tian Xin’s tongue, sucking it repeatedly.


Tian Xin obediently reached out her arms to his neck and kissed him back passionately.

Ryan was not satisfied with the kisses and went deeper, refusing to let go of any corner of her mouth.

Tian Xin moaned with discomfort and resistance.

His tongue went deeper into her throat.


Ryan then withdrew a little, but the force of sucking increased.

His hands were not satisfied staying at her waist, and he began to roam over her body.


Only when he touched the two soft masses on her chest did he stop and keep kneading and teasing, causing Tian Xin to pant.


“Baby, my darling.” After a long and intense kiss, Tian Xin’s flower was already wet.

Ryan explored down, checking the wetness, and felt it was almost ready.

So he used two fingers to open the entrance of her flower.

Then he pushed his big rod, already standing tall, towards the hole.


“Umm,” Tian Xin suddenly wriggled her waist and avoided, so Ryan missed.

Dissatisfied, he looked at her in confusion and asked, “What’s wrong Why won’t you let me in”.


Tian Xin’s face was red in shame.

She mumbled in embarrassment, “The water, the water went in.”


Ryan’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

He had one hand firmly holding her slim waist to keep her from moving, then he reached down with his other hand and stuck his fingers inside her.

He stretched her entrance as wide as possible to get more hot spring water inside her.

Then he held up his big meat stick and eased the big glans inside her before pulling out his fingers and sealing all the water inside.




It’s so much, and it’s pushing.

First, pull out.

ah.” Because a lot of hot spring water entered inside, she felt stretched just by having the huge bulb enter.

He kept pushing the big meat stick in, and the water was pushed inside along, and it all gushed towards the cervix.

The intense pressure made Tian Xin arch her back in an attempt to escape.


“Dear, hold me tight.

You’ll like it.” Ryan lifted her legs, so she was sitting around his waist.

Then he moved his big rod in slowly to ensure the water inside didn’t get squeezed out.


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