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“All right, all right.

I got it.” Moussa thought he was like a kid asking for candy at the moment, so cute.


But he kept rubbing the jumbo in her vajayjay, and it wasn’t so cute anymore.

There was no way out.

Moussa saw him so uncomfortable and went soft.

She sighed and held the jumbo in her hand and sent it to her love tunnel without forgetting to tell him, “You have to be gentle.

I’m still sore.”


“Mmmm.” Chelsea was not sure if it was because of pleasure or an answering sound.

After the big head entered, he pushed his waist into the deepest part of her.


“Mmm,” Moussa stifled a cry of discomfort.

She felt that he did not stop moving but continued to push in.

Moussa felt that he did not stop moving and continued to squeeze inside.

Seeing that he was going to break open her cervix again, she patted him on the back and yelled, “Stop! Do not go in again! It hurts!”


Chelsea stopped moving, looked down, and bit her on the lips.

He said, “You’re killing me, you little thing.”


After saying that, he moved up quickly but remembered to control the force.

He stopped when he reached the deepest part of her.


“Uh! So tired.

Chelsea is too thick.

It’s too hard.

It’s so much.

You’ve gotten bigger.


Why aren’t you coming yet Ah!”


She did not know how long it took because the water in the tub had long since cooled.

Moussa wrapped her legs around his waist and climbed on top of him.

She did not know how many times she had climaxed because of the overflowing juices and his fluid.

This time, he seemed to be incredibly long, and Moussa was so sore.

Moussa was overwhelmed that she started to complain.


“Little thing, you can be really annoying.

You do not let me go too deep, yet I am too thick and want to get me out faster.

If you don’t cooperate, I can’t come.” Chelsea panted and bit her, leaving clear teeth marks on her cheeks and nose.

He didn’t mean to torment her, but he couldn’t get the whole thing in, and he had to control the force so as not to hurt her.

She was so soft and clinging to him.

She sucked him in and out, making his desire grow stronger and burning, but he couldn’t come.


“I’m not sure how to do that.” Moussa was tired.

She just wanted him to come faster.

Anyway, she had done what she was supposed to do and what she was not supposed to do.


Chelsea was happy to hear that.

He leveled her, pulled her tiny hand and pressed her already red and swollen p*ssy, and said, “Open it yourself, let me go in.”


She was shocked to touch her petals.

Moussa wanted to withdraw her hand, but he pulled her firmly.

She turned her head away and refused to cooperate.


Chelsea was shameless, and her shy look made him impatient.

He pushed her against the wall of the tub, and his hand, which was on his waist, went down and kept pressing on her arsehole, threatening, “Or you can use this.”


Moussa was shocked and glared at him.

Her hands moved unwillingly, and she gently opened her p*ssy, fearing that he might get mad and really rush to her bum regardless.


Chelsea watched the flower opened.

Those pink shamefully squirmed and sucked themselves.


He swallowed his saliva as his mouth dried up.

He grabbed Moussa’s waist and pushed his meat rod to her hole.

Then he ruthlessly went into the end, squeezing it into her love tunnel.

He refused to stop and slammed it into the walls of her love tunnel.


“Uh!” Moussa leaned back in pain, but it made her p*ssy tighter, allowing him to enter deeper.

“Ouch, it hurts.

Go out a little, go out a little.”


“Baby, relax, relax.

Don’t bite so tight.

You’re going to cut me off.” Chelsea felt her p*ssy unconsciously tightened.

He took a deep breath and patted her little buttocks for comfort.


When she heard that, Moussa retaliated by tightening her love tunnel, trying to squeeze the huge thing out, but she obviously forgot her earlier lesson.


“Damn it.

Little thing, I want to be gentle with you, but I can’t.” Chelsea gritted his teeth and growled.

She provoked the wild beast.

His eyes turned scarlet, and he mercilessly pushed in and out.

He went straight to the end and kept repeating.

Sounds of bodies slamming together with his beastly growl, “Little thing, you’re so f*cked! F*ck you! You are going to die!”


“Ah ah ah! Rogue! So painful… Too deep… So full… So painful… Ah! Gently.

Ahh! Ahh!” Moussa tasted the bitterness of opposing him.

She felt the impact numbed her entire lower body, and her p*ssy was even more swollen.

She would not have provoked him if she had known this, but now it was too late.


Chelsea seemed to be no longer listening to her cries and pleas for mercy.

He slammed through her again and again, driving his fierce meat into the deepest part of her body without mercy and refusing to stop!


It was only a matter of time that Moussa could no longer speak.

She could only tilt her head back and open her mouth and cry out silently as if she was going to die in the next second.

When Chelsea growled, he shoved his huge end inside her and sprayed it out.


It took a while for Moussa to feel alive again.

She bit him on the shoulder in frustration and said, “You want to kill me, bad guy!”


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