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Moussa blushed and grumbled in response.

She seemed somewhat emboldened and proud.

Thinking of a few days ago, Moussa was afraid of him and dared not vent her frustration.

It was surprising that she dared to lose her temper with him today.


But who asked him to be so fierce to her before His face was stern all day, and he didn’t even smile.

He was also so rude to her.

He made her suffer every time, so she should be afraid of him.

And now, she found out that he wasn’t so cold, except for being rude in bed.

He wouldn’t really do anything to her, so she wasn’t afraid of him anymore.


So she slapped his hand and urged, “Come on, how did you do it”


Chelsea laughed again and said, “Little thing, now you’re not afraid of me How dare you hit me.”


“Chelsea.” Moussa was ashamed and annoyed by his words that she whimpered in disobedience.


Chelsea was snorting and watching her blushing and awkward look.

He stopped teasing her, pointed to a large hollow stone standing next to him, and said, “This stone conducts heat very well.

If you light a fire underneath, the water inside will soon be hot, but the outer part of the stone is not very warm, neither shall it burn you.

I ran a long way to get it while you were sleeping.

I wanted to get some reward and waited for you to wake up.

Then I had to take it myself, but I didn’t expect to be wronged by you.

I didn’t mean to be untrustworthy and deny taking you out.

You were sleeping on your own in the morning, and you’ve been sleeping until now.”


Moussa was a little embarrassed by his story.

It seemed that she was really wrong to blame him.

He carried such a large stone from a faraway place.

Although he was mighty, it was not so easy.

Also, he hollowed out the area.

He must have put in a lot of effort.


When she thought about it, Chelsea moved her to tears.

She sniffled, took his hand, and said softly, “Chelsea, thank you.”


“Fool, what to thank.

Every male has to take care of his female.

Just like you must satisfy my needs and give birth to my children.” Chelsea kissed the woman.

At the same time, he said that with his rising anaconda below her.


Moussa sighed helplessly.

She was really at a loss for words.

Whenever Chelsea moved her slightly, he always had a way to make her feelings disappear without a trace.


“Huh.” She felt a different texture to his hand that made her lower her head and look at it carefully.

She saw that there were several blisters on it and her eyes moistened at the corners.

He must have gotten it from working on the stone for her.

Although his skin was thick, he also got blisters.

That meant that the stone was difficult to work on.

Of course, it was a stone, and his hands weren’t made of metal.


“It’s all blistered.

Does it hurt” Moussa caressed his big hand and asked with some heartache.


Chelsea’s heart warmed.

He pulled his hand out of hers, turned her over, and hugged her tightly.

He comforted her, “Not at all.

Everything will be fine in a few days, but I have a place that hurts badly and needs your help.”


He then put his swollen and uncomfortable hard-on between her legs and rubbed it heavily against the opening of her honey pot a few times.


“Pervert.” Moussa shamefully hammered him on the mouth.

TL Note: Moussa used the word sè láng, it has three meanings: lecher, pervert, wolf


“I’m not a wolf.

I’m a white lion.

Are you going to help me or not I’m dying of pain.” Chelsea countered by rubbing against her.


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