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When she awoke again, she felt her p*ssy pushed to its extreme and slowly closed.

She knew that Chelsea was working on her again.

Though his movements were not gentle, he controlled the force and did not go to the deepest.

Even so, her p*ssy was already red and swollen from overuse, and she was frowning from the pain.


Clutching the animal skin under her, she turned her head to the side, pursed her lips, and let him have his way with her.


He would not let her go until he was satisfied.

She had already witnessed this herself countless times.


She looked around, hoping to divert her attention.

She could not resist tightening her walls when she was in pain, and it hurt even more when he hit her hard.


However, the sky appeared to have darkened.

Staying in bed for a whole day, Moussa had a hard time.

He said he wanted to take her out to familiarize herself with the environment, so she was quite moved—a liar.

Moussa could not help but feel wronged.


All of a sudden, a warm body crushed down.

Moussa’s sealed lips were pried open without mercy, dragging out her tongue and sucking it carefully.

However, the hard baton was no longer controlled, and it started to infiltrate as much as it could without fail.


Moussa was held down and pounded again and again.

It was too painful for her to bear.

Then her eyes turned red, and she sobbed.


“Why As soon as you wake up, you have to cry.

Earlier, you were shouting that you were enjoying yourself.

How did it change as soon as you woke up Did the water from the lower part of your body become less and flow from the top” Chelsea asked, frowning as he was a little annoyed by her crying.


“You’re mean.” Moussa sobbed and complained.

She did not care if it annoyed him because she felt wronged.

She said, “You promised to take me around to familiarize myself with the environment, but you did not keep your word.

You kept me in bed and bullied me for a whole day.

I am in pain, and you do not care.

The only thing you care about is your satisfaction.”


Chelsea was stunned by her words that he stopped moving.

Concerned, he asked, “Am I hurting you”


“Huh.” Moussa turned her head to ignore him.

She also had a temper, okay She also relied on that he would not do anything to her.

Anyway, after these days of getting along, Moussa was no longer afraid of him.

She knew that he would not beat her and throw her outside to feed the wild animals.

In this other world where there are fewer females, she was quite a treasure after all.


Chelsea saw her ignore him.

He grumbled at himself and slowly withdrew his still swollen member from her p*ssy.


Moussa muffled another cry.

She thought he was going to start again, so she turned and glared at him fiercely.


“Let me see if I’ve hurt you.” Chelsea explained hurriedly.


Then he lowered his head, lifted her hips, reached down, and wiped the white stuff from her p*ssy.

He scrutinized her, then said in a soft and reassuring voice, “It is okay.

There is no tear, but it is a bit swollen.

I’ll help you take a bath and then put some medicine so it won’t hurt again there.

Wait a minute.” Then he went off to bed.


Moussa was a bit flabbergasted.

He was not satisfied yet, so how could he be willing to let her go It was not quite like his style ah.


When she first became his partner, she couldn’t get used to his size and roughness.

She cried and cried a lot more on the bed than this, but he ignored her.

The more she cried, the harder he was on her.


He couldn’t let go of her when she did not satiate his desire yet.

The way he was doing it now, did it mean he had started caring instead of just wanting to vent his passion on her Moussa suddenly became happy, and all her grievances disappeared.


Soon Chelsea got the bathwater ready and returned to the bed to carry her to the bathroom.

He gently put her into the bathtub.


“Hmm.” The water in the tub was hot.

Moussa was already cold and was surprised to find that the water in the tub was hot.


She was grateful and looked at Chelsea, who jumped into the tub and pressed against her back.

He kissed her and then put his hands on her waist and massaged her.



Gently.” Moussa comfortably leaned on Chelsea.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed it.


The long-awaited hot bath was so comfortable.

Although her body was sore, his hands kept massaging her waist, which helped ease the pain.


She didn’t know how he managed to boil a big bucket of hot water in such a short time.


“Chelsea, how did you get so much hot water”


Chelsea curled the corner of his mouth and nibbled on her cheek.

He teased, “Little thing, you’re not angry anymore”


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