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Moussa looked at his squinted eyes due to laughing and the silvery-white hair on his cheeks from sweat.

She was impressed that he looked a bit like Sesshomaru, especially when he wasn’t smiling.

Even the color of his hair was similar.

But she still liked to see him smile, and it felt so warm.

It seemed good to have such a strong, powerful and handsome beast husband.


Moussa decided to settle down and make the best of this cross-world marriage.

After all, her original world had left her heart dead, and she didn’t want to go back.


So she mustered up the courage to take his hand around her waist and said softly, “You look good when you smile.

Will you smile more often in the future”


Chelsea froze, then nodded.

He kissed her on the cheek and took the clothes to help her put them on.

Then he got a torch and went with her with him to the backyard to plant corns.


However, how could he plant corns He came close to trampling on the white dangos that Moussa had successfully grown.


Moussa gasped, pushed him aside, and told him to just stand with the torch.

She did the rest herself.


Chelsea wanted to help, but his strength was too great.

He almost got the seedlings planted next to him by digging a hole.

Moussa glared at him twice before he reluctantly stepped aside and became a torch stake.


Moussa planted the corn seedlings quickly.

She rubbed her sore back and stood up.

After patting the soil on her hands, Moussa thoughtlessly looked up and suddenly found many stars in the sky.

The stars were so bright that she could see them.


Moussa ran excitedly to Chelsea’s side.

She pulled his arm and pointed to the stars in the sky, and said, “Look, there are so many stars in the sky.

Oh, you can see them in plain sight.

They are big and bright.” In her world, the stars had become a luxury to see in the city’s night sky.


Chelsea looked up, uninterested.

He really didn’t know what was so beautiful about the stars; he could see them every night.

He just wanted to push her back into bed and pound her to sleep.


“Chelsea, Chelsea, you take me to a higher place to see the stars, okay” Moussa begged as she shook his arm.


Although Chelsea was unwilling, he could not bear to refuse her because she was so excited.


So he nodded, extinguished the torch in his hand, and carried her outside the village.

Not long after, he found a big and thick tree.

He transformed into his animal form and let Moussa on his back.

He then jumped and found a thick tree and stopped.

He had Moussa seated on the tree.


He wanted to turn into a human form, but Moussa stopped him.


“Chelsea, do not turn into a human form, okay.

You are so comfy to hug now.” Moussa rarely saw him in animal form.

She was shocked the first time she saw him, but she was no longer afraid now.

Instead, she felt that he was more dangerous in human form.


“Hum,” the beast-shaped Chelsea hummed in response and obediently lay down beside her so that she could play.

Anyway, she was outside now and refused to let him do anything.

And certain things could happen not only in human form but also in animal form.

He was more fierce in beast form but afraid of breaking her.

The elders did not allow it for the time being.

However, they wanted them to produce the next strongest generation.

She had to get used to it sooner or later.


Moussa did not know what Chelsea was thinking at the moment.

If she knew, she would not be in the mood to look at the stars anymore.

That would scare her to fall directly from the tree.


Moussa played with Chelsea’s silvery-white fur for a while, then comfortably rested her head on him.

She lay on the tree and watched the stars.

There was no one talking, and she was getting sleepy, so she yawned and fell asleep.


Seeing that she did not make a sound at all, Chelsea realized that she was already sleeping there.

Seeing that she was sleeping soundly, Chelsea couldn’t bear to wake her up.

His tail pulled her into his embrace, and he held her like that until dawn.

After all, they were outside the village, and there were wild animals at any time.

All the more so because he was carrying a female who could not defend herself.

For some reason, the more he spent time with this little thing, the softer his heart became.


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