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Chelsea, however, did not keep his word and pounded her heavily.

He entered deeper, hitting her sensitive inner walls and driving her more furiously upward.

“Ah ah ah!” Moussa’s entire body stiffened.

Her thin white legs unconsciously opened up, and she used all her strength to push him away, even if it made him pull out a little.

But her strength could not beat Chelsea’s, even a little bit.

The more she pushed him away, the harder he was grinding against her sensitive flesh.

“Ah!” Moussa let out a long moan.

She was in the throes of both pain and pleasure and reached her limit.

A hot torrent drenched Chelsea’s.

He almost lost his guard when he pulled out and started a new round of pounding.

She was amid her climax.

She was trembling, twitching, tightening, and being stretched wide open by his ferocious pumping.

Moussa’s state of mind was drifting, but her body was involuntarily gyrating to match his.

She kept moaning, making Chelsea’s blood boil even more.

Finally, after a series of high-speed pumping, Chelsea reached the deepest part of her body and went in hard.

“Ahh!” Moussa was so turned on that she raised her waist and came again.

Then she fell helplessly on the bed and panted heavily.

As her sanity gradually returned, Moussa remembered her corn seedlings.

She pushed Chelsea, who was still on top of her and was unwilling to get up.

She whispered, “Pull out.

You promised to help me plant the corn.”

Chelsea sighed helplessly and rolled over to pull out his softened member.

How could that little thing be so annoying that she could not forget her corn at such a time

He took the animal skin skirt beside him and got a piece of clothing from the dresser.

He threw it to Moussa because he tore the one she had before and probably couldn’t wear it.

Moussa reluctantly sat up, put on the cloth, and saw him walking out.

She called him quickly, “Wait.

I want to take a bath.”

“What bath.

Hurry up, and then we can continue.” Chelsea said impatiently.

Moussa blushed at his words.

“No, I’ll get something out of me.

I want to take a bath.

You go get water for me so I can finish soon.”

Seeing her persistence, Chelsea reluctantly changed direction and went to help her get bathwater.

Moussa slowly stepped off the bed with her aching body and walked hunched towards the bathroom.

Seeing that he had already made the bathwater, she slowly climbed in and was shocked by the cold bathwater.

It was so cold.

When she looked up, she saw that Chelsea was still standing nearby watching her.

She was a little embarrassed and turned her head to the side and said, “You go out first.

I’ll finish washing soon.”

Chelsea did not say anything but suddenly yanked the animal skin skirt.

He jumped into the tub behind her.

“Ah!” Moussa was startled.

The water in the tub overflowed because of his large figure’s entry.

“What are you doing” Moussa asked in confusion.


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