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Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


When he got enough prey, Ryan rushed back home.

He couldn’t wait to open the door and saw the little thing he was so worried about lying in bed, sleeping peacefully.


Ryan was in a good mood and left with enough meat.

He then carried the rest of the prey to the ice cellar and stored it.

Ryan had to start keeping a lot of food for the rainy season because he already had a partner.

He had to feed himself and her, so he had to store more prey to do so.


When Ryan returned from having everything cleaned, Tian Xin was still sleeping.

Seeing her sleeping sweetly, Ryan couldn’t resist climbing on the bed.

He gently wrapped his arms around her from behind and rubbed himself against her.

He wanted to hold her like this for the whole day.


He originally wanted to hug her without thinking about doing anything else.

Unfortunately, he was at the age of vigor, and he had just started eating meat.

His hands went inside her clothes and lifted them up to her neck.

He turned over to her front and lowered his head to the softness of her breasts, sucking and nibbling with all his might.

His fingers went all the way down and squeezed between her legs, looking for the sensitive little ball of flesh, teasing it gently and slowly.


The sleeping Tian Xin only felt tingly.

Waves of heat surged upward, and she couldn’t help but whimper.

She was getting wetter and wetter.


Ryan kissed his way down to the center of her legs.

He parted her legs with his big hands and took a mouthful of her femininity.

A current burst hit Tian Xin’s nerve center, making her immediately numb all over.


The quiet room was filled with loud swallowing sounds.

As Ryan’s tongue nimbly flicked, Tian Xin’s flower twitched.

Her legs kicked around on both sides of his body, leaving her in a daze.

She moaned impatiently between waking and not waking.


The tip of Ryan’s tongue brushed around her flower.

His large hand spread her petals and took the red, swollen, and engorged ball of flesh, and sucked it heavily before nibbling on it.


“Ah!” She screamed when she couldn’t resist the pleasure.

She squirmed, and her flower contracted violently, gushing out a stream of hot liquid.


He was so happy that he smiled and sucked and licked her juices.

He then climbed and held her lips, prying her teeth apart and giving her a drink of the liquid in his mouth.


Tian Xin was forced to sip and finally opened her dazed eyes.

Seeing that her eyes were open, Ryan licked the corner of her mouth and asked ambiguously, “Is it good”


Tian Xin was stunned for a moment, but the faint salty taste in her mouth and the glistening of his face made her understand at once what she had just drunk.

It made her face red with shame.

She had her head on his chest and refused to get up again.


Ryan took advantage of her shyness and slowly pushed his big rod inside her.


“Ah!” Tian Xin was already wet, but she was new to the game.

After all, she was stretched to the limit by Ryan’s huge rod.

The pain and tension made her tightly wrap around him, rapidly contracting and squeezing him violently.


“Good girl, relax a little.

You are going to break me.” Ryan pitied her weakness.

Although he endured the bulging veins on his forehead, he did not forget to use a gentle tone to coax her to relax.


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