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Make a Vow

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada





“Hold on a minute.

It will be alright in a minute, be good.” Ryan licked and kissed her lips to soothe her, then pulled his big wet rod out of her.

He flipped her soft body, putting her in a crawling kneeling position.

Ryan let her catch her breath a little before entering from behind again.

He **ed her more fiercely, one stroke at a time.


“Oooh! No more.

Let me go.

It’s so painful.

Mmm.” Tian Xin’s head was resting on the animal skin, not even having the strength to look up.

It was as if she was falling apart from being hit by him.

She sobbed and begged for mercy.


“I am not going to let you go.

You are mine and will always be mine.” Her plea evoked again the fear and resignation that Ryan would lose her.

A cold glint flashed in his eyes.

The rod was relentlessly hammering its way inside her womb again and again like it was a jackhammer.


“Ah!” Tian Xin could no longer withstand his ferocity and screamed.

Her eyes went black, and she passed out.


Ryan found the person beneath him suddenly was silent.

He hurriedly drew himself out, flipped her over, and gave her his air.


“Hmm,” Tian Xin was wakened by him, and she spent some time looking at Ryan with a confused face.

She was confused and did not know where he was.


Ryan was seduced by her unintentional display of charm of desire.

Moreover, he had not yet vented himself, and his rod was growing unbearably.


So again, he pressed down.

He was biting Tian Xin’s red lips, probing in, and entangling her slippery tongue.

His hands were not shy in dominating the softness of her breasts, kneading them in various shapes.


Tian Xin got excited and numbed by him.

She didn’t have much strength, and now she became a puddle of water, letting Ryan pull her legs apart so that he could push the big rod inside her wet area.


“Mmm,” Tian Xin was defenseless and could not help but muffle a grunt as her body trembled along with it.


Ryan was afraid she would pass out if she couldn’t take it anymore.

He didn’t dare to push too hard but only controlled the force of his thrusts at the point where it was relatively shallow.

He would occasionally thrust hard to the end to give himself a good time.




Ah! ” Tian Xin groaned unbearably from his almost deep and shallow thrusts.

He rubbed her chest and swelled her down there, but her body was still filled with a dizzying burst of pleasure.

An involuntary contraction forced her hole to tighten around Ryan’s big rod.


Ryan hit her hard again and then sighed softly in her ear, “Baby, you’re so tight.

How comfortable it is to have my rod strangled by you.

Do you feel good when I do this to you Hmm” His big hand also probed down to find the sensitive little ball of hers, pinching and rubbing it lightly and heavily at times.


“Oooh,” Tian Xin gripped the animal skin tightly with both hands as the pain was mixed with pleasure that surged up in waves.

In no time, she couldn’t stand the pressure and whimpered and released her body.


A hot stream drenched Ryan’s big rod, letting him instantly out of his mind.

With a low roar, he began to thrust viciously.

He entered at the very end each time, pushing Tian Xin’s inside upward.


“Ahhhhh!” She was having an intense moment as her hole and womb were ruthlessly stretched out by him.

He was hitting her hard, and the pleasure of it kept multiplying, making Tian Xin continue to have her climax.

She arched her body upwards involuntarily, her feet trying to stay down, and her toes curled.

Now she couldn’t tell whether it was more pleasure or more pain, but she felt that her whole body was drowning in the tide of love.


Ryan hit Tian Xin’s tomb repeatedly and brutally, moving swiftly as if he were a speeding beast.

The nectar around Tian Xin’s flower was no longer transparent but mashed into a milky white foam.


Tian Xin had been f*cked out of her mind and couldn’t beg for mercy.

Her half-length hair was stuck to her sweaty cheeks, and her mouth was slightly open as she hummed weakly.

That saliva that she couldn’t swallow was flowing down the corners of her mouth.

This lustful picture stimulated Ryan’s sanity, and his movements became increasingly rude.


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